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SDF Spokesman Defected To Turkish-backed Forces – Unconfirmed

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SDF Spokesman Defected To Turkish-backed Forces - Unconfirmed

Talal Silo. Click to see the full-size image

A spokesman for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Talal Silo, has reportedly defected to Turkish-backed forces operating in northern Syria. According to reports, Silo fled from the SDF to the territory seized by Turkey and its proxies during the Operation Euphrates Shield: the Al-Bab-Jarabulus-Azaz triangle.

Former YPG spokesman Redur Halil allegedly replaced Silo as a new spokesman for the SDF.

SDF Spokesman Defected To Turkish-backed Forces - Unconfirmed

Redur Halil. Click to see the full-size image

This is not the first time when such rummors appear online. So, without an official confirmation from the SDF, this could be described as a part of the ongoing Turkish-led media campaign against the Kurdish-dominated group in Syria.

SDF Spokesman Defected To Turkish-backed Forces - Unconfirmed

Click to see the full-size map

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Interesting if the defection is correct. A follow up on this would be appreciated.

Graeme Rymill

If the [former?] commander of the Seljuk Brigade is the same Talal Silo as the SDF spokesman then his original allegiance back in 2013 before SDF even formed was to Turkey not the Kurds.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seljuk_Brigade

Graeme Rymill

It is the same person judging by this 2016 article.

“SDF spokesman and former commander of the Seljuk Turkmen Brigade Talal Selo said, ‘Turkey supported the Sultan Murad Brigade, which is linked to al-Qaeda, and left us alone when [IS] attacked.’ ”


Brother Ma

Well done graeme. Then the mug wasnt kurd ever but a turcoman. These fucks are just turks by another name, just as cruel and untrustworthy.
Remember it was the syrian turcomans led by a probably turcoman heritage turk senators son who shot down russian helicopter pilot etc in cold blood etc

So why would sdf have erdoganite turk hiding there? Prob as back then all ops groups were friends including kurds and fsa which was allied to it, but really composed of turks and some arabs ie uncle sams so -called moderate headchoppers.all on uncle sam’s or his friend’s payroll.
Erdogan and uncle sam were pals then of course!


I hope it’s true, gonna have a good laugh out of it.

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