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SDF Representatives Asked Hezbollah For Help In Negotiations With Damascus: Nasrallah

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SDF Representatives Asked Hezbollah For Help In Negotiations With Damascus: Nasrallah

Hasan Nasrallah during the interview on al-Mayadeen TV.

Representatives of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which control northeastern Syria, asked Hezbollah to help them in negotiations with Damascus following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all U.S. forces from the war-torn country, Hezbollah leader revealed during an interview on January 26.

“The deadlock in Syria today is in east Euphrates River between the U.S., Kurds and Turkey,” Hasan Nasrallah told the al-Mayadeen TV.

SDF Representatives Asked Hezbollah For Help In Negotiations With Damascus: Nasrallah

The Lebanese leader confirmed that the Kurdish-dominated group is currently negotiating with Damascus and said that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) should be deployed in the northeastern part of the country.

Nasrallah also revealed that the U.S. told Russia six months ago that Washington is ready to fully withdraw from Syria in return for Iran’s withdrawal from the country. However, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad rejected the American proposal.

“I believe Trump is genuine in his desire to withdraw troops from Syria; this was one of his electoral promises,” said Nasrallah commenting on the withdrawal decision.

Trump’s decision led to a backlash from the mainstream media, prominent politicians and even senior officials in Trumps’ administration like former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis who resigned in protest.

However, the US President is likely determined to carry on with the withdrawal from Syria. This will likely boost the rapprochement between Damascus and the SDF, which would choice working with Assad over Turkey, according to Kurdish sources.

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Bigaess Wangmane

The SDF is a protectorate of the US Illegal Occupational Forces stationed in the East Euphrates and Al Tanf, they don’t need Hezbollah or anyone else for help in negotiating with the sole, legitimate government of Syria. Assad has been beyond reasonable in his request to simply restore the sovereignty of the country he was elected to govern over, but more than anything else it seems like a trap to me,

I wouldn’t trust the SDF if I was them.


No one trusts the SDF .. it is only between letting SDF be defeated and he has to face Turkey taking over Syrian territory or give something to save SDF to face off Turkey .

Tough choice for Assad really.


no.Assad has no tough choice.He is sitting in the sunny spot right now.The questions r,
1. do the kurds want to live or die?
2. Will TAF accept a quick and smooth withdrawl or a heavy handed slap?

The kurds are beiing used as pawns from the US/Nato invading Forces….but since they are on their way out, the kurds can fight TAF and get butcherd or accept damascus….

The turkish Leadership, once SDF does not exist any longer and SAA troops are back in the east, have no Moral highground for the continuation of the occupation of syrian territory.Plus, russia has some leverage over them through the S-400 Triumpf Order.Anyway, TAF is in a strategic very bad Position, any confrontation with SAA in Syria will give them a bitch slapping par exellence.

Bottom line……ALL DEPENDS on the iilegal US/Nato troops withdrawl….. will they? if so, everything will turn out fine after 3-6 months……if they dont, back to square 1.

Zionism = EVIL

The Americunts and their NATO poodles have NO INTENTION OF LEAVING SYRIA, unless they face mounting costs.

Zionism = EVIL

The SDF is a phantom terrorist force of CIA and Saudis and is literally dying and has no future. It’s corrupt “leaders” live in 5 star hotels in Istanbul on CIA money, but even they are sending out feelers to Hezbollah that is respected by all. As Nasrallah explained the non-terrorist element in SDF who joined just to get $500 a month from Saudis are now disenchanted and looking for a way out and Hezbollah can facilitate their reintegration into Syria. The CIA has always supported the most extreme Wahabbi animals along with the Turkeys and Hezbollah is taking advantage of the ordinary Syrians desire to end this lost war.


dont worry , SAA/Assad Leadership dont trust them kurds or the us. withdrawl plan

Zionism = EVIL

For anyone who even has a basic grasp of politics and ground realities in Syria or the region would know that Hezbollah, and particularly its leader Sayyed Nasrallah is the most respected man and has the most credibility, Hezbollah has only one interest, that is to stop the mostly sectarian war in Syria and stabilize the country. Hezbollah is widely respected in the Sunni community too and has no history of getting into sectarian politics fanned by Saudi and Emirati Wahhabi scum for their Americunt and Zionist masters. The SDF is largely Sunni tribals who were conned by Saudi money and CIA lies into a destructive conflict in Syria which they simply can not win. It is a good tactic to bring in the “moderate” Sunnis into the fold and further isolate the headchoppers. Nasrallah is also the best tactician in the region and has his hands on the pulse of the people, Syrians of all hues want an end to this conflict that is only benefiting their enemies in Tel-Aviv, Ankara, Riyadh, London, Paris and Washington DC. The only enemies of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and the region are the Zionist parasites and that is Hezbollah’s only strategic focus, along with liberation and Palestine and safeguarding Lebanon. Nasrallah as usual defined his goals and vision very clearly as usual in yesterday’s three hour interview with Al-Mayadeen Lebanese TV yesterday. Those who can understand Arabic should watch the whole interview and grasp the vision of this true leader.

Kelli Hernandez

I really wish it had english subtitles. Nasrallah is fascinating orator.

Zionism = EVIL

I believe Reuters and Al-Masdar have covered most of the main points of his speech. He was in good humor and made quite a few jokes about Zionist scum lying about his health at relatively young age 59 and the non-existent “tunnels” going back to 2006. Nasrallah is a very calm and controlled man and his word is his bond and everyone in the region respects that. His communication is direct, simple and to the point.

