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SDF, U.S.-led Coalition Capture Prominent ISIS Commander & Explosives Expert


The Syrian Democratic Forces and the U.S.-led coalition have captured a senior ISIS commander and an explosive expert of the terrorist group in two separate operations in northeastern Syria, the SDF’s Coordination and Military Operations Center announced on October 6.

The terrorist commander and the explosives expert were identified as Abu Tayep and Nawraz al-Jalud. Both terrorists were apparently captured in al-Hasakah.

“Abu Tayep was Daesh emir of IED planting in Hasakah who killed innocent people … Al-Jalud did an IED attack on medical clinic in al-Horba. His 2 #ISIS brothers killed in Tal Abyad 2 years ago,” the SDF’s Coordination and Military Operations Center wrote on Twitter.

SDF, U.S.-led Coalition Capture Prominent ISIS Commander & Explosives Expert

Abu Tayep on the left side and Nawraz al-Jalud on the right.

Last month, the SDF’s security forces eliminated Abu Omar al-Suri, a prominent commander of ISIS cells in Syria’s northeastern region.

Despite these security operations, ISIS cells are still active in northeastern Syria. The terrorist group is working to exploit ethnical tensions between Arabs and the Kurdish-led authorities in the region.

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  • Pave Way IV

    Fantastic. Now they’ll be able to send them to al-Hol Death Camp, where they can hook up with their other ISIS buddies and crawl back over the fence a week from now. Because no country wants their ISIS trash back and the SDF does not have the time, manpower or desire to guard the death camp. The wire is not even lighted at night because the ISIS women broke them with rocks months ago. ISIS types do pretty well because of the smuggling network with locals, but the non-ISIS refugees slowly starve to death thanks to western aid (when they see any). No reporting of the starvation and disease because the SDF will not allow any reporters in. Plenty of guards to protect their propaganda, but not so many to keep the head-choppers contained.

    Turks plan to turn them loose in Syria when they liberate al Hol. ALL US efforts wasted and a disaster for the Kurds.

    • Jens Holm

      None wil blame non westerns to send food to there.

      • Mike

        Shut up.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The US will also be deploying ISIS to Iraq to support the Israeli/US coup attempt in operation there now.

      The US wants a change of government in Iraq to prevent the Iran road and air access to Syria. This would also be a problem for Russian flights over Iraq IF the US coup succeeds.

    • Joe Dickson

      If it is full of Daesh then let them starve. No one will miss them.

  • frankly

    I think they got a big mission for them in Venezuela. Big promotion, medals all around. They haven’t gotten their new implants yet.

    No, not hair or tits silly, chips to keep them on the straight and narrow path to F.uk.us heaven. Yeah the new type are not skin deep anymore, really pissed em off when Osama cut his own out.

    Yeah that was kind of a bummer how they bought up heaven, too much money. I heard they are moving it to the Ukraine. Renaming it. Online contest, big prizes. Kinda like joining the bikers though. You have to kill and maim some Palestinians, sign a oath and of course the implant. Right into your brain I guess.

    Until 5G is complete there is still the loosed cannon possibility, thus the implants for now. Once 5G is up though it’s game over. Like the whole world will be wired for crowd control. Except Israel. Where there latest and greatest is total fiber optic. Ironic since so many of their people are promoting and investing in 5G for us goyim.

    Yes they got big plans for us! Lot’s of freedom and democracy as defined in the New Orwellian Dictionary.

    • Jim Prendergast

      The Chinese would like to give the world free connectivity.

      • frankly

        Yeah gotta shake my head at some of their decisions. Orwell called all this stuff a long time ago. It’s almost like they turned that book 1984 into their blueprint for our future.

  • Mike

    Fake terrorist, fake capture.

    • Albert Pike

      Jep – “U.S.-led Coalition Capture Prominent ISIS Commander”, then his picture gets all pixeled, that he can’t be recognised – most likely to not invade his head chopper privacy rights. Evacuation would therefore be the better word…

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Torture them until they admit Erdogan’s the one giving them orders now.

  • verner

    nah these guys will soon rest their respective cases on the beach in florida with real bikini-clad non-virgins attending their every need, courtesy the us government. what did you think?

  • Vitex

    Two pixellated dudes with beards. Like big deal.