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SDF Security Personnel Killed, Injured In New Al-Qamishli Bombing (Videos)


A security officer of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was killed and two others were injured on August 18, when a booby-trapped car exploded near a school that they were guarding in the northern Syrian city of al-Qamishli.

“A car bomb, which was parked in front of the industrial school in the district of al-Arbouiya, was remotely detonated when personnel of security forces and the traffic police approached it,” a reporter of the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) said.

The SDF’s security forces acknowledged its losses in an official statement and said that they had opened an investigation into the bombing.

As expected, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a press release published by its agency, Amaq. The terrorist group claimed that six personnel of the SDF were killed in the explosion.

Earlier this month, a similar attack in the SDF-held town of al-Qahtaniyah claimed the lives of three children. The new bombing indicates that the Kurdish group has not boosted security measrues enough since then.

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  • BE712

    i see two US sp ops in the crowd

    • Toronto Tonto

      I bet you see lots of things that are not there , like russias super duper invisable cartoon weapons .

  • Toronto Tonto

    I bet Russia was testing something again EH

  • goingbrokes

    CIA false flag killing kurds.