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JUNE 2021

SDF Official Claims Kurdish Forces Planning To Enter Syria’s Idlib Governorate

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SDF Official Claims Kurdish Forces Planning To Enter Syria's Idlib Governorate

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On January 13, Saleh Muslim, a leader of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), revealed during an interview with the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is planning to enter the northern Idlib governorate to fight “terrorism”.

“The plan to enter Idlib is on the agenda of many countries and forces, including our forces [the SDF], and Idlib is a geographical area characterized by mountains, valleys and plains, and we will be up to the responsible of expelling all terrorist forces from it,” Muslim told ANHA.

Muslim predicted that all forces in Syria will participate in Idlib’s battle and claimed that Turkish-backed armed groups will not fight against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unless Turkey directly participated in the fight.

Moreover, the SDC leader stressed that no one can stop the SAA from capturing the strategic Abu Duhur airbase in the eastern Idlib countryside as it is a Syrian land. Muslim also claimed that Turkey was trying to reach the airbase first.

“Turkey was trying to reach the town of Abu Duhur in Idlib, but soon the Syrian regime forces went on to recapture the Abu Duhur from them, and no force can prevent the forces of the regime from interfering in Abu Duhur because it belongs to Syria. Turkey is now forced to fight, and if it fights, it will enter a (catastrophe) and the disaster will lead Turkey to destruction and failure,” Muslim said.

Regarding Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threats against the SDF in Afrin city, Muslim said that the Turkish president is playing with fire and threatened that Afrin people will be like a “volcano that explodes in the face of Turkey”.

Muslim’s statement about a possible military operation of the SDF is likely nothing more than a propaganda stunt, as the Turkish Army is blocking the SDF with its positions west of Afrin city in the northern Idlib countryside.

Furthermore, many observers doubt that the US would support such operation, especially that it doesn’t provide direct support for the SDF in Afrin.

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Moreover, the SDC leader stressed that no one can stop the SAA from capturing the strategic Abu Duhur airbase in the eastern Idlib countryside as it is a Syrian land.

Nice of him to admit that Syrian soil is in fact, Syrian soil. But I think his coin has another face: They’ll recognize that region as part of Syria to look good and fair but at the same time try to carve East/North of Euphrates out of Syria.

His statement is more like a joke but I fear with recent lightning advances of SAA in Edlib and Aleppo and ellimination of terror groups another false flag attack is on it’s way to give excuse to US and it’s partners in crimes to intervene (read attack SAA and Syrian government).


Not that i like or trust them, they repeatedly stated that their goal is independence in a federal government.
So it’s not hipocracy if they state abu al-duhur to be syrian soil.

Boris Kazlov

Yes it is a hypocritical statement, as they don’t recognize the territories occupied by these gypsies as being Syrian, they set up their own mock government there, with help from USrahell.


I find myself agreeing with your view even though it does present all kinds of issues for the SDF. The US is on a quest for relevance, and will do anything to stay in Syria.


Maybe they can open up a chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken shops??

George King

“Saleh Muslim, a leader of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC)” despite the title is the co-chair of the PYD, watch out for the name game con play we have seen with Wahhabi groups in Syria. There is also a warrant for his arrest from Turkey for terrorism charges related to PKK terrorist declared organization.

The Turkish government seeks to equate the PYD with the militant Kurdish organisation in Turkey, the PKK, which is banned as a terrorist group in many European countries and the United States. Turkey has frequently called for the PYD to be similarly banned.

The warrant claims Muslim is linked to the 17 February bombing against a military convoy in Ankara, which killed at least 28 people. The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) – a radical splinter group of the better-known PKK – claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing, saying it was in response to security operations in the southeast of Turkey.


Don’t worry, these guys can’t enter Idlib. There’s not enough forces in Afrin and they’re “besieged” by Turkish forces. Kurdish forces will get no support from the local population in Idlib. By the time they would be able to start an offensive then the Syrian army is done in Idlib. This is just a delusional propaganda statement. He probably didn’t sleep for two days.

Deo Cass

Theybdid not get any sport from the local population of Deir Ezzur and Raqqa either and they were obliterated with US bombs.


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Jonathan Cohen



Tomorrow on 14th January, 2018 European refugee in Palestine and Palestinians land thief Netanyahu will visit India. Now we will see that what is the response of Rouhani, Erdogan and SISI on this visit because two of them are best friends of Netanyahu.


Post it in Israel Palestina subjects. This page is about Syria. Yawn…


Netanyahu and every single European settler openly says we will kill every single Palestinian in Palestine if you can stop us then come and stop us.


So what about non European settlers?


The Ethiopian Jews In Palestine the Khazar Jews dislike, are they who you mean Dutch ?


What European settlers? Those that claim appurtenance to the Jewish faith? I.E. mostly Americans and Russians in the recent two decades?


In the present situation around Afrin, I think an incursion into Idlib by SDF is unlikely, unles some FSA groups were to align with SDF, like what happened late 2015, early 2016.

In case of a Turkish attack on Afrin, an attack by SDF on Idlib becomes very possible. It would muddle operations, maybe even inciting RuAF to assist SDF to some extent. Furthermore, SDF would start the incursion by attacking the few Turkish forces just south of Afrin. Taking the Hawk installations would scare TuAF, whether effective or not.

