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SDF Once Again Accuses SAA Of Cooperating With ISIS In Euphrates Valley

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SDF Once Again Accuses SAA Of Cooperating With ISIS In Euphrates Valley

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On December 23, Hassan Qamishlo, a commander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) operation in Deir Ezzor governorate, said that the operations against ISIS in eastern Syria is “nearing completion” and accused the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) of coordinating with ISIS, according to the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

According to Qamishlo, the SAA is currently coordinating with ISIS to block the advance of the SDF and attacks its positions. The SDF commander also claimed that the Damascus government is trying to promote itself as the strongest force in Syria through its supposed “coordination with ISIS”.

“The threats of the Baathist regime in recent times coinciding with the statements of its president al-Assad, which emerged with the end of IS mercenaries, those who were defeated by the (SDF) resistance and the struggle. The regime wants from these threats to draw attention from our victories and try to show itself that it is still strong and capable. And it can confront our forces ,” Qamishlo said according ANHA.

The SDF claims were seen by many observers as an excuse for the setbacks of the SDF operation in the last few weeks. According to pro-government sources, the accusation against the SAA was proven to be nothing more than propaganda, as the SDF was the one who attacked positions of the SAA on December 20.

In a related development, the SDF announced that its fighters repelled another attack of ISIS on their positions in the village of al-Jurdi Sharqi on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside. 30 ISIS fighters were killed and two vehicles of the terrorist group were destroyed by the SDF during the clashes in al-Jurdi Sharqi.

From its side, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq released photos of ISIS fighters trying to shot down two aircraft of the US-led coalition over Abu Hama village south of al-Jurdi Sharqi village. These photos prove that the US-led coalition is the side conducting airstrikes on civilian areas there, and not Russia and Syria as Syrian opposition sources claim on a daily basis.

SDF Once Again Accuses SAA Of Cooperating With ISIS In Euphrates Valley

Click to see the full-size image

SDF Once Again Accuses SAA Of Cooperating With ISIS In Euphrates Valley

Click to see the full-size image

SDF Once Again Accuses SAA Of Cooperating With ISIS In Euphrates Valley

Click to see the full-size image

SDF Once Again Accuses SAA Of Cooperating With ISIS In Euphrates Valley

Click to see the full-size image

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Colin Oskapy

Representing the Americans and other Zionist invading forces is the SDF, whereas representing the Syrian people is the SAA.


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Cheryl Brandon

Indeed;They have been defending Syria since Obomber began his bombing campaign in 2012 against Syrians peoples.


lol the PKK has killed more IDF than Hamas.

Colin Oskapy

How so ?

Zainab Ali

ameritard coalition/sdf are big time liars – they are the ones training and arming the terrorists


They are the pure terrorist there is no such thing as SDF , that names is just excuse for the US so they can arm them, they are all PKK branded terrorist by the very US who arms them. Syrian Democratic Forces,let me tell you those PKK are no Force as they call them selfs in that SDF they are pure terror group , and they are for sure not Syrians , as they are been described in that SDF, thats a pretext from the US, and as for democratic , well I dont know if should I laugh or cry here, so you see the Irony in that Name SDF….

Cheryl Brandon



and what is your proof of that you PKK motherfuckers you gypsies US proxy bitches


