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JULY 2022

SDF Returns Government Building In Al-Hasakah To Damascus Control

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SDF Returns Government Building In Al-Hasakah To Damascus Control

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On July 11, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) evacuated one of several government buildings in al-Hasakah city, which were occupied by its personnel last month.

The building, which belong to the General Administration for Grains, returned to the control of the Damascus government. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), employees were able to access the building to resume their work.

“The headquarters was retaken and the employees returned to their posts to follow up on the work originally assigned to them,” Yusuf Qassim, director of the General Administration for Grains in al-Hasakah, told the SANA.

SDF forces occupied nine government buildings and state-owned properties on June 27. The move was reportedly ordered by the U.S.-led coalition, which is working to expand it military presence in al-Hasakah city.

The state employees held a sit-in outside the occupied buildings to protest against the SDF’s unlawful move. While the employees of the General Administration for Grains returned to work, the employees of the remaining occupied institutions are still protesting on a daily basis.

The SDF decision to evacuate the General Administration for Grains is a positive step. The decision shows that the Kurdish-led group is still willing to cooperate with Damascus, despite U.S. pressure. The group will likely evacuate the remaining buildings soon.


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SDF need to go fuck themselves, Syria saves them from being overrun by Turkish ISIS forces and they repay Damascus by letting the US Zioterrorist scum set up more bases in other occupied parts of Syria. The SAA must always remember that a lot of SDF success in Deir Ezzor is due to ISIS joining SDF ranks through US mediation, Damascus should do all within its abilities to undermine SDF control in occupied regions.

Jens Holm

SDF will be contaminated, if they fuck You.

The miitary reflexions are far out too and the rest is lie.


Fuck off, ignorant twat. Your little tales that SDF is all democracy and feminism are deluded shit, and learn to read, I spoke of no military actions so stop seeing thing that aren’t there.

Jens Holm

SDFs had to have take too much of the town area to control it. I hope this will lower the temperature a little. Hopes seeemes all to be very small there.

Fog of War

Of course they evacuated, after the ZioAmericans got all the documents they were looking for that is. The other buildings will also be returned after the ” job ” is done.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, there’s always more to the story isn’t there. The Syrian government and the US backed Autonomous government both compete to buy grain from the local farmers, but the Syrian government pays more for the grain so they get more of the total share of sellable grain [they need more], but if the Autonomous government were to offer more money per kilo than the government did, they’d end up with more grain than they needed, and as has happened in the past, they’d have to end up selling the excess grain to the Syrian government at a lower price than they paid for it. So it doesn’t suit either party for the Autonomous government to outbid the Syrian government, they’d both end up paying more for the grain with no benefit at all for either party. But now that means the Autonomous government doesn’t need all the grain administration, transport, and grain silo’s they once used to control and administer, so now they’re actually letting the Syrian government have all the facilities they don’t need so that the Syrian government can buy even more grain and keep prices even lower. Even though the Syrian government pays more for the grain they buy it’s sometimes more profitable for local farmers to sell their grain to the Autonomous government at a lower price, because if the government facility is located too far away from the farmer, it’s sometimes more profitable to sell at a slightly lower price. Transport costs can eat into a farmers profits and make lower sales prices even more profitable than higher sales prices, that’s if the government facility is too far away. This and other repatriations are going to help both the Syrian government and the Autonomous government a lot, letting local farmer have access to government facilities closer to where they produce the grain will make the governments prices even more profitable for the farmers, and that will also lower the price of bread for all Syrians too, so a win win win for everyone. Now all they have to do is stop the Turks burning the farmers crops.

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