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Sean Spicer: Blatant Incompetence of White House’s Spokesman

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White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that the main goal of the US in Syria is to “destabilize” the Arab country.

Sean Spicer: Blatant Incompetence of White House's Spokesman

Press secretary for the White House, Sean Spicer (Photo: AP / Evan Vucci)

Press secretary for the White House, Sean Spicer, continues to prove his incompetence and ignorance. During only this week, Spicer several times put himself in an awkward position with his statements.

During his daily briefing for reporters, Spicer once again said about the allegedly existing guilt of the Syrian President in a chemical attack on Idlib. Speaking on this topic, he compared Bashar al-Assad with Hitler and managed to do this in favor of the Nazi leader.

“We didn’t use chemical weapons in World War II,” Spicer said. “You know, you had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.”

This statement caused confusion in all the audience, indignant reviews about the Spicer’s words started to appear on Twitter.

After the briefing, journalists and reporters asked Spicer if he knew that Hitler used gas chambers in concentration camps. Spicer replied that he knew about this, but, according to him, Hitler did not use chemical weapons inside cities. The White House spokesman also tried to smooth out the situation by saying that he meant the usage of such weapons against your own people that Hitler did not do.

“I think when you come to sarin gas, he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing,” Spicer said.

Trying to explain his absurd statement, Spicer noted that he did not attempt to belittle the horrors of the Holocaust and just tried to say that Hitler did not drop chemical weapons on cities.

“I was trying to draw a distinction of the tactic of using airplanes to drop chemical weapons on population centers,” he said. “Any attack on innocent people is reprehensible and inexcusable.”

Later, on Tuesday, Spicer tried to apologize for his comparison of the Syrian President with Hitler and once again put himself in an awkward position. The White House spokesman appeared on the CNN TV-channel and, apologizing for the Hitler gaffe, mentioned that US President Donald Trump is attempting to “destabilize the region.”

“I was trying to draw a comparison for which there shouldn’t have been one,” Spicer said. “I needed to make sure that I…was not in any way shape or form any more of a distraction from the President’s decisive action in Syria and the attempts that he’s making to destabilize the region and root out ISIS out of Syria,” he added.

It was the second time Spicer has said “destabilize” in recent remarks on the region. During Monday’s press briefing, he said one of the goals of U.S. policy there is “to make sure we destabilize Syria – destabilize the conflict there, reduce the threat of ISIS.”

Usually, such slips of tongue are called in honor of the famous psychoanalyst “Freudian keyslips” – it is believed that in such moments a person accidentally blabs out what he really has on his mind.

However, Tuesday was not the only one day when Spicer showed his vague understanding of world events or appeared not to understand the implications of his words.

On Monday, the White House press secretary equated barrel bombs with chemical weapons. “If you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb into innocent people, I think you will see a response from this president,” Spicer said.

Also on Tuesday, Spicer said that Syria, North Korea and Iran do not support the US position in the world, as they are “failed states.” He also added Russia in this list, but then noted that he does not consider it as a “failed state.” According to Spicer, now is not the best time to arrange a “cocktail party” with these countries. As the New York Times newspaper noted, though, Iran is an adversary of the US with a history of repression, it is a robust, functioning state.

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Basu Deb

When he utters the word ‘destabilization’ he speaks the truth. Truth from the mouth of a US spokesperson! We must congratulate him.


This is true. They are the people that destabilizing ME and European countries.


Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons as a military weapon because his generals would have known that the chemical weapons are a terribly unreliable tactical weapon and any chemicals he used on civilians would open the door to the same weapons used on Germans.


Chemical Weapons are only really effective when used in false flag attacks and today its the turn of Al Nusra /ISIS etc to enable the US and allies to murder even more innocent people.

The US leadership has for many decades been dominated by scumbags who would prostitute their own families for a few dollars.

Spicer and his ilk are just a disposable by product of the collective moral degradation that is all to prevalent in America today.


Thank you. The use of chemical weapons was extensively studied in Iran-Iraq war from 1980 -1988. Most foreign military observers concluded mass chemical dispersal weapons are only really useful for single role. For blanket denial of access to set area of territory so an enemy cannot attack from, or utilize that area – this use was actually possible in the vast desert borderlands of Iran and Iraq. But even that very limited tactical use comes with massive set of caveats: your own troops cannot immediately enter the saturated area with any real freedom of movement either, the area needs to be very sparsely or completely non-populated to avoid catastrophic civilian casualties, the successful dispersal is entirely dependent on favorable atmospheric weather conditions and requires excellent advance weather information, and lastly, yes, it can go seriously wrong under any sudden environmental condition changes, that send an indiscriminate gas plume moving in wrong direction. All in all, chemical weapons are really not a great military option, yet they have been the political bogey-man of the western political establishment for three last decades, but in truth have been very, very, rarely used and then, have proved rather irrelevant devices.


Spicer is an idiot. He should be fired right away!


Why he telling the truth this is United Snakes of America that destabilizing ME and European countries.

Expo Marker

He was hired for the sole reason that he is an idiot.


We sure know his predecessors weren’t any better than him.


If Assad killing their own people then who will fight for Syria. LOL


I don’t trust that Hitler used any gas and where are gas chambers. These are all Israhelis stories just listen but don’t trust.

John Whitehot

I particularly loved the moment when he started laboring, when the journalist asked him about hitler gassing jews. Even his balls were sweating Lmao.


Fortunately the war is political and It’s not going to escalate even on regional level. The Root of the confrontation is the Future Structure of Syria Post-War. Still there is no consensus, how to shape the borders of the new quasi states


the so called holocaust with zyklon b would have reaked terrible pain and death on any german soldiers handling the bodies to move them from the actual fumigation buildings which were not designed to kill people. So Spicer was correct until he tried to mitigate his statement about so called gas chambers. Popular history is fiction written by those with power.


He was, accidentally, completely right with respect to Hitler. The ‘gas chamber’ story is an obvious war propaganda lie, there is no actual evidence (but a lot of it proving it is false) and I can’t believe people still fall for that.


how does he sleep at night, or live with himself, spewing bullshit on an almost daily basis like this? i know i couldnt

Daniel Martin

I would say that this was a rare moment of honesty from the White house.

gfsdyughjgd .

Spicer is right gas excuse was used to attack Hitler by USA.Weapons of mass destructions against Saddam no evidence,Gaddafi killing its own people accusation by Nato no evidence.Real cause of war creation of terrorism to overthrow with them other regimes.Whites supremacist Nato countries role is hate,racism,despairs,imperialism,divide and rule.

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