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SDF Spokesman Says Syrian Army Mounted Large-Scale Attacks “Using Planes, Artillery, And Tanks” Against US-backed Forces Near Tabqah

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SDF Spokesman Says Syrian Army Mounted Large-Scale Attacks "Using Planes, Artillery, And Tanks" Against US-backed Forces Near Tabqah

Talal Selo

Syrian government forces “have mounted large-scale attacks using planes, artillery, and tanks” against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the province of Raqqah, according to SDF Spokesman, Talal Selo.

Reuters quoted Selo, adding Selo threatened the Syrian Army with a retaliation if government forces attack the SDF again. The SDF representative didn’t provide more info about these “large-scale attacks” against the SDF.

However, according to local sources, some clashes erupted last night between the Syrian Army and the SDF after the US-backed force prevented the army from conducting a rescure operation south of Tabqah.

On Sunday, the US-led coalition downed a Syrian Air Force jet in the western part of Raqqah province after the Syrian Su-22 had allegedly dropped bombs near the SDF fighters. The warplane was supporting the government advance on the ISIS-held town of Resafa (now it’s liberated).

The Su-22 pilot ejected, but his fate remains unlear.

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Joe Doe

Looks like contents of his speech has been taken from american military textbook

Wahid Algiers

Exactly. The kurdish spokesman is a slave of US-orders. Nothing more. Without the US the kurdish US-ground-boots are not able to take Raqqa (see another report at SF, Mil. situation in Raqqah, June 19…). Kurds have a big mouth – good to be shut up when the time comes.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

He is listening to Ocalan the Tyrant Terrorist his son leads and created the YPG . The Kurds are getting destroyed by the counter offensives of the Raqqa IS forces ,without coalition forces the Kurds are just butt pirates .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They attacked the SAA position and this time they couldn’t cover it up , good guarantee the US gave those orders to attack the SAA position at Ja’adin to test Russian support . This is bad news for the US , any thing flying of the Coalition will be either intercepted or shot down depending on the action they take in the area .Meaning anything will be tracked and targeted ,and no more cooperation with the US .

Milan Miljkovic

That awkward moment when US forces illegally operating in Syrian skies shoot down a Syrian warplane bombing ISIS and call it “self-defense”.

Joe Doe

Well, if you have protector like Russia without balls, then don’t be surprised bully will punch you again and again, until you find better protector or arm yourself

Milan Miljkovic

It’s getting increasingly difficult for media to cover the Syrian conflict while maintaining that ISIS isn’t a US ally

northerntruthseeker .

Wait till they find out that ISIS is in fact the US itself….


If not for Russia and Iran and Hezbollah, Syria wouldnt have survived after 2011. American stupidity is well known by these power houses and rest assured USA is apparently showing its failure in its twisted policies by bombing those fighting terrorists/American allies.

Brad Isherwood

NATO marched right up to Russia’s Borders. ….All on Putin’s watch past 8 years+.
No surprise US occupy a huge portion of Syria Now via Kurd Slaves. ..plus some FSA
At every turn….The US has overstepped to attack SAA and Shia Militias in Syria,
After accepting Russia’s communication hotlines/descalation zones.

Russia should make a statement by increasing its airgroups in Syria.
Give Syria better aircraft. …ones that can compete with US aircraft.
Syria’s old Migs 29s are inferior radars,missiles ….Pilot has no chance
Vs US .

On the ground….Syria needs dozens more Russian attack Helicopters with
Thermal night vision and jammers.
ISUS is just a bunch of scattered rats with US giving them Intel on where SAA,
Shia Militias go.
Change the game. …..use Airpower, long range arty, missiles …burn the rats down when they run.

Aeneas Georg

You forget that Syria, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah are winning the war, despite having old equipment and fighting this war on a penny budget. The US and its Gulf state allies have spent fortunes and yet they are losing. So I think the Russian and their allies’ strategy has shown to be far superior. Shooting down a plane is like a flash in the pants in winter…initially it warms a little but soon enough it will feel much worse than before. The Tomahawk incident was another such useless event which was another own goal for the US.

“Don’t worry, be happy”, as Putin said recently.

John Marks

Wall Street WANTS America (& Saudi & Qatar & anywhere else) to spend billions on fruitless, vicious wars. That means huge debts for the American government (& Saudis & . . .) which, in turn, means steady and increasing interest payments.
Exactly what Wall Street wants.
Why else did Wall Street throw a wobbler when Trump initially said he wanted détente with Russia and joint prosecution of ISIS to restore Syrian integrity. Trump even said Assad wasn’t the problem: “it’s up to Syrians whether he stays or goes”.
That’s why there was an American coup d’état in Washington on April 4th and Trump was pushed to bomb Syria or face impeachment.


Russians play Chess.
Americans play Call of Duty.

Instant gratification is never a successful strategy.

