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SDF Received Over 1,700 Trucks With Supplies From U.S. After ISIS Defeat: Monitoring Group

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SDF Received Over 1,700 Trucks With Supplies From U.S. After ISIS Defeat: Monitoring Group

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) received at least 1,730 trucks loaded with military supplies from the U.S. after the liberation of the last ISIS stronghold in northeastern Syria last March, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on July 14.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, the last two shipments included around 280 trucks loaded with logistics and military supplies.

“The SOHR observed the entry of around 280 new trucks coming from northern Iraq, in two batches, to the SDF-held areas east of the Euphrates River,” the monitoring group’s report read.

The motive behind these military supplies remains unclear. ISIS has been defeated in northeastern Syria, according to the US-led coalition itself.

SDF Received Over 1,700 Trucks With Supplies From U.S. After ISIS Defeat: Monitoring Group

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Last year, President Donald Trump ordered a full military withdrawal from Syria following the defeat of ISIS. However, a backlash from politicians in Washington and the mainstream media forced him to make a U-turn.

The increasing support for the SDF could lead to more tension between Turkey and U.S. Ankara considers the Kurdish-dominated group a threat to its national security.

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Syria needs to be cleared of Erdogan’s invading taliban thugs !

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comment image

[Imgur]comment image)

michael Harrison

They may not have been able to remove Assad, but they still want to balkanize the country and supply the Kurds with everything they need to keep the majority Arab population under control.


understandably why erdogan will distance himself and turkey from nato – the disintegrating states of A is arming the kurds and no holds barred despite the fact that the kurds are like a red blanket before any turk’s eyes. so erdogan, next step please – buy some russian jets and demand repayment of whatever already paid towards the f35s.

Icarus Tanović

Auch, no shit! Nothing, but nothong can save Ypg and other kurds organizations from being destroyed.

Bill Wilson

Destroyed by whom?

Concrete Mike

Who do you think Bill?
Sometimes your musings are very close to truth, unlike mine heh.

I think ypg will destroy itself, its selfish leaders will fracture beyond repair once the saudis.have been weeded out. In a way the saudi money is the glue, once those billions are gone its over!

Lena Jones

Oooh this will upset that mustached Mustafa Mehmet.

Mustafa Mehmet


Lena Jones

Cuz you’re blindly infatuated with the klepto-terrorist Turkish army who’ve been caught passing chemical weapons to Erdo’s pet terrorists in Syria.

Mustafa Mehmet

Just like Iran and assad passing chemical to hassbo jihadis to use against civilian population in Syria

Lena Jones

NO PROOF OF THAT STUPID LIE motherfucker! But the Turkish media is full of stories of Erdo’s chem trail into Syria lol!

Mustafa Mehmet

UN got lots of proof when the time comes they all will pay the heavy price.

Lena Jones

Link to an official source or stfu lying jealous asshole! Preposterous, brainwashed gnat lol!


In more than seven years of brutal civil conflict, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the UN, through a Joint Investigative Mechanism, found evidence of multiple instances where chemical weapons – including sulfur mustard and sarin – were used by the Syrian Government forces as well as non-state armed groups..


Everybody uses eveything they can find there . Erdoganists are mostly brainwashed , but you are as well.

Lena Jones

What’s the point of linking me to an old and shekeled article that has NO CONCLUSIVE CONCLUSION, you pompous asshole?! Even the UN’s latest article on the issue remains ‘inclusive’ – in fact, its content is pretty much the same as you linked article. And it’s inconclusive for political reasons – and if you don’t know what these reasons are then you haven’t a clue how the UN works. I’d say you’re the one who’s brainwashed blind into not seeing that ALL chem attacks in Syria were staged by the White Helmets terrorists, with chems entering Syria thru both the Jordanian and Turkish border. All this is documented by INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATORS – go google up you lazy fuck! And I’ll remind you here that it was AMERICAN SUPERVISION, ACCOUNTANCY AND hands that removed Syria’s chem stash 8 years ago. The fact that even after five years, your idiot lot has NOT provided a single irrefutable proof that Bashar “is gassing his own people blah blah” should tell you something about the stupid propaganda that you’ve swallowed and shoved up your every orifice. Fat chance you’d get off your high horse on this one motherfucker – I know! No, your pompous ego is tooooo big for that one. But go ahead, knock yourself out and believe, like that Mustafa cog does, that ‘hezbollah and Bashar and Iran’ are using chems in Syria’. Just don’t you ever come over at me like a smarmy cunt again!

Back up your shit properly or get shat on! You other choice is to stfu.


Now Read carefully once again what I have quoted , you fanatic dyslectic moron.