The Syrian Arab Republic Baathist Army will be victorious ! reporting the truth !!! http://www.smoloko.com globalism=freemasonry=jews’-multiculturalism =judaism http://www.smoloko.com https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/france-mossad-tried-to-infiltrate-french-intelligence-services/ http://www.unz.com http://www.islamicinvitationturkey... holywar.org vigilantcirizen.com islamicinvitationturkey.com purestream-media.com syriatruths.com informationclearinghouse.info electronicintifada.net http://www.12160.info Fact is before 2011 rothschild’s proxy terrorists infiltration-invasion war on Syria started Bshar-Al-Assad was the Most popular leader in the ME to fight and resist the evil zionists ZOG ,the evil zionists rothschild’s evil israHell and and the evil house of saud crypto-jews in saudi arabia wahhabia who do nothing but damage ( who’s king in the late 1960’s addressed all the UN and arab countries requested them to recognize and accept israHell as a country) and their allies’s control/occupation of governments and the arab land of palestine and its neighbouring arab countries, to fight and resist those zionists is to fight to remove them from governments and economic power without removing them out of these office from these positions and freezing their USD currency assets monopoly dominanting global markets and trades( the 1 dollar bill has shapes of the stars of david ) wars instigated by zionists bankers on sovereignt independent states and and against their territory’s integrity will continue and the zionists’s scheme to establish a one global government control could be all set .

they must be removed from these positons (by us who are fighting them and only by us ) in order to get international peace progress prosperity and a good better and more positive dialogue between all countries and their peoples who their own peoples will lead and decide what to do by and for themselves. manage what their internal and foreign affairs to other countries and people’s would be and not led by some private zionists’s monopoly organisation who wages wars on whoever they want and on behalf of whoever they control and whoever bans rothschild influence and rothschild’s-controlled banks into their country!

should such a future international peace progress proccess dialoge between countires is to be then israHell turkey saudi arabia eritrea/ethiopia and pkk-rojava-peshmerga-kurdistan could be excluded because of their evil role of their tyranny and the logic of them even not being officialy recognised as countries (or maybe even by then they would already cease to exist before that) but rather occupiers of stolen lands by wars of aggression who occupy arab Palestine land and other neighbouring arab countries’s lands and their natural resources assets illegally from wars of aggression like e.g. Yemen and Somalia afghanistan with daesh and AQAP muslim-brotherhood-extremists and taliban and other plots of the the mossadistic so called “alliance of periphery” with their puppet collaborators alCIAda and MI6 .

all of Western Sahara and its people will be freed from the corrupt dynasty government of morocco’s illegal occupation which has a long history of collaborating with the zionists’s mossad and will be a recognised country by all nations ( hassan II and the mossad were behind Mehdi Ben Barka’s dissapperance / kidnap / assassination ! the jewish autonomous oblast isn’t enough for the evil zionists’s obssesion of world domination conquest . . History wasn’t written in ink , history was written in blood

Travis Kelso

Looks like a precondition for the SDF to cross the Euphrates. That is what i’m reading from the statements from the SDF.

leon mc pilibin

What a load of BS,Do they really expect people to believe this fake news?


Some will I am sad to say.

Cheryl Brandon

100% bullshit!


Remember everything is reversed. SDF used ISIS to exist. Without ISIS, SDF desn’t exist.

So, no suprise at all. The US deep state always use the same trick : reverse accusation.


SDF tries to gain a legitimity but SDF has absolutely no legitimity whatsoever.

Cheryl Brandon

criminals funded by the West+Israhell.


‘Rebel’ PR, like ISIS PR (all those hollywood production atrocity videos) is done by MI6 and the CIA. Thus the message remains the same. Demonise Russia and Russia’s allies.

I recall, unlike most here, the FIRST atrocity videos- those that followed Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq. In these videos chunky ripped masked men did the first on camera beheading. The body types of the killers was NOT typical to the people of Iraq- but matched the physique of members of the West’s special forces.

Yes, the first atrocity videos were showing Austraians (australia special forces personnel, for some reason, are the worst kind of sadistic psycho scum), canadians, british and americans murder Iraqi hostages- hence the masks.

Psy-ops teaches that a local population has to be TAUGHT the art of terrorist atrocities. In Iraq it took years to develop locals who would use terror in desperation. All the early acts of terror in Iraq were carried out by mercenaries and special forces. But everntually Blair kick-started local islamic terror.

