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SDF Says It Is Ready To Join Syrian Army Once Political Solution Is Reached

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SDF Says It Is Ready To Join Syrian Army Once Political Solution Is Reached

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are ready to discuss the idea of joining the Syrian military once a political solution is reached in the war-torn country, a spokesman for the Kurdish-led group told RIA Novosti on October 24.

“Whether it was proposed or not proposed, the problem is not in the names, but in the political crisis in Syria, which needs to be resolved. All parties must recognize that there is a political crisis that needs to be resolved by political means,” Mustafa Bali told the Russian news agency.

The spokesman added that the SDF has no problem with titles, whether it is the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) or the 5th Assault Corps, saying that the group is communicating “with all parties.”

Earlier this month, the SDF reached an initial agreement with the Damascus government. Under the agreement, Syrian troops deployed in the country’s northeastern region to counter the growing threat of Turkey and its Syrian proxies.

Despite this breakthrough, Damascus and the SDF are yet to agree on political and administrative issues in northeast Syria. The SDF’s self-administration continues to run the region, as for now.

Russia, which is the guarantor of the first agreement, will likely sponsor talks between Damascus and the SDF to reach a wider agreement soon.

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Jacob Wohl

our brave Kurdish allies will NEVER under any circumstances join the butcher regime. unfortunately they’ve been put into a position where they are between the butcher regime and the russkies. Hopefully the Pentagon makes the right choice and redeploys troops to Rojava to prevent the russkies from spreading influence and the regime from capturing more land

Jacob Wohl's Nose

LOL! keep crying Rocket Nose XD

Sasan Jamshidi

Can i ask where are you from? Also USA betrayed kurds as has done multiple other times and syria is in chaos thanks to qatar & turkish terrorists. So the only solution for peace in syria is regime and kurdish alliance.

Rafik Chauhan



Jacob has so many wet dreams that he nearly drowns every night. Its a Zionist problem.

Sympathy with the Devil

USA has interests and vassals, not allies.

Tudor Miron

Does it hurt creature? I know it hurts but I don’t feel sorry for you.


There is a video I think you will enjoy. It is in British English that is correct and easy to listen to because ‘slang’ is not used. The first 20 minutes are a bit ‘dry’ but the video then described the origins of the US Deep state and the carnage that it has bought to the world.

Your English is good enough to understand it and any parts you are not sure about can be replayed. I ,as I am sure you will be , are aware of many of the facts but this excellent video ‘connects all the dots’.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think,Tudor.


Tudor Miron

Many thanks Florian. I will get back to you when I watch in in full.




Quit putting pictures of yourself, I have to clean up my keyboard of the puke you induce every time you post there rat boy. Israeli fagget.


Hey, weren’t you supposed to be in jail, being some black guy’s matras?


Poor Israel must be crying its eyes out they arent going to get a Kurdish state.


According to you, the US would protect the Kurds “at all costs”. Do you really think they will redeploy troops to “Royava” one week after they abandoned their bases in Aleppo and Raqqa provinces? xD It is the land of the Syrians and they have every right to reclaim it and trust me they will. Your Zionist imperialist dreams crumble each day.


Kurds (ex-USA-Isrel puppets) must get rid of thier yellow flag and must take Syria government flag as their own. In additon, the ex-kurds army now must be under control of SAA army.

Bill Wilson

The SAA should name the SDF the 5th Assault Corps and let them retain their yellow flag to poke a finger in Erdogan’s eye.

You can call me Al

Cor blimey, those Kurds have a cheek. I say let the Turks have a “free for all on the Kurds” for 4 weeks, before they sod off back home..

Pave Way IV

“Russia, which is the guarantor of the first agreement, will likely sponsor talks between Damascus and the SDF to reach a wider agreement soon.”

I know I sound like a broken record here, but thanks again for cleaning up another U.S. mess we left behind, Russia. We kind of suck at regime-change.

Tudor Miron

Kurds should start by giving up Omar oild fields under SAA control. They do not seem to understand that not all of Turkey/Syria border will be patrolled by Russian MP. Large part was left out of the deal – even Kurds should be able to guess why it is so.

Joe Dickson

Adding the manpower of the SDF to the depleted SAA is a perfect solution. Now that TAF has attacked SAA forces, it is all out war.

World Wisdom

Thank you, Russia, for saving entire Europe despite the fact that NATO and its puppets are all against you and in fact support terrorists! PUTIN AKBAR!

Stinky Man

Kurds should pack it up and moved to IRAQ. Syrian Kurds should join the larger number of Kurds that live in Iraq. Being that the Turks want to kill Kurds because they’re Kurds and the Turks are all about genocide. Kurds were/are US terrorists, can’t be much Syrian love there. Assad may end up making them pay for that, I would hope. Currently Assad is defending Syrian territory not the Kurds. The Kurds will be dealt with in time, I hope.

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