What I quoted you was from UN news and the statement is quite clear. If you have any comments or complaints , instead of barking at me write a letter to UN and spew your trivia about being ‘old’ , ‘shekeled’ , ‘ being politically sided ‘ and all that your personal dogmas to directly to them instead of trying to keep your head above the water here and waste my time.

Do you seriously want me to neglect UN reports and believe that Bashar family who rode Lebanon like a bcycle since decades and trained ASALA, PKK at Beqaa Valley , harbored Abdullah Ocalan from 1979 to 1988 allocating him a villa with in swimming pool in Damascus now became so noble to avoid using illegal means of war against his opponents during a civil war ?

Everyone uses every kind of weapon they can make or they can reach in Syrian civil war , everyone burns fields , everyone bombs hospitals where wounded opponents are being treated. These are the realities of war , these are the facts and realities against nationalist BS of shallow and short tempered clowns like you living in a parallel dimension.

Your boyfriend Bashar who still can not get up from lap of his Iranian sugardady could not manage a simple uprising and escalated it to a civil war. Torturing , mutilating 13 year old boys did not help either.

BTW , I dont care about that your beloved Hezbollah does who acts like a spearhead of Iranian Empire on the making , or Israel who bombs you regularly although you pound your chest like a chimp with national chants here refusing the obvious. Israel can waste their educated boys at fronts , Iran can recruit Afghan and shia Pakistani peasants with a few hundred dollars monthly salary in order to create more and more Fatemiyoun Divisions, while you applause hezbullah blindfolded as they slowly but surely ascertain their power all around your war torn country. You can bleed each other to deathfor decades to come, all fine by me.

Finally this is an open forum , iI dont think it is designed for the exclusive usage of self centered tw*ts like you who can not withstand other people ideas. So if you can not handle what you read, you can simply f/off, and masturbate where ever you want by yourself.

Lena Jones

Didn’t bother reading past your first stupid line motherfucker lol! Go bore someone else’ ass off with your preposterous know-it-all cunt pies.


There is a big difference between ‘dont ‘ and ‘cant’ halfwitt, first learn that .
Secondly you did the right thing , it is quite over your capabilities. Now get lost and cry elsewhere for your boyfriend Bashar.

You helpless tw*t..

Lena Jones

Now you’re begging to climb down from your cunt tree lol!


Keep using that language pumpkin , go ahead with that slang proving your background and intellectual capabilities. Are you really sure that you really fit political forums, boy ? Why dont you try pokemon threads or anime forums for starters ?

Lena Jones

Repeating and chasing your own cunt tail now. Amuse me some more with your cunt tricks.


Nice I am trying to keep it as simple as I can , so that even a halfwitt like you can comprehend.

If you want to be amused , look at your war torn country and what your boyfriend Bashar did to it. If you are not sufficiently amused, visit gay chat rooms where you belong , because so much usage of sexist language makes one think that there is something wrong with your orientation.

Get lost kid , you are out of league.

Lena Jones

I’m an American living in south Lebanon, you presumptuous cunt lol! But keep cunting on and away till you’re blue in the face. No skin off my back lol!


Good for you. I dont need your personal data and I am not interested in it. F/off now ignorant tw*t.

Lena Jones

No you “don’t need” my personal data because you prefer to invent it in your cunt brain. Everything in your cunt universe is either propaganda or fantasy. Your reality is pure cunt.


You little insecure tw*t.

Now give/make up some more personal info on net trying to prove your point to a non existent crowd. A real troll can be quite amusing but a dull one like you is really boring.

What other personal info you have in mind to amuse me ? Do you want to talk about your childhood traumas which ended you here , in a forum which you have no clue about ?

Ps : Today you got a valuable lesson , boy. Next time think before posting agressive messages to people you dont know. As you can see, It may not end well.

Lena Jones

More cunt from the cunting master.

Concrete Mike

The more this conflitct is moving forward, more n evidence that this was never a civil war but a planned regime change using foreign jihadi elements with western intelligence support.

Its also becoming evident that most of the chemical munitions were used by militants. I know UN say both, you know why, UN just butteres both sides of the toast to be safe, to push narrative forward.

You are doing much the same. Taking away the credit from syrians to have defeated this barbarian invasion with western support, is disengenuous at best.you can list offnall the iranians you want, its still syrians that did most of the work, just because you dont “see” that work dont mean its not there.

Your followig the same pattern as many other pseudo israeli supporters here,

Iranian empire??? Really??

You call one a dimwit and in the same text you uttrr this stupidity?

Come on man!!!


