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SDF Opened Fire At Pro-Government Protest In Al-Hasakah. Four Civilians Killed Or Injured (Videos)

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SDF Opened Fire At Pro-Government Protest In Al-Hasakah. Four Civilians Killed Or Injured (Videos)

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On January 31, a man was killed and at least three others were injured when security forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) opened fire at pro-government protesters in the northeastern Syrian city of al-Hasakah.

Hundreds of civilians gathered in the government-held part of al-Hasakah city to protest against the SDF siege, which has been ongoing for more than two weeks. The strict siege is an attempt to pressure the Damascus government into easing security restrictions on Kurdish-held areas in northern Aleppo.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, SDF security forces, Asayish, met the protest with a brutal force. A protestor was killed and three others were injured by Asayish fire.

From its side, the SDF claimed that its security forces had responded to an attack by government troops. According to the group’s claims, the four casualties were pro-government fighters. This is yet to be verified.

Earlier this week, similar protests were held in the cities of al-Hasakah and al-Qamishli. Asayish personnel also opened fire at pro-government protesters.

The situation in al-Hasakah city is currently calm, according to local sources. Government forces and the SDF will not likely escalate any further.

Damascus and the SDF are reportedly holding joint talks to resolve the problem. The talks were encouraged by Russia. An agreement is yet to be reached, however.


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these are not war crimes according to neo-libs

Damien C

The SDF may be in need or an artillary barrage to remind the fuckers they’re playing with fire

Hadi Heidary

european/american hypocrisy: if the gov forces do anything its considered War Crimes,terrorist action,genocide etc… but apparently SDF is shooting civilians to save humanity , they are not doing anything wrong!! its all Democratic!


Has nothing to do with ” hypocrisy” goes much further than that….
“Democratic” is only what US and their stooges call “democratic”.
…and if they bomb wedding, funeral, country that never attack them, kill 500 000 children with sanctions…that is “democratic” ! Because U.S. say so.
If you don’t agree you are terrorist !
If you don’t agree they’ll send you Al Qaeda , ISIS to tech you a democracy!
You must ask them to FORGIVE YOU for “forcing” them to kill you !
That has nothing to do with ” hypocrisy” goes much further than that….

Jim Allen

You’re correct. Almost.
“Hypocrisy” has something to do with this subject. It’s a component, but in this context.
In contrast to the subject having something to do with “hypocritical” in context.


Quite correct bro…
America practices DeMockRacy as in Ecuador, Bolivia of recent. This week Ecuador has elections…. watch America DeMockRacy at work there as they install a minority US approved cabal.


If Bolivia could find her way back to liberate people from US agents, so should the others.

life is struggle…nothing comes easy ….

johnny rotten

The international community, the NGOs that defend human rights, all those who lash out against the “Putin regime” are criminally blind when these acts of violence against unarmed civilians occur, in reality they are an active and responsible part of all crimes against the Syrian people.

cechas vodobenikov

CIA gruzchiny kurds stealing oil, robbing, ethnically cleansing

The Farney Fontenoy

Kurds try to convince Syrians how peaceful they are by besieging, terrorising & murdering Syrian civilians.
Kurds are just wahabbi islam israelis, there can never be peace with them. Just drive them out.

Alejandro Bonifacio

unfortunately, you’re right, they need another bloody lesson

Davide Herzog

It would be enough to let the turkish delete this scum from earth surface .


Don’t these people have guns ffs?its nogood protesting thats the mistake Palestinians have made for years,get armed and get organized.

Icarus Tanović

Someone here is either dancing on thin ice, or waiting for…something.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This story is fake news, it’s a mishmash of separate events that I’m ashamed to say the Government I’m supporting is lying about, the dead and wounded were either Iranian agents or pro Iranian members of the SAA, they weren’t civilians at all.

“Clashes between the SDF militia and the Pro-Assad forces after the National Defense militia attack on Asayish militia members in Hasaka.”

“Clashes between Kurdish and pro-Assad forces in the city of Hasakah.”

“Syria: one dead and 4 injured in clashes between the Kurdish and pro-Assad forces in Hasaka.”

“Hasaka, a member of pro-Assad forces was killed in Al-Hasakah after an exchange of fire between the Syrian government forces inside the security square and one of the Asayish checkpoints. Two other members of the government forces were also wounded as a result of gunfire between pro-Assad forces and the Asayish, according to Sada Al-Sharqiya correspondent. Al-Assad forces started firing at the checkpoint.”

“1st documented fatality on government side is a member of Police’s Special Tasks (Internal Security Forces).”

“Killed and wounded by exchanging fire between the Syrian Democratic Forces and Assad militia in Al-Hasakah.”

And this story confirms what I claimed a few days ago, the SDF blockade against the Syrian Government is a direct response to Iranian thuggery in western Aleppo.
Iran’s involved in it’s usual extortion practices and the Kurds aren’t putting up with it, and unlike most other groups that get bullied by Iran and have no one else to turn to except Isis [like oppressed Sunni’s do], the Kurds in Aleppo have powerful friends that will help them, and that’s what the SDF is doing now.
WTF is Iran trying to do, provoke everyone into hating Assad and making him even more unpopular than he already is, F–k Iran is totally insane lately, are they taking some new medicine or drug that’s affecting their abilities to think clearly, obviously they are.
And before any of the pro Iranian/anti Kurdish spit dribblers say anything at all that insinuates KURDISH TRAITORS in Aleppo, think again, these Kurds are among the most loyal Syrians of all, and Assad ONLY ever says good things about them, and that’s probably because they’re the most active group in Syria combating the Turkish incursion into/occupation of Aleppo. Some reports even claim Assad secretly supplies their weapons and equipment [which I believe], and they happily live under Assad rule with no complaints about the Government, at least they did until the Iranians started giving them a hard time.
The Iranians are giving the Russian brokered reconciled rebels a hard time in Darra and Quneitra, and they’re giving the usually loyal Druze citizens plenty of reasons to start protesting against the Government as well [up until recently all Druze protests have been against Iran], and now the Kurds in Aleppo are getting the same treatment as well, so who’s next, are the Baathist next in line for some Iranian mistreatment, at a guess I’d say yes they are.


All the toilet paper in Hell Aviv, cannot clean up the zio jewish shit you just made.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And all the toilet paper in the world wouldn’t be enough to clean up the shit that just came out of your mouth.
Why is it dickheads like you thrive on fake news, don’t you like to know the truth.

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