Aeneas Georg

Exactly! The armchair warriors who love bashing Russia, should look at a map of Syria before Russia entered the conflict and a map after and then see whose strategy is winning: Russia’s or the US’s

Those who would love to see kinetic action should go and play a computer game. It is much cheaper and no one dies. War causes endless suffering and destruction that lasts generations and fuel future conflict. Better to minimise the actual war actions.

Aeneas Georg

The US shooting down a Syrian plane is not a sign of strength, but of weakness and utter desparation. Syria and its allies are clever enough to not react in a Pavlovian manner as the Pentagon would love. Pentagon and their pilots will now have to live with the uncertainty that another attack could be deadly, but for the pilot but also for other forces such as at Al-Tanf who literally are sitting ducks.

The pilot has by the way been rescued by Tiger forces.

Daniel Martin

The Americans are finished in the ME and all those riding along with them, know it and we know it. The only thing they can do is to double down and burn down the house, as they leave, but the people will build it up again. This is a sign of their strong frustration and lack of any meaningful long time strategy, both for themselves and for their so called allies, Israel and Saudi Barberia.


Yup, losing Iraq to Iran was the end of the balance of power in the region. And the failed Muslim Brotherhood Egypt take over also didn’t help. Only a matter of time before Erdogan makes his move and signs a big treaty with Russia to snub both the EU and the US. Probably some kind of deal with the Turkic stans and Russia. I think Turkey has the right to bar access to the Black Sea to military ships of countries not on the Black Sea.
And after the revolt comes in Saudi Arabia they will lose that too.

Milan Miljkovic

Why US even call yourself the “anti-ISIS” coalition when you keep targeting the Syrian Army which is at the forefront of fighting terrorism?


some russian bombs should show him his place in the food chain!


Basically the civil war in Syria is over. The jihadists lost, now it is just a matter of time and blood until they will surrender or being killed. It was my concern, that we will now enter the next phase of this war. The US is not interested to end the fighting. Now they are building up a new proxy army with the kurds. Next round will be SAA against kurds. This is utterly stupid from the kurds. They should act as Syrians and take the opportunity to negotiate a decent autonomy for their homeland, but keep Syria united as a nation. At the end they will lose this battle. Assad and Erdogan will be united against the kurds. The US will sooner or later stop their support and finally the kurds will share the fate of the jihadists. Surrender or get killed.

northerntruthseeker .

Good assessment.. But remember that the US-Israel cabal does not want their puppet Kurdish nation to be destroyed, and they will prop up that fraud with US taxpayer money as long as possible to continue the bloodshed in Syria..


The Kurds have been back stabbed by the US at least 2 times before in recent years. I’m sure they will hand over Arab dominated territory as soon as they get a good deal (for more autonomy). The grab for Raqqa is just to get more stuff to negotiate with I think. If the US is forced to chose the Kurds or Turkey it will always pick Turkey.

Wahid Algiers

When the kurds resist on their US-slave-relationship there is indeed no other option than destroying them for all times in Syria (as traitors). But this needs intense undercover talks with Turkey how to deal with FSA in Idleb countryside, what will happen north of al-Bab and how to provide, supply and secure the forces in Hasakah/Quamishli?


The massive amount of weaponry that is delivered now to the kurds is a total overkill to fight ISIS. The obvious intention is to fight the SAA. We all know that many of those weapons will find their way to the PKK and will be used in Turkey. I have no symphaties for the turks, but “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – so sooner or later we will see this alliance between Turkey and Syria. The US will have to explain why they supplied modern weaponry to a terrorist organisation that fights against a NATO member. This shows how fucked up the US policy in Middle East is.

Peter Moy

This traitorous, despicable, evil SDF rat Talal Selo first of all needs a hairpiece that forces people to tell the truth. He is a bald-faced liar and puppet of his US masters. If he somehow survives this anti-Syrian war of mass murder, his masters will just discard him like garbage after he has served their purpose. He is pathetic, shameful and just a cheap whore.

Wahid Algiers

I couldn`t have written it better.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The PKK/PYD Turk terrorists are running the show with the US , the funny thing is Arab Turkman negotiated for the US to be there and they regret the decision because the US in true fashion backstabbed the real SDF leaders and put these Communist terrorists at the fore front .

Don't read butthurt replies

For your information, these parasitic are not Communist. Get it right. No Communist will ever run with Israel or U.S. I expected you to know more or learned something from the past. Any real Communist will tell you that these claims of them being Communist are nothing but bullshit.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The PKK/PYD are as left of left as you get so they are communists , even the Israelis are Communist they don’t show it as well , the Kurds and Jews share a genetic link as do the Saudis they are all Khazars so they will get along . The problem is expecting someone to believe the US is a free society which they are not, Authoritarian rule seems to be enjoy company . Never believe they are not Marx was Jewish Lenin also can go on there is a long list , but the fact is Jews will work together .