If I am not mistaken , I said all parties use whatever they can find . This goes for Assad regyme and militans both. Being a realist, I have no reason to believe that Assad distances himself from illegal means of war just like his opponents especially considering he uses barrel bombs without any hesitation. There is no evidence supporting that Ghouta 2013 , Talmanes 2014 and Khan Shaykun 2017 attacks were false flag , especially considering that the Sarin used contained markers of Syrian stockpile. If you have any evidence proving the contrary , please let me hear it.

The fuel of Syrian civil war was placed there by Gladio , which includes Gladio elements in Turkey as well some ambitious but inapt politicians here like Ahmed Davutoglu who was aiming to ‘ join next friday prayer in Damascus Ummayad Mosque’ . But the spark was ignited by Bashar himself with Hamza al Khateeb case and heavy crackdown on non violet protests. He had the Mukhabarat under his hand, yet he screwed it. He could do much, much better.

The picture about Iran is in front of your eyes , you can chose whatever you want to believe – Iran reached Mediterranean with Hezbullah , already controlling Hormuz Strait theirselves and about to get the control of Red Sea entrance with Yemen. The credit goes to Qasım Suleimani , greatest militaty leader Middle East has seen since a while. Just follow declerations by Ali Reza Zakani , a conservative Iranian MP. He is openly telling that Iran now has 3 Arab capitals under control and fourth is about to come ( Sanaa).

Iran and their proxies are not in Iraq , Syria, Yemen and Lebanon for the sake of humanity , they are there for their own sphere of influence and for their own imperial interests. Both Turks and Iranians have expansionist sociogenetic codes whether you may like ot not. We also presently support each other, because we both know that if one falls, the remaining one will follow. But this ‘ friendship’ will not go on forever.

Regarding Israel , it is completely different story. Such a hankerchief size but arrogant state does not have any chance to defend itself if US Empire keeps vaning at this rate. Things will sooner or later chance , but this is a long story and this comment is already long enough.

Just my thoughts.

Concrete Mike

Thanks for the reply.
Chew on this to start.


This is evidence supporting that the militants were behind the attacks and that they are indeed false flags!

Dr Theodore is a world renowed expert on this subject matter, Seymore is an experienced journalist that tells it with years experience travelling to war zones.

These 2 made assesments that differ from the norm, yet they are closer to the truth than naively saying they used whatever they had in hand.

Never mind that Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiled were destroyed under international supervision.

And another response that i find cheap is saying iran this iran that. No one cares that.much about iran except christian zionists from usa or jews from usa/israel!

To me someone saying iran this iran that is an immediate red flag, your trying to show us how objective you are yet you dont hide you confirmation bias.

I aint that stupid son.


’The evidence available concerning the nature, quality and quantity of the agents used on 21 August indicated that the perpetrators likely had access to the chemical weapons stockpile of the Syrian military, as well as the expertise and equipment necessary to safely manipulate large amount of chemical agents.”[31] It also stated that the chemical agents used in the Khan al-Assal chemical attack earlier in 2013 “bore the same unique hallmarks as those used in Al-Ghouta’’


And yes , Iran this and Iran that. Sorry to pass your redlines and fail at your ‘hasbara agent test’ if thats what you are trying to imply , but respectfully, this is not my concern. I can not change what I see just because others may have some strong opposite views and unconditional love or beliefs against something or someone.

Whatever rocks your boat, my elder friend. Thanks for the exchange anyhow.

Concrete Mike

When I was in university, wikipedia was not an acceptable source.

So i reject this.argument as the integrity of this source is under contention for its objectivity.

I also.reject the findings from the OPCW because chain of custody rules were not followed.

I work in a lab currently and chain of custody means everything, you can test whatever you want, if there is no documented and verifiable chain of custody the test is invalid!

I had to be pretty harsh with some young technicians/engineers that didnt get this.concept. the message did get through though.

I.dont love iran, i just hate stupid wars.

I say stupid wars because the forces pushing for war do so for their own selfish reasons, not to help regular irani folks.

The narrative that iran is the sole reason for middle east problems is a naive projection at best.

The real problem is how palestinians have become sub humans and we are supposed.to be ok with that!

I reject that 100%, so does Iran, so I agree with Iran on this one point, doesnt make me a mullah now does it?

Blaming iran is an oversimplification design to be peddled in quick 30 second sound bites on cnn ect. Thats not good enough for me.

For all these extraordinary claims, extraordinary evidence needs to be produced, i havent seen anything other than poor excuses for jokes.

Pardon me for being sceptical and not beleive everything our governments tell us.

I remember the lead up to the Iraq war very well and wont be fooled again.

Have a nice day sir!


I s’pose you mean mustachioed or ….

Lena Jones

Indeed lol!

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