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SDF Raids Ammo Depot Of U.S.-Backed Arab Group In Northeast Syria

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SDF Raids Ammo Depot Of U.S.-Backed Arab Group In Northeast Syria

Fighters of thethe Syrian Elite Forces (SEF)

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have raided a large ammo depot of the Syrian Elite Forces (SEF) in the governorate of Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on December 12.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, the ammo depot is located in the al-Shaitat area in southeast Deir Ezzor.

“The SDF confiscated large quantities of weapons and ammunition during the raid,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The SEF is linked to the Syria’s Tomorrow Movement led by Ahmad al-Jaraba, who is regarded as Saudi Arabia’s man in the Syrian opposition. The group is one of very few Arab forces in northeast Syria, which received U.S. support despite not being a part of the SDF.

Earlier this week, the SDF showcased loads of weapons, which were allegedly seized from an ISIS smuggling network. Opposition activist claimed that the weapons were in fact seized from the SEF’s depot.

This was not the SDF’s first attack on the SEF. Last year, the Kurdish-led group attacked several positions of the SEF in southeast Deir Ezzor. As a result, the Arab force suspended its operations against ISIS in the governorate.

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Mehmet Aslanak

Kurdish communist party is very desperate after losing M4 highway & US support to the oil wells. Friendly Kurds will use the M4 highway for free & Kurdish National Council of Syria (ENKS) will replace the communist party control in Northern Syria. Kurds under ENKS rule will finally have a peace with support from Barzani & Erdogan.

Pave Way IV

That’s the trouble right there, Mehmet Aslanak. Erdogan is going to forcibly resettle 4 million Syrians back into Syria without Syrians consent or control. The Kurds mostly get screwed out of their homes and farms for that. Why should they care if he’s pals with ENKS? What is ENKS going to do to stop the re-arabization of northern Syria? None of these resettled refugees are going to have their status settled with the Syrian government. Are they all anti-Assad? Are they even Syrian citizens? The Kurds don’t care to give up their homes and farms to them, why would the Kurds want them as neighbors? Erdogan enthusiastically supported the head-choppers regime-change plans – he’s responsible for the displacement of those refugees, not Syria.

Syrian Kurds never liked corrupt warlord and smuggler Barzani or his nepotistic empire the US helped him create in Iraq. Why do they have to choose between fascist PYD ruling elite tyrants or the Barzani mafia’s Syrian arm, ENKS? Why do Syrian Kurds need Barzani’s help to govern them? How about ‘None of the above’? ENKS sounds like the US/Israel plan B since they backstabbed the PYD.

How about the Syrian Kurds let Damascus govern them if they want to be Syrians? They don’t need no shady foreign-backed political party to represent the fantasy of unified Kurdish interests in Syria because there is no such thing. They’re as tribal as the Arabs. They can elect representatives for the Constitutional Committee and elect representatives to the Syrian government, just like everyone else in Syria.


neither Turkey nor Syria will allow a semi-sovereign kurdish statelet in Syria’s northeast and will do what it takes to end any such ambitions the kurds might have, regardless if it is the sdf, the sfa or sef or any other alphabet-combintion. the quickest way for the kurds to achieve anything resembling peace in the northeast of syria and on the other side of the border is to kiss and make up with Assad and Erdogan (so that they can concentrate on te next phase of the issue- israel and how to end the illegal occuption of palestine by a bunch of criminal hymies) and returnto being tenants in the border-area.

Mehmet Aslanak

Those 4 million has Kurds inside who escape from Kurdish communists.

Pave Way IV

I believe it. There were a lot that fled to Iraq, too.

Jens Holm

Thats a relative. Others has fled the other way too. The Barzani lovers only alowing Kurds to rule and included in the Barzani Kurdistand are not better then Bagdad and Damaskus.

Some 2 million Kurds in Syria never should give 2,5 mio. non kurds no votes. Thats the main difference by the PYD-Syrian structure by the Counsils. All are equal represented taking in local tax for local matters as well as its spended by the locals according to debate named “parle” and majority for each proposal.

Thats more democrasy and local influence, then arabs as well as kurds, Turlmen and others ever hasd there.

Its tru, there is a PYD structure above that keeping and learning all that system, but we also see Damaskus not even have a structure for needed reforms by local governess and progress in living standards for one of the poorest parts.

Infacts we for decades mainly has see the opposite by Baathists plundering for oil and gas only making structures for own purpose – and not being interesteed or able to make the cake bigger for all.

So share oil and gas is important. But thats not much if You have to share with 19,999.999 million others. The vital things are modern driven bigger farms being effective. Thats whats done all over the world. In Syria as well as other places so much water, work and fertilizer is wasted to the sjy as well as into the ground fornothing.

Above that there will be no unimployment. Those many loosing jobs has to be eucated at least some and new jobs has to be made. An increased agriculturel production need cooler transportation and many in ME import a lot of food. Any cheep carrot or tomato can be sold to them if the product is fresh. It doesnt matter if they all are of same seize or color.

They also has hoped for inventing some Tourisme as Syria already had as well as women should be educated and work side by side with men and have no need of protaction in the streeets and less in their homes.

But telling Barzinis or any other Kurds sjould run anything because they are big, makes no sense. Its only true there are many “neutral and passive” Kurds in Turkey.

You hardly find any Kurdish Syrian refugees in Iraq. You only find the PKKs, which are with the ones in Turkey and Iran. Those are not a majority in Iran as well even things there is uop and down too.

