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SDF Resume Oil, Wheat Shipments To Syrian Government Areas (Video)

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SDF Resume Oil, Wheat Shipments To Syrian Government Areas (Video)

Screen grab from Ruptly’s video.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which hold most of northeastern Syria, have resumed oil and wheat shipments to areas held by the Damascus government, Eyad Hussien, a journalist in the Ruptly agency, revealed on march 17.

Ruptly shared footage showing dozens of tankers and trucks queuing along both sides of the M4 highway outside the city of Qamishli in northern al-Hasakah. The vehicles were on their war to government-held areas.

The SDF halted oil shipments to Damascus around 35 days ago for no clear reason. The blockade led to a serious fuel crisis in government-held areas. At the same time, the US-backed group was smuggling oil to Turkish-backed militants in northern Aleppo.

On another front, the SDF was smuggling wheat and other grains from northeastern Syria to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, according to several reports.

In the last few weeks, a series of missile strikes, reportedly carried out by the Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces, hit oil traffickers’ faculties in northern Aleppo. The strike may have forced the SDF to reconsider its blockade.

Syria is currently facing a serious economic crisis. The value of the Syrian Pound has dropped to unprecedented levels. Damascus blames the crisis on an economic siege imposed by the US and its European and Middle Eastern allies. The SDF’s recent blockade is an example of this siege on the local level.


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Break the SDF blockade and appropriate Syrian natural and agricultural resources to sovereign Syria. With Russia establishing a firm foothold in Qamashili in Hasakha province, Iranian sponsored militias can establish themselves on Easter side of Eufrates and slowly grind SDF down.
Russia should play a more assertive role and challenge US air activity and possibly declare a no fly zone over eastern Syria.


Thats what needs to happen,if it did i would bet the US would back off.


I believe your ‘bet’ is based on the thought that there’s intelligent life running things. I wouldn’t be so sure.


So what could they do? they have a few hundred soldiers stealing oil,they can’t have a full blown invasion it would end up like Vietnam,they can bomb with aircraft but what happens when they start being shot down?


It’s a bad idea and could go south rather quickly. You forget whom your dealing with. A reminder, this is a group that doesn’t know what sex a man or woman is, has a dementia President no-one voted for being commanded by a voice on the other end of an earpiece, and there’s long range missiles that don’t require aircraft and can go nuclear fairly quickly. As much as I’d like everyone to leave the Syrian people alone to live their lives normally, I don’t desire ww3 brought about by psychopaths in charge of the nut house.


“”” and there’s long range missiles that don’t require aircraft and can go nuclear fairly quickly.”””

You think US would go nuclear if they were kicked out of Syria?
Don’t believe their lies, in the European scenario of a war between NATO and Russia, if nuclear weapons are used, US wants to keep the exchange on European soil, so the continental US would be spared.

You think US would endanger itself over Syria, when Russia’s nuclear forces are superior in quality and delivery systems over US?


The Pentagon has stated to Congressional committee that they can win a nuclear war. They believe Russia is still a backward country and if you’ve been paying attention, now are run by what I consider the most psychotic nut jobs ever to run a country. Do I believe US would go nuclear…. Let me put it this way, you have Israel launching attacks on Syria constantly.
You have Israel threatening to strike Iran and US troops are stationed in Israel. You have NATO & the US continuously singing their undying love and support for the pariah of the middle east, Israel often. You have the Sauds and other wahabi tribes wanting to join Israel in an adventure on Iran. You have the new puppet regime, fresh from the coup of November, placing more troops into Syria and making more threatening noises towards Russia. And of course the nut jobs still believe they’re superior to any one or thing on the planet. Do I believe a limited war is possible in Syria? NO!!!!!


So, you are saying that US will threaten its existence over Syria?
There is a lot of lying and delusional thinking, US cannot win a nuclear war…..a case of running their mouth in spite of existing realities. US nuclear triad is old, their ICBMs are almost 50 years old, while the Russian triad is 85% modernized.


I am saying that it doesn’t matter what you, I or anyone else believes or even the realities as far as that goes. It only matters what those running Israel, the US & NATO believe. Any local escalation can expand beyond anyone’s control. Saving face is everything for these folks.


Israel, US and the NATO poodles are averse to casualties, saving face to cause what they are averse to is contradictory.


Thats what the Americans rely on,they think no one will attack them in case things go big,they are a paper tiger when it comes down to it,they didn’t do much about those iranian missiles hitting their base in iraq.


“they didn’t do much about those iranian missiles hitting their base in iraq.”

I’m sorry, was that the only President that hasn’t started a NEW war in the last 20 years or the state sponsored coup installed puppet who placed Obama’s war mongering crowd into official positions. Believe what makes you feel good and hope for the best.


You are right.. They dont consider the consequences and just shoot from the hip because they can.


The Pentagon is keenly aware of their deprived situation in Syria if the Russians challenge them and show them the door.


That’s your subjective view. I don’t agree.


If you want to discuss it in greater detail I will oblige.

Oliver Eitel

the problem is those who know are not the one who give the orders or can stop them


The Pentagon makes military decision, not some brain dead politicians.


Yes, they would back off after they run their mouth with empty threats.
It would showcase Russian IAD against American air power.

Samuel Vanguard

they have seen the costs that they will incur if they continue to illegally trade with turks,damascus was right to bomb those illegal or refineries and depots in militant held territories


Great move indeed

Simon Ndiritu

OTR-Tocka!, works every time!

johnny rotten

The Yankees have brought the mafia to Syria, after all they don’t know how to do it any other way, the Atlantic killers are starving 20 million people and they also force them to pay for the oil that is already owned by Syria, I correct myself the mafia is much more honest of the Yankees, even if their politics is inspired by Al Capone.


Well yeah, now they get it.

Captain Freedom

The arrogant SDF should better retreat and know their place… or else next sunday the stolen oil will be deep fried again along with their moderate headchopping associates…

Rodney Loder

Syria hasn’t gone hard on SDF because the Kurdish Syrians, about 7% of 37 million Syrians and growing at 2•5% last year, are against Turkey.

Big mistake Syria, Kurds are traitors and Turkey is a neighbour.

Traitors are temporarily neighbours are permanent.

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