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JUNE 2021

SDF Official Dismisses Reports About Reached Agreement Between Damascus And YPG, Confirms Negotiations

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SDF Official Dismisses Reports About Reached Agreement Between Damascus And YPG, Confirms Negotiations

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On February 17, the YPG’s media adviser Rezan Hido denied that the Damascus government and the YPG had reached an agreement regarding the deployment of the Syrian Army in the Afrin area, according to Khaled Iskef, a correspondent of the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV.

However, Hido confirmed that negotiations between Damascus and the YPG are underway. He said that the YPG will officially announce any deal the two sides reach.

“The YPG accepts all the options except the Turkish occupation, which targets the infrastructure and monuments in response to its military defeat,” Hido said, according to Khaled Iskef.

Al-Mayadeen TV reported on February 15 that the Damascus government and the YPG had reached an agreement. Moreover, the correspondent of the Lebanese TV station said on February 16 that the SAA is preparing to enter the Afrin area.

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition sources said that the Damascus government and the YPG had indeed agreed on many points during the ongoing negotiations. However, the two sides are yet to agree on other matters, including the YPG’s heavy weapons and ammo depots as well as imposing the mandatory military service law in Afrin.

The Damascus government and the YPG may reach an agreement in the upcoming days, as both sides appear to be committed to solve the Afrin crisis through joint work this time.

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Promitheas Apollonious

well…… good luck to them both.

O disbelievers of the world! We reject all of your idols!

Hanny Benny

don’t forget the feets of u mother and be ready for calipHell slavehoreson ;)


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well Olivia.. uncle Google is not paying anything until you signed up as trolls.. for few shekels.. right..? hehehe

Promitheas Apollonious

but is exactly why we eliminate you when ever we find you shit4brains. That is when you don’t kill each other, as the mad dogs you are.


Hard to imagine the Yankee & Izzy Psychopaths not doing everything in their power to undermine whatever agreement is reached. Option 1: Set-up New Kurdish Group, which will denounce agreement with full Yankee support. 2: Assassinate leader/s of YPG and blame it on Assad and then launch option 1
Hope it works out and if it does, the writing is on the wall for the murdering Yankee and Izzy cartel.

Joe Doe

YPG should agree without any hesitation on Assad demands and ASAP, because there will be not Afrin left to neisiate anything

Expo Marker

The worst thing that could happen in this Afrin operation is Turkey permanently annexes Afrin, like they have done to Al-Bab, parts of Idlib, and Hatay province.

Joe Doe

Maybe this is Erdagon plan and Putin will be fooled again at the expense of Syria. Assad should double check every Putin step , regards Syria and make independent decision

John Whitehot

says while licking an israeli boot.


you have an interesting hobby.

John Whitehot

which one? I got several.


Assad is either on the right tracks with Putin and Erdo.. or his hand are tight currently..! even if Erdo or both double crossed him.. hehehe


Give it back Omar oil-fields to the Syrian government in trade of protection on the north. Simply as that !!!


Kurd commanders take advice from US and Israel against Syria and therefore, they will loose Syrian land to Turkey and then they cannot live in Turkey and in Syria because they have committed treason. They will be brought to justice.


If turkey invaded Syria land.. Russia might help as turkey are a nation ally currently..! unless Erdo & Putin had other plans regarding Syria.. hahaha..!


The Kurds must move from USA to Russian protection, in Afrin this is doable because the Turks without aviation can pay an unsustainable price, not so on the Euphrates, where the USA wants to steal oil.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They will because they have no other option now


They won’t do that coz their so stupid and arrogant.. ungrateful idiots.. they won’t back down as they saw $$$ that toilet paper rolling down everywhere around them like gold.. hehehe.. if only they’re clever enough to know that the real toilet paper cost more then the usd1.. lol..!

israel first murica last

Like the SAA can put up resistance against turkey

Jaime Galarza

Syria is between a rock and a hard place: the Kurds are US-assisted and advised and they are a veritable Trojan horse. The Turks, on the other hand, are shameless invaders. Assad must be balancing his alternatives. Hopefully, Turkey and the US don’t reach an agreement like what they supposedly did on Manjib. Russia’s military resources -especially their antiaircraft S-300 and 400 systems are there to defend its own military. It is only logical for Putin to prioritize Russia and its interests. Therefore, Syria’s position is quite difficult -like walking on a wire.


i was rigth it was guet-apen from usa!!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Kurdish forces with Russian supplied AA systems fighting under a Syrian government banner would at least allow them to hit the Turks without incurring US coalition intervention. The Kurds already realize this and I hope Assad does too.


Only russians do not realize…


Well, as of 15.02. according to Al-Masdar (https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/عاجل-الجيش-السوري-يرفض-اقتراح-وحدات-حم/) the SAA refused to send troops to Afrîn. In fact, they repeated their call for the YPG to hand in their weapons to Damascus. The latter being an extremely cynical position given the situation in North-West Syria. The Syrian regime demanding the Kurds effectively commit suicide. This shows very clearly, that the Syrian regime has absolutely no interest whatsoever to negotiate anything with the Kurds; in fact they don’t even accept them as a military factor. Now, there will have to be negotiations at some point but right now it means: Go home and die! As I suspected earlier, the Syrian Regime is quite happy about Turkey sorting out their problem and killing off the YPG. The Kurds are, as always, alone.


The government just can’t trust anyone in war especially when you know those idiots took possession of a wealthy piece of land that belongs to the country..! What Assad is doing is what other leaders would have done too in situations like this..! It’s kinda securities that when the government troops are on the upper hand the blue on green incidents or scenarios won’t happen..!


the title..!
Then stfu.. stop crying begging for help..! Just rot in hell then..! Stupid, Arrogant and Ungrateful..!

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