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MARCH 2021

SDF Spokesman Confirms the Group Does Nothing without ‘Signals’ from the United States (Vdieo)


Spokesman of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Talal Silo, which consist of mostly the Kudish People’s Protection Units (YPG), has given an exclusive interview to the Russian Lifenews TV-channel amid tensions between the Syrian government and forces loyal to the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD)  –  mostly YPG and Asayish – in Hasakah. The  interview is very interesting because it highlights the nature of the US-SDF(YPG) relations.

SDF Spokesman Confirms the Group Does Nothing without 'Signals' from the United States (Vdieo)

Talal Silo

Talal Silo is a former colonel of the Syrian Arab Army (the SAA). He deserted the SAA in 2011 and lived in Turkey till 2013. In 2015, he became one of SDF commanders and later an official spokesman of the group, that western media prefers to call a “Kurdish-Arab alliance.”

In the exclusive interview to Lifenews, Silo said that the alliance with the United States has a strategic importance for the SDF and emphasized that the United States and the US-led international coalition make decisions on strategic and tactical level that the SDF has to follow. For exmaple: to avoid cooperation with the SAA and the Russians and to not attack ISIS if there is no a “signal” from the United States.

Silo’s quotes:

“It’s forbidden to negotiate with the Russians because we seek for an alliance with the United States. It’s impossible to communicate with any other party and to not lose the credibility of the international coalition. Of course, we are free, but we can not attack if there is not signal from the Americans.”

“We will not unite with the Syrian army against ISIS because our forces operate only with the forces of the international coalition led by the United States. We are partners of the United States and the coalition. They make decisions. There can’t be a coordination between the Russians and us. Because first of all we have a strategic partnership with the international coalition led by the United States.”

It’s interesting to analyze the SDF’s actions during the liberation of Manbij amid the confirmation of inability to act without “signals” from the United States.

This week, US Army Col. Carver, a spokesman for the US-led coalition fighters, has told reporters that the SDF made a deal with ISIS and gave ‘several hundred’ vehicles containing 100 to 200 ISIS fighters a free passage out of the Syrian city of Manbij. Col. Carver emphasized that the decision was made by commanders of the SDF and pursued the goal to avoid further civilian casualties. Now, it looks that Col. Carver lied. The SDF does not act without an approvement from the coalition. So, it’s the United States or the international coalition led by the United States (indeed, these are the same thing) made a deal with the ISIS terrorist group. This is a very interesting fact that Pengaton wanted to hide.

The video:



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