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SDF Says It Is Ready To Join Syrian Army Once Political Solution Is Reached


SDF Says It Is Ready To Join Syrian Army Once Political Solution Is Reached

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are ready to discuss the idea of joining the Syrian military once a political solution is reached in the war-torn country, a spokesman for the Kurdish-led group told RIA Novosti on October 24.

“Whether it was proposed or not proposed, the problem is not in the names, but in the political crisis in Syria, which needs to be resolved. All parties must recognize that there is a political crisis that needs to be resolved by political means,” Mustafa Bali told the Russian news agency.

The spokesman added that the SDF has no problem with titles, whether it is the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) or the 5th Assault Corps, saying that the group is communicating “with all parties.”

Earlier this month, the SDF reached an initial agreement with the Damascus government. Under the agreement, Syrian troops deployed in the country’s northeastern region to counter the growing threat of Turkey and its Syrian proxies.

Despite this breakthrough, Damascus and the SDF are yet to agree on political and administrative issues in northeast Syria. The SDF’s self-administration continues to run the region, as for now.

Russia, which is the guarantor of the first agreement, will likely sponsor talks between Damascus and the SDF to reach a wider agreement soon.

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