There are people who comment here who are part of Team Saker. You can tell them for they NEVER seek to understand the present by understanding the past. No intellectual approach to understanding the actions of the Deep State. They are the ones who say Putin must NEVER allow Russia to act as a true Empire Power.

So Russia and Assad will be endlessly bashed over their actions- so what- that’s just how atrocity propaganda programs work. It ain’t news.

The SDF and others should and must be totally destroyed. Do the governments of the USA, Russia or the UK allow other entities to operate false governments in their nations? Should such a force arise, Trump or May or Putin would have it quickly and totally EXTERIMATED. Syrians have the right to have only one true government in charge across their nation. But Putin won’t kick out the Americans and British. And the Americans and British are there to empower the various terror groups. And the various terror groups have western PR agencies that spead FUD about Assad’s regime.


Beheading is a speciality for jews, sunnis and imperialist countries like USA, UK and France.

Abraham wanted to behead his son. The imam Hussein was beheaded by sunnis. France invended a tool for beheading. France and UK and USA and Australia beheaded a lot of indigenous people.

So, not a suprpirsed to always see the same doing what they have always done.


Please give “serious” documentation of Australia and USA beheading a lot of indigenous peoples.

As Australia only became independent around 1906 or so, it “seriously” doubt the truth of your comment. As far as I know in the US beheading never was the way people were executed as it used to be hangings. Only France did indeed have the guillotine.

So now not only fake news but also fake history?


NOBODY likes traitors, SDF, so phuck off and die.

Cheryl Brandon

F…k off SDF/FSA traitors!!!


Some logic: If SAA would cooperate with ISIS, it would mean that SAA cooperates with SDF since SDF and ISIS is the same. If SAA would cooperates with SDF, it would means that SAA cooperates with USA since ISIS is just a USA puppet. However, this is impossible since USA never has been invited to help Syria people. Therefore, this statement is just an stupidity. Please, try not to publish stupidities here.


Given the logic of Saa-adophyles as stated here many times, allowing forces through your areas means a merger.

So, acc to this logic, SAA and IS have merged.

Langaniso Mhlobo

SDF does not have a Syrian government legitimate approval to exist.Go SAA kill USA ISIS=SDF.Current causation is just a propaganda from USA self made traitors without no legitimate right of SAA government.

Langaniso Mhlobo


Cheryl Brandon

Kaboom/kaboom/kaboom says SAA to these criminals wearing uniforms like IDF in Palestine.

Carol Davidek-Waller

A worn out US Zionist tactic. Accusing the victim of the crimes you commit. It makes no sense and is unsupported but the presstitute prints it as all the same.


In psychology this is called ‘projection’ – and consists of the blame-shifting of own worst thoughts and behaviors onto others, to avoid accepting any responsibility or accountability for these thoughts and actions. It can be both a conscious and subconscious thought process – but in reality it most often the latter. We see it from elected politicians and in their representative mainstream media constantly – attempting to absolve themselves and transfer accountability for their own worst thoughts and behaviors onto their opponents in political and policy debates.

Cheryl Brandon

FSA/SDF are traitors who do not represent the majority of Syria. They are using France’s Macaw speech; “We are great traitors but SAA, how dare these soldiers defend Syria. Stay strong SAA. You are awesome!

Richard M

“Macaw”! I like it!


Given the proven coordination between IS and SAA in Hame region, the allegation is highly likely though not proven.

It fits in a pattern of SAA allowing IS forces to go through SAA held areas for distances of over 100kms. (as in Al Tanf).

As Iran is pressuring Assad to become more hostile towards SDF, quietly supporting IS in one area while fighting it elsewhere (question : does SAA now fight IS at all or is it only defending itself when attacked by IS?) is an easy way to follow the Iranian orders.


Didn’t these idiots get the word not to take pictures? The silhouette of the first pic is easily identifiable. There is nothing else in the air that resembles a warthog.


SDF are another average militia – overall rapid advances into south east were all about presence of US-SOF out front and Marines artillery at rear.

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