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SDF Political Wing Accuses “Foreign Powers” Of al-Qamishli Tensions With Government Forces

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SDF Political Wing Accuses "Foreign Powers" Of al-Qamishli Tensions With Government Forces

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On September 9, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) stated that it regrets clashes between pro-government forces and security forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which occurred a day earlier in the northern city of al-Qamishli.

The SDC, which is the political wing of the SDF, said in an official statement that the escalation doesn’t serve any side that believes in dialogue and works to find a solution to the Syrian crisis. The council went further and claimed that “foreign powers” are working to foil the recent talks between it and the Damascus government.

“The coincidence of this incident with the tripartite summit in Tehran is questionable,” the SDC said hinting that Russia, Turkey and Iran were behind the clashes in al-Qamishli.

According to Kurdish sources, more than 12 personnel of the Syrian Millitary intelligence and 7 personnel of the SDF’s security forces were killed in the clashes. The Kurdish-dominated force claimed that the a unit of the Syrian intelligence entered its areas in al-Qamishli without permission.

However, Syrian pro-government activists believe that the attack was pre-planned. According to these activists, the SDF wanted to send a message to Damascus that it is still in charge of northeastern Syria, especially that the US-led coalition will stay in the country after ISIS defeat.

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The agressive stance against the Syrian Government by the SDF will trigger a harsh response from Damascus. If the Turks come around (tough but possible with brain implants) then the SDF will be wiped out of the face of the earth. Even worse for them the Peshmerga will be wiped out as well. if the happens their culture is gone. They better be careful.


Hanging around with the U.S. will do them No Good….if the Kurds got some Brains they will Realise that they are already seen as Traitors…. Stealing Syrian or Iraqi Lands won’t make it any better….They have to get rid of’m Gringos….

leon mc pilibin

The Kurds better get back to reality,,there is no future for them with zionist thieves and warmongers,except for a chosen few who will make loads of money to sell out Syria.They cant expect Syria to give up the land to invaders,so the Kurds must make up their minds about whos side they are on,very soon.

Jim Bim

Accusing Russia, Turkey and Iran to be behind the clashes in al-Qamishli sure will help the dialog. Earlier a group off US soldiers tried to pennetrade the Syrian part of the city, but where denied access by the Syrian control post. When a fresh Syrian replacement arrived for the control post, they where ambushed by the SDF and hell went loose.


The U.S. doesn’t want a Dialogue between SDF & the Syrian Government either…

Jim Bim

I agree.

Julian Clegg

The SDC did not make that accusation. It is poor guesswork by the author of this report.


The more SAA die taking back what is theirs the harder it will be for Kurds to be part of the future. Given the forces SAA have overcome I would not bank on being the ones to stop them.

Particularly since it never was a civil war, it was always an invasion.

Now that the invaders are being vanquished is not the time to help them regroup. That should be fatal.



US recalls diplomats from El Salvador, Panama & Dominican Republic over rejection of Taiwan. Majority of countries does not recognize Taiwan a separate country but a land of China.

Ivan Freely

Money makes the World go ’round.


Act not talk. Still in bed with US who would believe them ?

J Roderet

The so-called “SDF” have proven themselves to be nothing but laughable US/Zionist puppets. Even if they created an “independent” state it would just be a pathetic US/Zionist colony.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“…a unit of the Syrian intelligence entered its area….”

So, a unit of the Syrian military entered part of a Syrian town. But the Kurds claim it is “…its area….”

It is time for Kurds to become extinct.

Julian Clegg

‘“The coincidence of this incident with the tripartite summit in Tehran is questionable,” the SDC said hinting that Russia, Turkey and Iran were behind the clashes in al-Qamishli.’ – This is entirely the writer’s conjecture. It should at least say “or” instead of “and,” because we know that Turkey is an enemy of the SDF but the others are not. Iran has a conflict with some Kurdish forces, but in an area that is far away from Syria, and there is no conflict of interest that I know of between Russia and the SDF. Besides, there are other countries that could wish to derail the tripartite summit, including the US, Israel and others.

The Farney Fontenoy

The Syrian Millitary intelligence personnel weren’t “killed in the clashes” they were ambushed & massacred by Kurdish terrorists, who are raping & murdering to their black hearts’ content across eastern syria like there’s no tomorrow.

The Kurdish militias need to be exterminated & their families exiled from Syria.


Yes, foreign powers also mutiliated their dead bodies with knives and put up some cigarettes on them as well.

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