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SDF Repels Two ISIS Attacks And Continues Its Advance In Euphrates Valley (Map)

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SDF Repels Two ISIS Attacks And Continues Its Advance In Euphrates Valley (Map)

FILE IMAGE: sdf-press.com

On September 13, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) repelled two ISIS attacks and recaptured 16 positions around the town of al-Baghuz Fawqani in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to the SDF’s media center.

SDF fighters killed 45 ISIS members during the heavy clashes around the village. At the same time, ISIS fighters targeted a bulldozer and two vehicles of the SDF with IEDs injuring ten US-backed fighters.

“[US-led] Coalition forces participated actively in combat operations yesterday, where the warplanes targeted the movements of the mercenaries, while the military bases carried out rocket strikes on positions of the mercenaries,” the SDF’s media center said in a statement.

US-backed forces will likely regain the lead in the upcoming hours and push towards its first target, al-Baghuz Fawqani. The village is located only 15km south of the town of Hajin, which is the main stronghold of the terrorist group in the Euphrates valley.

SDF Repels Two ISIS Attacks And Continues Its Advance In Euphrates Valley (Map)

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Jens Holm

I hope its like that. If the ISIS casualties are like that, it could be a sign of their version of banzai, which nowerdays agains SAA as well as SDF is no succes.

I dont expect they can take all, but almost only the town and hamlets in South regi. Thats a good progress to me.

Bill Wilson

The US figures it’ll take 3 months for the SDF to defeat the isolated ISIS fighters along the river. The majority of them are in / near Hajin since their only practical avenue for escape is from there into the eastern desert region to reach Iraq. In the south their way east is blocked by a high steep escarpment with few roads leading to it’s top. Looks like the SDF is going to push ISIS north to Hajin then finish them off. The US says the SDF is facing ISIS’s better fighters that are well equipped in well prepared positions surrounded by civilians so will be forced to go slow, since they’ll be trying to evacuate civilians first before launching assaults.

Jens Holm

I hope they finaly do.

I am sure they are licing deep down and there are many lest of civilians and their owns.

It might vn be, that they hope for some evacution as in Raqqa, where 3500 were evacauated but also 275 soldiers were allowed to escape.

Ro many here dont see how dificult it is. I also expect some of their manin Leaders are there.

Best reagrards.


Maybe 15 mile south, not 15km.

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