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JUNE 2023

SDF Repels Turkish Attacks Around Tell Abyad, Kills Several Militants

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SDF Repels Turkish Attacks Around Tell Abyad, Kills Several Militants

by: sdf-press.com

The Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (NSA) launched on October 26 a series of attacks on positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Raqqa.

Kurdish sources said that NSA militants attacked the villages of Afdako, Mshiyrfah Fuqani, Kfifah and Abu Kharzah, which are located between the border town of Tell Abyad and the town of Ain Issa.

Initially, Turkish-backed militants were captured positions inside the villages of Afdako, Kfifah and Abu Kharzah. However, the SDF managed to push them back.

“Our forces struck Turkish occupation mercenaries in Kfifah from two directions, which caused panic among the mercenaries,” a source in the SDF told the Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

According to the ANHA, SDF fighters killed at least 18 militants. Two vehicles of the Turkish military, which were reportedly supporting the attacks, were also destroyed by Kurdish forces.

The NSA’s attacks violate Turkey’s recent agreements with Russia and the US. These hostile acts may lead to a new escalation in northeast Syria.

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I am Jaziel

Never ever trust Erdogan. Why can not SAA and Russian “crush the heads” of the NSA. As far as I am concerned “crush the head” of Erdogan to when you are on to it…

Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme)

Mustafa Mehmet

ananin got deligi

Hanny Benny



Why aren’t this Cherokee moving to oil fields reservation already?

jim crowland

don’t forget too chop the heads of the ottomans and their lackeys….bury them far from the bodies so they cannot resuscitate when Jesus comeback

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