Hezbollah Has Been Capable of Entering Israel ‘For Years,’ Says Sayyed Nasrallah in a landmark interview

In first public response since Zionist fantasy desperate publicity stunt “tunnel-destroying operation”, Hassan Nasrallah calmly stated that Hezbollah can enter northern Israel at will and hold northern Occupied Palestine, but does not want war at the moment and is primarily interested in stabilizing Syria, however, Zionists should not underestimate the will, capability and intention of Hezbollah to respond to provocations in Syria, Lebanon and beyond.
“Part of our plan in the next war is to enter into Galilee, a part of our plan we are capable of, God willing. The important thing is that we have this capability and we have had it for years,” Nasrallah said.

He added that all of Zionist occupied Palestine would be the battlefield and reiterated that the group now had precision rockets that could strike deep into Palestine as far as Eilat and Dimona. He stated that Zionists have underestimated the power of the resistance to inflict severe damage. This is not 2006 when Hezbollah which was a mere shadow of its pinnacle today fought the Zionists to a 33 day humiliating backdown inflicting severe losses, including the destruction and capture of many of their much vaunted Merkava tanks that are now parked outside the Army Museum in Damascus and Resistance Park in near the village of Mleeta in southern Lebanon.

Jim Prendergast

He has a great sense of humour.


Enough of that US creation called “SDF” !
No such thing really exists!
This article is only big pile of steaming horse shit !
There are only Kurds as negotiating side there (if they want agreement at all)
And why would Hezbollah help Kurds in anything…., by taking side of Kurds and promoting negotiations with Assad?! Why?
What for?!
Assad is there and listening
Kurd hidden demand for independence.
There is no possible way they can sell that to him !
Time to reach agreement with Assad is about to expire.
If they get Assad protection their arse is saved if not they are fucked one way or other!


poor hasbara , you are trying too hard to denounce this article.. i think your hate toward hezbollah showed in your fake pretend post..


And how did you see that “hate toward Hezbollah” huh ?!?!
You are probably half blind and mentally deficient to arrive to such conclusion.

Maybe you should read properly first next time, or maybe even it should be written in Spanish so that you can understand ?!

I am sick and tired of this retarded “hasbara” label bullshit you morons pull on everything!


this is the example of hasbara pretending to be israeli hater to gain cred here.. it is in their hasbara 101.. playing victim , accusing other to attack him , creating strawman arguments.. ad hominem attacks..

so many people like this infecting this site.. most are just one person with multiple account like this Jako ID


Like I really carer who is going to give me support on this gathering where majority are deficient minds pedaling always the SAME bullshit !

And you are what?
By only labeling people and having only ONE argument that whatever one say (and you do not like that )one must be ” hasbara” by your brainless logic?!!
That is your effing ONLY argument you keep parroting you pathetic intellectual midget !
Nobody else can have that much of stubborn one sided illogical approach as woman can!

You don’t need brains and logic to develop your argument just repeating the SAME all the time!
Who ever I am… I sincerely hope and believe to be diametrically opposed to MEDIOCRE pathetic person like you!


Hasbara 101 = Post Lies -> Get caught -> Pretend to be Victimized -> Pretend Angry -> Go on Pretend tantrum -> Make a fool of himself

now the next stage = Cry for help from senior hasbara to join and help him


OK whatever you say according to you I “pretend” all the time, you have made your point that you are totally paranoid, insane…
Now GET LOST you mad twat (of course I only PRETEND to be extremely rude actually I’m extremely polite guy).


still pretending to be a victim and crying for help while spouting insults ? typical hasbara behavior



Zionism = EVIL


O’ Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah | Beautiful Hezbollah Song | Arabic sub English

Jim Bim

Sounds stupid. What is the source?


Look for the interview. It wouldn’t be hard to find.


This isnt going to work.
The powers that be will not fund this. Muslims are making a play to early to find winning ground.
They will not only walk into a bad situation but will end up dividing the White Nationalists that are working at creating a Peaceful and productive situation in the middle east to entice the Muslims in Europe to go back.

Kelli Hernandez

This sounds like a racist diatribe to me. Israhell is white nationalists with murder in their DNA and are unlikely to find a peaceful solution that would call an end to Zionist Americunt bloodshed in the middle East

Zionism = EVIL

Two-thirds of UK adults dispute number of Holocaust victims and Hollywood created fake narrative: Study

More than 65 percent of adults in Britain believe that the”Holocaust”, the alleged genocide of Jews during the Second World War, has not taken place in the way that some paid historians claim, a new study shows. In most EU nations over 72% of the population disputes the Zionist narrative and questionable figures on the number of so-called “Jews” killed in WW2.

Zionism = EVIL

Much marriage with siblings in your family? how many toes and thumbs do your parents have :)

Karim Al Ahamadi

The Kurds and the Turks will both not really benefit at the end of it, I think.

Tommy Jensen

SDF knows they cant use Russia to negotiate with Assad as Chabad-Kremlin are married to Israel. So SDF approached Hezbollah as an reliable and independent source that Assad respect….….LMAOL.

Zionism = EVIL

Let’s face reality, Russians are aliens in Syria with no understanding of the complex web of alliances, and not that bright by kow towing to Turkeys, a NATO cannon fodder state.They have alienated just about everyone as they did in Afghanistan circa 1980’s. The Lebanese and Syrians are the same people with same history. Hezbollah is the most respected political movement in the region and it is natural for Syrians to seek its help in ending this futile conflict that only serves the purpose of scummy Zionists, British faggots, Americunt morons and Saudi headchoppers. Hezbollah understands the complex tribal and sectarian nature of the conflict. It was Hezbollah that brought the Sunni tribes together last week.

Tommy Jensen

Hezbollah is the real thing.

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, the real deal. The Zionist scum committed strategic suicide when they invaded Lebanon and committed atrocities on the Shia of the south. Biggest mistake that will haunt them to the end.

H Eccles

Why does southfront publish such obvious propaganda nonsense. The above article has no purpose but to create suspicion and divide between the members of the resistance ie Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.

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