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SDF Security Forces Threaten NDF Over Recent Al-Qamishli Clashes


SDF Security Forces Threaten NDF Over Recent Al-Qamishli Clashes

Official logo of Asayish

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) security body, Asayish, has threatened the National Defense Forces (NDF), accusing the pro-government force of “compromising security” and “sowing tension” in the northeastern city of al-Qamishli.

In an official statement, Asayish accused the NDF of attacking its personnel and positions in al- al-Qamishli. Moreover, Asyish claimed the NDF is trying to expand its control in the city, that’s located in northern al-Hasakah.

“We in the Internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria assure the general public of our people that we have not and will not stand idly towards any party trying to target the security of our cities and the safety of our citizens,” the statement, released late on April 21, reads.

Asayish added in its statement that the recent NDF attacks in al-Qamishli reflects “the weakness of the regime and its militias.”

Early on April 21, heavy clashes between Asayish and the NDF erupted in al-Qamishli, which attempted to take over several positions in the city. The situation was quickly de-escalated by the Russian Military Police.

While these clashes appear to be politically motivated, the personal ambitions and interests of local commanders on the both sides are likely the main cause.

The relationships between the SDF and Damascus improved last year when the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) put an end to a Turkish-led attack on northeast Syria. The two sides are still committed to their agreement, and will likely remain so in the feasible future.




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