Jens Holm

I only can etimate from 25 to 50.000. Thats almost none compared to about 2,5 millions left BEFORE YPG by PYD and later SDF was something at all.

Only naming them as communists does it. They have joined with many given all structure and respects and anytime are much better them regimes by Damaskus and Jihadisme.

Jens Holm

Sober reflexions apart frpm bringing in Israel. I see none of that. You use them as ususal candy, so people eat the rest.

Jens Holm

Thats crap making no realistic sense. That main road is vital for all there.

Pave Way IV

“…Last year, the Kurdish-led group attacked several positions of the SEF in southeast Deir Ezzor. As a result, the Arab force suspended its operations against ISIS in the governorate…”

SEF operations AGAINST ISIS? Oh, FFS… half of these guys ARE ISIS. It’s their night job. The only operations SEF has involving the real ISIS are establishing each gang’s turf boundaries and which crimes each are allowed to commit in certain areas. I suppose they deconflict and feed each other intel too – while pretending to fight each other.

SEF started as Arab tribal fighters south of Kurdish areas that wouldn’t fight under Kurdish commanders but wanted to kick out ISIS and oppose Assad. The US ‘arranged’ for their funding and arming. Remember that everything the US touches turns to shit? Well, just like clockwork, it did with the SEF as well. It was so goddamn corrupt that most of the tribal fighters quit the criminal enterprise and formally joined the SDF and Deir EzZor Military Council. There’s just a few hundred Arab tribal thugs left in SEF today. Still probably gets plenty of CIA/State Department money and arms, but they have mostly resorted to theft and extortion to survive.

Jens Holm

I dont see them as ISIS at all. I see them as a kind of FSA. I do remeber, what You have written. It was split up and the arms are taken from the leftovers, which I didnt know was corrupts as well. Corruption too is not uninspected.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Saudi’s are continually blamed for the creation of Isis and supporting their actions, and yet Isis views the Saudi monarchy as their number one enemy, so why do people keep linking Isis and the Saudi’s together. People seem to forget that Isis is actually a democratic organization that supports democratic principles, the Saudi’s don’t, so Isis would chop the heads off of every member of the Saudi monarchy and then elect their own heads of government if they could. Isis is the military arm of the The Muslim brotherhood [MB], they aren’t a separate entity to the MB, the MB is just like the elected political leadership of a DEMOCRATIC country, and Isis is just the military arm of that democratically elected government, THEY’RE NOT 2 DIFFERENT ENTITIES. The US under Obama let the MB do their dirty work and let them run amok for a while, the Saudis also thought they could use the group for their own advantage but soon realized they were in more danger from the group than anyone else, so ended all support for the group and instead began attacking them, they helped overthrow Morsi the democratically elected leader of Egypt and have been totally opposed to the MB and Isis ever since. So whenever you see the Saudi’s linked to Isis in some way, don’t falsely believe the 2 groups are working together, they’re not, they’re in fact mortal enemies now. President Erdogan of Turkey has been one of the MB’s biggest supporters since he’s been in power, some people even say it’s de facto leader, but since Russia’s placed the MB on the international terrorist list, and Trumps trying to do the same thing now, Erdogan’s been distancing himself from the MB as much as he can, so now he avoids even mentioning their names if he can. But the Arab league know’s he’s still their leader, their spies are telling them the truth, Erdogan’s still the puppet master pulling most of the MB’s strings, so he’s the one who controls their military arm as well, Isis, Al Qaeda, ect. Now after all that is said I can add this too, neither groups the SDF or the SEF have a right to operate independently from the Syrian government, that’s a fact, and even though both groups are opposed to Isis and fighting against them, they should be doing it under a Syrian government banner, not independently or under foreign control. So why would the SDF take weapons away from the SEF if the weapons were being used to fight against Isis a common enemy, they haven’t done anything similar to this right up until this point, so what’s changed politically to make them take these actions now, maybe nothing has, there could be a number of different reasons the SDF has taken the actions they have,

Greedy corrupt members of the SEF selling Saudi supplied weapons to Isis behind the SEF’s backs independently, False information, SDF forces wanting/needing more weapons and just stealing the SEF weapons because they could, Jealousy, A domestic rivalry that’s resulted in the stronger group punishing the other by taking away their weapons,

Or any of another dozen reasons could be the reason they did what they did, but the one reason they didn’t have for confiscating the SEF weapons, is that the Saudis were actually directing the SEF to sell weapons to Isis, that’s the one thing that won’t be the real reason. The Saudis don’t support Isis anymore because Isis wants to chop all the Saudi monarchs heads off, I don’t think they’d sell them anything but poison to be honest, so even though this article doesn’t point it out, the fact is that the Saudis don’t want their weapons ending up in Isis fighters hands at all, they instead want to use them to kill the Isis fighters, so the Saudis aren’t selling Isis weapons full stop.

And if you think I’m trolling for the Saudis, LOL, I despise them even more than I do the MB and Isis, the only difference between the 2 groups is that one of the groups elects its representatives to oppress the people, and the other group they’re born into the position. So there’s not that much of a difference at all between them, especially if you’re unlucky enough to be on the bottom of the heap in either of the 2 groups, then it’s God help you.

Jens Holm

I only has written 4 lines. You have no idea about, what democrasy is at all.

A good start would be You as routine and man can be sold, bought and kept as women do.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If you can really explain how democracy works you’re a genius, now all you have to do is learn how to write in English, that way you can help me understand how it works too. I’m a socialist Jens, that’s enough democracy for me, Chinese or Soviet style socialism is about as democratic as I need to be.

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