Don't read butthurt replies

Since when are Israelis Communist?! Stop spreading lies dude. Zionism and Communism are not the same thing. You’re going to tell a Communist, who is Communist and who’s not? I know what I’m talking about man. This is straight nonsense and funny at the same time, Israelis/Kurds being Communist. You don’t seen to know what Zionism is, I’m going to take that guess. I don’t care about this fake Jews either.


Kurdish in a process of writing their own sentence yet again. I have nothing against them but not all the nations (narodi or narodonsti) are of the same age. Some never gained their states due to not existing politically. Kurdish have probably chosen path of Albanians on Serbian Kosmet hoping US will give them “their” state. Great disappointment lies ahead if they don’t change their ways.


Honestly, I don’t understand how a Kurdish state is going to survive. Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, all oppose the idea of a Kurdish state. They are either gonna starve to death or get destroyed by a joint force made of mentioned countries.


Any illegitimate state created through force by outside powers is not going to last very long. All these fake states who rely entirely on the US for their existence will no longer exist as soon as the US empire collapses which is not very far away.


SDF desire a war with SAA, may they be utterly annihilated in that war. They should all be displaced into USA and colonize USA if the ameritards let them, Syria will not let them. Slaves of USA should live there, in USA.

John Mason

Raqqa does not belong solely to the Kurds or SDF it belongs to all Syrians. Get rid of those Kurds once and for all, Turkey would love to oblige.

Wahid Algiers

The gypsy kurds are the biggest non-arab minority in Syria and make max. only 5% of the population. So what do they want? Stealing land? It exists no Kurdistan – never. It is only an ethic population that mainly lived and live in Eastern Turkey. They spread around typically like gypsies and now demanding an own state on syrian territory. Are they right in their ugly heads? Sure is, they are traitors and land grabber so as Israelis too. Purge Syria of these ungrateful subjects.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They share a common DNA with the Jews , J1 J2 groups , just the Khazar strand DNA .


They are cheats and thieves then :)


They are Cruising for more than a Bruising. The Turks will crush them and scatter them in the winds.


How Dare the Syrian air force conduct missions inside their own territory the Kurds in bed with the carpet baggers(saudis) and their lap dogs the americans stay strong Iran, Russia and syria

Wahid Algiers

The gypsy kurds are the biggest non-arab minority in Syria and make max.
only 5% of the population. So what do they want? Stealing land? It
exists no Kurdistan – never. It is only an ethic population that mainly
lived and live in Eastern Turkey. They spread around typically like
gypsies and now demanding an own state on syrian territory. Are they
right in their ugly heads? Sure is, they are traitors and land grabber
so as Israelis too. Purge Syria of these ungrateful subjects.


^ This
Anywhere they go, they start inventing fake history, claiming their gracious hosts who gave them refuge are actually their “oppressors” who “occupy” their “historical” lands. They steal history from other civilizations and call it their own, they invent lies with no shame, and steal land like there is no tomorrow. If this is not gypsy behavior I really don’t know what is.


Saladin was a Kurd.

Wahid Algiers

Sure, but Saladin fought together with all muslims against european christs. The Kurds want to betray the others and claim land they not possess.




Did Varys land a job as spokesman for the Kurdish terrorists?

northerntruthseeker .

I call BS on this one… The Kurds and the SAA have long drawn out their areas of separation between the two forces… I suspect that this is in reality the US’s excuse to try to escalate the war by having their forces in the SDF in direct combat with the SAA…


As if the Syrian Arab Army are the invaders and the SDF who are actually american mercenaries are the legitimate Syrian government haha

Денис Черкасов

Kurds are lying as always. Like before when they have released ISIS fighters from Raqqa and made flood in Raqqa to destroy ISIS tunnels.


The SDF are rebels including trained terrorists and paid mercenary insurgents of the US-GB-Israeli axis, there to destroy Syria just like Iraq and Libya. ISIS is only part of the problem. What does everyone expect Assad to do in defending his nation from these destroyers?

Kim Jong

He will hang soon. Or maybe he can make it to his masters in the US in the last moment. Then i hope he dies by getting mugged in the streets of LA. Anyway, that pile of shit is a dead man.

Omar Huss

SDF should be attacked now since they have no air cover(Russia said so),Irans missiles are missing.SDF and Isis are like father and son!


Syrian government forces “have mounted large-scale attacks using planes, artillery, and tanks” against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the province of Raqqah, according to SDF Spokesman, Talal Selo”…TRANSLATION…The UNITED STATES sepoy, Tall Selo, said that the SOVEREIGN STATE of Syria have mounted a large scale attack on the UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS INVADING Syria.


Just by looking at his picture one can tell what kind of lying sack of shit is he….Of course courtesy of USA-the terrorist breeder


Bet Selo can not pass a drug piss test.. At least he can recite lines given to him.. in a few more months that will pass CAPTAGON RULES!!!!

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