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SDF Official: We Are Ready To Consider Deployment Of Egyptian Troops East Of Euphrates

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SDF Official: We Are Ready To Consider Deployment Of Egyptian Troops East Of Euphrates

Riad Darar, co-chairman of the SDC, source: Hawar News Agency (ANHA)

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) is ready to consider the deployment of Egyptian troops in its areas east of the Euphrates River in order to prevent any attack by Turkey, Riad Darar, a co-chairman of the Kurdish-dominated council told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) on February 17.

“We can coordinate with the Egyptian side to allow a deployment in eastern Euphrates, they can have a presence there in many ways, we can agree on this,” Darar said.

The SDC governs northeastern Syria with direct support from the US-led coalition. Turkey began preparations to invade the entire region following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all US troops from Syria.

Darar said that he understands that Turkey will not welcome any communication between them and Egypt. However, he stressed that it is within their rights to communicate with any side that could “protect their future,” especially Egypt, who has historical ties with Syria.

“We always wanted to open an office [in Egypt] to maintain relations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt … We are ready to visit Egypt in anytime that would be suitable for our Egyptian brothers,” the Kurdish official added.

Egypt and several other Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have been working to counter Turkey’s growing influence in Syria. However, it remains unclear if Cairo is willing to deploy troops in the northeastern part of the country.

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Rafik Chauhan

kurds are stupid and are always remain if they continue to depend on US or any other country rather then their own Syrian government.

Gregory Casey


Zionism = EVIL

The Kurd turds want a conflict between Arabs and Turks, so that they can continue to be Americunt and Zionist slaves. Egypt would be stupid beyond belief if it gets involved in Syria. As I wrote yesterday, the Saudi and Emirati scum have promised dead broke Egypt over $5 billion to send its third rate military to Syria and die for Zionists. Hopefully, Egyptians have learnt from their 1960’s disaster in Yemen.

Zionism = EVIL

Well, even the Qatari mostly western mouthpiece Al-Jazeera is questioning the destructive terrorist policies of begging bowl Pakistan. A relatively objective article by an exiled Pakistani journalist explains the criminal role of Wahhabis in recruiting poor Pakistani madrassa students and turning them into terrorists as the twin terror events in India and Iran last week showed. The Paki ISI is an affiliate of ISIS.

Why Pakistan should not take Saudi money

Pakistan needs to rethink its decades-old transactional relationship with Saudi Arabia and the destructive role of ISI and CIA sponsored Wahhabi terror..

by Taha Siddiqui

16 Feb 2019

Tommy Jensen

SDF are also in talk with Israel. Israel can provide 5000 Special Mossad Forces, incl airbases with F35 bombers to protect the NE freedom area of Syria from Assad´s dictator regime.

SDF is also friends with Saudi who will help building oil infrastructure with Western usury loans to Syria, and Assad cant do a sh.t because Saudi and Israel are the Kurd´s, PKK and YPG´s friends…….LOL.

Gregory Casey

Laugh into your sloe gin Tommy ……. for the present. The Kurds are NOT the majority throughout NE Syria. These Refugees from Ottoman Turks are the minority and so, their insistence on the adoption of a Kurdish Curriculum in Schools in Assyrian Christian and in Arab areas is leading to considerable agitation and trouble. The Syrian War has not affected these Assyrians and Arabs as much as their fellow Syrians have been affected on the west bank of the Euphrates but they have made clear, as the majority, their insistence that NE Syria IS and remains a part of the Syrian State.Imagine Erdogan crossing the Border with his assembled Forces in support of Damascus!! Not beyond imagination.

Gregory Casey

Who the Fugg does that Clown think he is? Is he certain all his Kurd fighting force will follow his lead and accept deployment of Egyptian Troops East of the Euphrates? Last I checked, the entire of the Lands lying to the East of Euphrates stretching as far as Iraqi Border are Syria and peopled, in large part with an Arab Syrian and a Christian Assyrian Population. If Sisi bites on this and agrees to send Egyptian Troops to Syria he’d better have a little chat with Mister Putin beforehand …….. just in case!!
Meanwhile, perfidy once again afflicts the Kurds. This latest probably stems from unsuccessful negotiations with Damascus and a refusal to grant the Kurd Refugees of NE Syria complete Autonomy: As is, in Assyrian and Arab Areas, Kurds are already insisting on the teaching of a Kurd Curriculum in Schools something that is leading to considerable agitation and provides a little picture of the future to Syrians living East of the Euphrates.


Hope they do together with European countries ore the United Nations should safeguard the boarder with Turkey.

Zionism = EVIL

BORDER dude, Zionists are the illegal BOARDERS in the region. True FACT!

Gregory Casey

There will be NO Military or Police Forces in NE Syria apart from the Lawful Military and Police Forces of the Syrian State.

You can call me Al

NO, no, no let Egypt go in against Turkey; in acertain sick perspective it may even be funny.

Zionism = EVIL

Egypt has enough problems suppressing its population and the only way to send a large force into Syria is via puppet Jordan, which is already being destabilized. Egypt has no power projection capacity and is totally bankrupt. Erdogan supported the Muslim Brotherhood and would really like to smack Sisi if Egypt gets involved. The Americunts and Zionists want an Arab and Turk conflict.


