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SDF Repels Northern Raqqa Attack, Recaptures Positions From Turkish Forces (Video)

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reportedly repelled the Turkish-led attack on their positions in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Kurdish-led group recaptured the village of Sharaqiq near the key town of Ain Issa from Turkish-backed militants in the afternoon of November 7.

The Hawar News Agency (ANHA) claimed that SDF fighters damaged a battle tank of Turkish forces while repelling the attack. The agency also reported  that a truck-mounted machine gun was destroyed in the clashes.

The agency’s reporter in Raqqa said that the region is still witnessing some clashes, with Turkish forces attempting to reach the strategic M4 highway.

“Meanwhile, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries occasionally shell the area with rockets,” the reporter said.

Militants of the Syrian National Army (SNA) launched the attack in the morning with support from the Turkish military. The attack represents a major violation of Turkey’s recent agreements with both Russia and the U.S.

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[Imgur]comment image)


SDF is seeing more and more battle successess against islamists. Not so much against the fascist turks, who need to be attacked by infiltration, sniper attacks and guerilla tactics and night attacks.


I have to admit. SDF had put up up a good fight at Ras Al Ayn early on, but had no match for Turkish air and arty. The front line is more static now. If NSA want to move forward at all, they will be hit by more ATGM. Most of the front line is wide open desert and villages.

S Melanson

Actually, the SDF withdrew as part of the agreement between Erdogan and Putin as it was getting embarrassing for Turkey’s proxies under Generalissimo Rambo Headchopper to be unable to take a border town objective – if not for voluntary withdrawal, the SDF would probably still be holding the town or at least contesting to deny the enemy any satisfaction


SDF needs to shift focus and needs to start infiltrating Turkey. If Turkey has no respect for border, then SDF should have no moral nor legal problem getting forces into Turkey. Shift special forces with ATGM, explosives and drones towards Turkey and attack convoys, bridges, outposts and try to infiltrates military airfields.


I know I am not suposed to comment.

I want to let the anti Jew forces that You have the full support of the forces that be.

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