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SDF To Lift Siege On Government-Controlled Neighborhoods Of Hasakah And Qamishli Under Russian-Brokered Deal

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SDF To Lift Siege On Government-Controlled Neighborhoods Of Hasakah And Qamishli Under Russian-Brokered Deal

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Submitted by Khaled Iskef

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Damascus government have reached an agreement to lift the SDF siege the government-controlled neighborhoods of Hasakah and Qamishli cities in eastern Syria, according to sources.

The SDF began to implement the agreement as the lifting of the siege started in Taie and Halko neighborhoods in Qamishli. The main road was opened allowing the movement of cars and civilians.

According to the sources, during the past hours several meetings the Russian side and the SDF leaders took place in order to guarantee the implementation of the agreement. The goal was to end the 20-day-long siege on the government-controlled neighborhoods, which suffer shortage of food, water and other supplies.

The sources said that the SDF imposed the siege on these areas in Hasakah and Qamshli under the US instructions. Washington seeks to undermine the presence of the Syrian Army and government in the areas of Jazeera, where US forces are present and involved in the plundering of oil and gas resources with the SDF.

Earlier, activists in Hasaka and Qamshli warned of a humanitarian disaster that were caused by the SDF siege. SDF units even prevented the entry of water tanks and flour trucks. This resulted in the stopping of work at bakeries and the lack of food in the area.


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Kurdish mercenaries are subhuman filth, only existing to serve American imperialist interests for money. In the end the terrorists will have to pay for their crimes.

Potato Man

US dogs A.K.A The Kurdish security service “Asayish” blocked all exits from the city Al-Hasakah and other city which were pro-government.
Yes, Kurdish security service….yup like the ones in Afghanistan under name of “Zero Units” that have been killing civilians under US orders – ofc US also “trained” and “support” Asayish.

Samuel Vanguard

beijing joe will be reinforcing sdf territories with more US troops,sources in pentagon suggest upto 5000-8000,to counter “russian aggressions” and block Iranian routes.

Blas de Lezo

The real headline is: Kurdish swine lift the siege under threat of being sent back to the stone age by Russian air force.

Johnny B. Allan

Yeah No. The SDF-US forces can’t be undone in that area. They sit on it solid while on the other hand the Russians have no motivations of bullying SDF. No political reasons to do so.

Whatever deal SDF and Russia made is between them. The Assad regime have no jurisdiction or say in that area. Joe Biden have more say in that area and SDF

Blas de Lezo

If Turkish forces can shell the crapout of Kurdish rodents in NE Syria so can Russia. Heck I’d say they’re actually already working in cahoots.

Servet Köseoğlu

Russia through out the history has some ties with Pkk-ypg..They will never apply brute force against Ypg, some non-violent means probably.


I am not aware of an “Assad-regime”, you retard. SDF are mere lackeys for the US-regime destabilizing policy.

Rafik Chauhan

its time to get rid of SDF/Asyaish terriost . its time SAA and turks joined hand and remove this kurds and US from syria. Kurds dont deserve to have even Atnomous region. they are traitor. thats why GOd has never given them country.

Kenny Jones ™

No need to choose the “lesser evil”

Kenny Jones ™

Like them or hate them, Russia is the peace bringer in most conflicts
Only thing they cannot prevent is the end of israel, no matter how much they mediate between Iran

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Why won’t SF just tell the simple plain truth, this is a direct response from the US to counter Iranian thuggery against the Kurdish population in Government controlled Aleppo, this statement yesterday on SF only half told the truth,

“The strict siege is an attempt to pressure the Damascus government into easing security restrictions on Kurdish-held areas in northern Aleppo.”


To be totally correct the statement should’ve said the Iranian’s are imposing restrictive security and economic measures on the Kurdish populations in several villages in southwestern Aleppo, and the actions have resulted in tit for tat measures by the US/SDF to stop the Iranians in Aleppo continuing with their oppressive activities.
The US/SDF siege is/was a tit for tat measure by the US/SDF to force Assad into restricting Iranian activities in southwestern Aleppo, simple blackmail for lack of a better word, and most of you will say how dare they, but that’s only because you don’t know what the Iranian’s are really doing in western Aleppo, they’re not just guarding a few majority Shia villages and a few shrines.

Iran’s income is restricted by sanctions and yet they still have enough money to pay all their militias, do any of you ever wonder just where all the money is coming from, the locals in Syria know exactly where it comes from, it comes out of their pockets.
The Iranian’s extort the local population no matter who they are, Kurds, Sunni’s, and Druze, everyone except for the Alawite and Orthodox Shia population, they demand road tolls, bribes, extortion fees, they promote drug running, favoritism, and sectarianism, and they usually get away with it, but not this time perhaps.
I still can’t find out if the Iranian’s have lifted their oppressive security measures against the Kurds in Aleppo but I suspect they have, the fact the siege in Al Hasakah has now ended means they’ve probably come to a mutual agreement of some sort.
Iran caused all this but how many of you know that, I’ll bet I’m the only SF reader who does, even though SF has ‘mostly’ been telling it’s readers the truth lately most of you just ignore the most important bits, for example this statement in yesterdays SF article,

“The strict siege is an attempt to pressure the Damascus government into easing security restrictions on Kurdish-held areas in northern Aleppo.”

What do you think SF is telling you when it says that in one of it’s articles, I know they don’t mention the Iranians at all but you should be doing the research yourselves, you should be finding out why the US/SDF want the Syrian Government to start “easing security restrictions on Kurdish-held areas in northern Aleppo”, if you did that you’d realize what they were really telling you with that statement, the statement that left out the most important bit of information.

Read between the lines people, there’s always more in the story.

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