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SDF Suspended Joint Operations With US-Led Coalition In Northeastern Syria – Report

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SDF Suspended Joint Operations With US-Led Coalition In Northeastern Syria - Report

File image, source: sdf-press.com

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had suspended joint operations with the US-led coalition against ISIS cells in Syria’s northeastern region, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on August 13.

“The SDF suspended joint operations with the international coalition against the terrorist organization, ISIS, six days ago,” the London-based monitoring group said in a report.

The decision to suspend counter-terrorism operations with the coalition was taken in protest to recent Turkish drone strikes on northern and northeastern Syria which claimed the lives of several personnel of the SDF.

According to the SOHR, 51 Turkish drone strikes targeted SDF-held areas in northern and northeastern Syria since the start of the year.

The monitoring group added that Turkish drone strikes have killed 12 people, three civilians and nine personnel of the SDF, this month only. One of the casualties was Youssef Mahmoud Rabbani, a leader of the Kurdish-Iranian Kurdistan Free Life Party.

In response to the recent drone strikes, the SDF and its affiliate, the Afrin Liberation Forces, have been attacking Turkish bases and troops in Syria.

By suspending counter-terrorism operations, the SDF is likely trying to pressure the US-led coalition into restricting Turkey’s drone operations over its territory. The US have warned Turkey against launching a new operation against the SDF. However, it will not likely go as far as taking steps to actually restrict Turkish military operations in Syria.

Turkey remains a key NATO ally of the US. Washington is currently more interested in integrating Finland and Sweden into the NATO in response to the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. This will not be possible without Ankara’s blessing.


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More like turks belting them left right and centre into submission,usa infact are pro isis,drr mi6 grotz!


SDF would have an immense advantage if it continue pretending being friendly with the Turks in which it enables the SDF to set up a perfect opportunity to obliterate the unsuspecting turks anytime they desire.


There is no such a terrorist group call isis.kurd and Yankees and their puppy call isis. They just trying to create Kurdish state.never gonna happen.


Erdogan can do what he wants. the US doesn’t care and, like always, has abandoned its former allies. I wish the US gets a taste of it’s own poisonous medicine.


MERDolfgan and ITS SUBJECTS / INHUMAN GENOCIDALS as well! Good move, SDF! US decide who to support or go to betrayers’ Hell! Hêr bîji Kurd! Hêr bîji Suriya! Hêr bîji YPG/YPJ!

Last edited 9 months ago by HUMAN

biji 💨🤡


Turkey is playing both sides against the middle, great way to get burnt.

Che Habana

Cannot feel any pity for the Kurds. They are treacherous and have no aspiration of being model citizens in the countries they reside, but to take land and form a Kurdistan. One of the few times I believe that Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran should join forces and smash the heck out of them with Russia and USA’s blessings.

Adolf H

Youre retarded


Treacherous? Hmm, if you think about it without bias, why should they be model citizens “in the countries they reside” if those lands were theirs to begin with, especially if they’re under persecution in those countries, like in Turkey which used the ultranationalist militias to kill thousands of left-wing Kurdish people during 1970-1980 and also tries actively to assimilate them (it’s forbidden the use of their native language in public and private!!!). Yet Turkey would immediately protest about “violation of human rights” if another sovereign country decided to assimilate any ethnic group Turkey felt it had an interest to protectQ Imagine Turkey’s loud protests if Russia forbade the use of the Tatar language in Tatarstan or China the Uighur language in Xinjiang. Do you know that the destruction of the Crimean airport could very well be the work of Tatars instead of Ukrainians?

Kurds are one of the few large nations in the world that keep living in the same lands for centuries, yet have no sovereign country of their own! Before Turkey (a secular pro-western nation) was created out of the Ottoman Empire, Kurds lived quite peacefully – they revolted only when the central government tried to curtail their autonomy. The only reason they became allies with the USA is because they were promised help to create their own country (they know the USA helped the Jews create Israel), but if someone proved to them that the USA is only using them, then they’d abandon their “alliance”.

Joe Bidet Is A Senile Pedo

Disgusting parasites like the Jews, destructively eating away at the insides of any society that lets them in!


The Kurds were never “let in”… they lived their for many thousands of years.

Bigg Chungus

It’s not even necessary to adopt racist policies against them or conduct a large campaign. All that is necessary is to eliminate the top clans like the Barzani family and others. Most Kurds, in Iran and Turkey alike, are just normal people who follow the law, work for a living, and want to pass on their heritage to their children. The public support in the various Kurdish regions of these countries for terrorism, the USA, or Israel is actually not as high as the imperial media would have you believe. Most of the stolen oil wealth, the drug/arms trafficking windfalls, and the “taxes” is held by the few at the top, not the overall Kurdish population.

That’s why there are hugely glamorous construction projects being undertaken in Iraqi Kurdistan (e.g. the so-called “American University of Kurdistan” as one of many) at the same time that many Kurds’ basic needs are still not being met. Or why they parade around as feminist warriors while an appreciable number of their own women are still living in families that don’t allow education, marry them before 18, and practice genital mutilation.

As with most countries, Zion occupies them via a very small group of controllers.

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