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SDF Released Footage Of Deadly Tunnel Bomb Attack On Turkish Post In Northern Syria

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SDF Released Footage Of Deadly Tunnel Bomb Attack On Turkish Post In Northern Syria

Screen grab from the video released by the SDF.

On September 10, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) shared a video documenting its recent attack on a Turkish military post located in the Syrian village of al-Yashilly next to the Turkish-occupied town of al-Bab in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The attack, which took place on September 7, was carried out by the SDF’s main formation in the northern Aleppo countryside, the al-Bab Military Council (BMC).

During the attack, the BMC blew up the Turkish post with what appears to be a tunnel bomb. BMC fighters also targeted several fortifications and vehicles situated around the post with anti-tank guided missiles.

The BMC claimed that Turkish forces sustained the following losses:

  • 12 Turkish service members were killed and 11 others were wounded, at least three of them are in a critical condition;
  • Ten Turkish-backed Syrian militants were killed and ten others were wounded;
  • Three armored vehicles and two engineering vehicles were destroyed.

From its side, the Turkish Ministry Of National Defense acknowledged that a single service member, an officer, was killed and four others were wounded. Turkish sources also shared photos showing the wreckage of a M113 armored personnel vehicle that was destroyed by the tunnel bomb.

In a statement, the BMC said that the unprecedented attack was a response to recent Turkish drone and artillery strikes which claimed the lives of several fighters and commanders of the SDF.

The SDF’s attack on al-Yashilly post confirms that the Kurdish-led group has both the will and the means to launch large-scale operations against Turkish forces in northern and northeastern Syria.


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The Turkish army is incompetent and soon this Insurgency will move inside Turkey .


hahaha, the turkish dogs finally get what they deserve

Arch Bungle

This is how you make Turkish Kabob!

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