Iraq or Turkey are the only options, as there is no landconnection between Jordan and the Kurdish controlled areas.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunts and NATO arseholes control Eastern Euphrates and have direct link to Iraqi Kurdistan. Why do you think the Americunts have the largest base at Al-Tanf and are building 4 big bases in eastern Syria and western Iraqi desert near the triangle with puppet Jordan, Iraq and Syria meet.


“The Americunts and Zionists want an Arab and Turk conflict.”

Precisely, whenever the US cannot win, they always try to create chaos.

Zionism = EVIL

Agreed. It is the new Zionist and Americunt version of the imperialist “great game”. Only the names have changed the policies of divide and rule and sow chaos are the same and the weapons more deadlier.

Gregory Casey

Good point Al …… remembering that Syria & Egypt were, for a few years at end of 1950’s & early ’60’s, joined together in their Joint Arab Republic. Ordinary Egyptians and its Military may be far more sympathetic towards Syria than the Egyptian Presidency but we will see.



i wonder when the syrians get their act together and realize that in a war NOBODY gives u presents!!!!!
ITS war …..which means fight for your territory and stop with this nonsense of Agreements.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The Kurds need to be snuffed.


each and every day the nonsense increases…this is getting pathetic now….

the kurds are traitors……..treat them as such!!
the turkish TAF are invaders and occupiers…….treat them as such!!!!

everything else is pure nonsense!!!

R PLobo

Egypt – these clowns are dreaming. Notice the complete lack of the Egyptian troops in Yemen. There is no way that they would even consider going into Syria.

Carol Davidek-Waller

A veritable League of Nations conflict that journalists are still trying to call a civil war. All in vain. Turkey will never tolerate a hostile force on their borders. Syria and their allies insist upon and deserve territorial integrity for Syria.
Behind it all are the US and Israel stealing oil and land.

Zionism = EVIL

Stolen Syrian and Iraqi gold and OIL is paying for all the terrorism in the region, it also pays for western and Zionist contractors who are training the Nepalese and Colombian mercenaries to go kill civilians in Yemen. The IDF is paid over $3 billion so far from looted Iraqi OIL to fund this training near Eilat in Occupied Southern Palestine.


The US needs to get out and be replaced by the Syrian government and it’s coalition partners.


The US needs to get crushed by a meteor.


The US needs to be dejudified. And you need to deal with reality.

John Whitehot

so in this way, nobody western will have to face the “humiliation” of giving control of Syrian lands back to the Syrian army? Do they think that in this way the regime changing failure will appear less complete?

imho, they lost a chance to appear reasonable and correct for one time. Giving control directly to the SAA would have been saluted positively by many people in western countries. It also would had been a move of reconciliation, something like saying that “at least we have in common to have fought terrorism”.

But again, they choose instead to absorb the hit themselves instead of letting Israel do so alone.

That means they’ll lose more votes, and more countries in the next years.

Albert Pike

More biblical armies in Syria. What a coincident…


Better late than never.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

The Syrian kurds have a collective intelligence similar to a human nose – in other worse – none


LOL love the name.


lmao “ready to consider”, such fantasies in their heads, I think these Kurdinhos are on drugs sometimes.


Desperation, ridiculus desperation. Egypt is going pay for the privilege of being bullet blockers for them? I don’t think so. If it were to so serious, this would be rotflmfao news.


Man these Kurds are desperate. Serves them right!


He got his Green card, 6 months from now Riad will be driving taxis in New York.

Lena Jones

Just hand over the land to the legitimate Syrian government already, slimy kurd!

No one can protect you except Bashar and YOU KNOW IT!

Mustafa Mehmet

,kurdi w***** bastard. who are you to consider fucking scumbag


“the People’s Protection Units (YPG) were created to control the Kurdish inhabited areas in Syria. On 19 July, the YPG captured the city of Kobanê, and the next day captured Amûdê and Efrîn.[82] The KNC and PYD afterwards formed a joint leadership council to run the captured cities.[82] By 24 July, the Syrian Kurdish cities of Dêrika Hemko (Al-Malikiyah), Serê Kaniyê (Ra’s al-‘Ayn), Dirbêsî (Al-Darbasiyah) and Girkê Legê (Al-Ma’bada) had also come under the control of the People’s Protection Units. The only major Kurdish inhabited cities that remained under government control were Hasaka and Qamishli.”

– Kurds in Syria –


Julian Clegg

Presumably Egypt, the Syrian government or both of them must have made some suggestion along these lines, otherwise it would be pointless for the Syrian Democratic Council to suggest it.


in their dreams – won’t happen. turkey will, with the blessings of Russia/putin, secure the area and then withdraw behind the border. nothing much there and sdf will just have to accept that they are not going to get
nothing much after all those years killing and maiming on behalf of the morons in washington dc. what a larf and how friggin’ stupid they’ve been throughout those years. and the idea that sisi is sending troops there is just ludicrous.

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