It would take pressure off SDF south flank, give strategic depth and suck Turkey further into Syria, maybe even involving SAA in the fight.

In case of a general attack by TSK on Afrin, Manbij, YPG and YPJ incl heavy arms will likely enter Turkey to enter the kurdish mountain areas and to draw TSK away from the borders.

Grandiose and ambitious. Correct. On the other hand, SDF is where it is by being ambitious. US will not aid Turkey as it was Turkey that started the fight and US has no Nato obligation to defend an attacking Turkey.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well all your speculation is just that a speculation and understand treaties even less than Erdogan who believes that the Lausanne Treaty can expire by 2023. The only way it could happen if the old colonial powers and Turkey were at war and that doesn’t still change a thing a treaty would be signed changing nothing. The dream of Partition can’t happen either, all of that would be a breach of the treaties by the parties involved and a violation of the UN Charters and Resolutions.

The US unfortunately would be required and only because the YPG would attack Turkey also why the US and others sits on the borders so this doesn’t happen. Kurds are just as stupid as Turks who believe Erdogan about treaty of Lausanne expiring and Turkey becoming a new super power. The funny thing both the Turks and French both signed all their rights and police and judicial and governing proceedings to the Damascus Government long ago negating any ability to renegotiate any new boundaries or Borders, as the french say “ce la vie!!”


US, as a Nato ally, is only required to defend Turkey if and when Turkey gets attacked. As it will be Turkey doing the attacking, US will not have to defend them at all as anyone has the right to defend themselves against foreigners, or anyone, attacking them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US isn’t the only nation in NATO and it’s a catch 22 here , the Afrin Kurds are not under protection from anything but along the borders with Turkey. The rest is moot besides the YPG are a listed terrorist group , they have no legal standing in Syria other than they are a US colonial force and nothing else. That unfortunately makes them illegal combatants and are not covered in any treaty. They have no legal standing in Syria and that would extend to international , all US forces are illegal combatants in Syria and have no special protection there.

You can cry all you want , the only one with technical legal standing somewhat is Turkey and that is a major grey area there. They are limited mainly to actions in securing the deescalation zone from terrorists.

That Guy

Hahahahaha, nice joke SDF.

Graeme Rymill

Oddly enough there is an English language summary on the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) web site of what appears to be the same interview. http://en.hawarnews.com/muslim-intervention-of-turkey-in-idlib-is-destruction-attacking-afrin-is-playing-with-fire/
However nowhere does the summary repeat the phrase “The plan to enter Idlib is on the agenda of many countries and forces, including our forces [the SDF]” or anything like it.

There is this phrase: “All the forces will participate in Idlib’s war” but that seems a long way short of claiming the SDF will participate.

Solomon Krupacek

i warned you rissophils, that this will come. putin allowed this enormous betray!!!


And did you even bother to read the article ?
This guy is full of hot air and BS.

Solomon Krupacek

i know from other, nato sources, that they plan.


You were saying the ceasefires were a mistake, too. But I told you back then that Putin is a genius and is gaining time and freezing some fronts in order to smash the rebels in other fronts and make them fight each other. And we see now that the fake ceasefire strategy worked and Aleppo fell.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They weren’t fake just the opposition was fake and you and Wise Cracker are fake in your assumption that Terrorist factions are part of any Deescalation agreement. Where is the protection for the civilian population and legitimate government from being killed by Terrorists ,if you guys had your way there would be more deaths and a caliphate all over the middle east.Then again both of you trying to gloss over the facts shows how fake you really are and not a reliable opinion of any worth, especially with your murderous concepts.

Well to get to the topic of this article this guy Saleh Muslim is a wind bag and unrealistic while maintaining this hypocritical stance about it being Syrian soil. Take a look how the YPG police handle themselves by chopping heads when people don’t agree with them.

Solomon Krupacek

yes, it was. this allowed to build up turkish base. saa hat to take whole latakia + jish shuygor (or what is tha exact name) plus the whole gaziantep road. whan they had a momentum. also in south, clean half daraa countryside. saa never finalize the attack. also now is a large isis pocjet in dez countryside.
if saa were finalize the offensives, ther was no need for ceasefires.


Pour an other one .


They had to capture the ISIS territories before that. With your strategy US+SDF would have captured them and have all the oil and half of Syria by now.

The ceasefires helped keep the islamists divided as some kept the ceasefire and others didn’t. Also, it looks good for the western mainstream media so they could shut the fuck up.

Solomon Krupacek

with my strategy saa were in raqqa. for long time. and no yankee soldiers in syria.

Brad Isherwood

Seems like Kurds and US got nearly 1/2 of Syria’s oil/nat gas on the easy.
Kurds drove stolen Iraqi,Syrian oil to Turkey.
Now that Putin/Lavrov signed Deconfliction agreements. ..

Kurds can take the Syrian Oil to Turkey…. and no more Russian aircraft bomb them.


Wow….Grande Mosque. …in Moscow.
Does Patriarch Kirill get free parking?

Brad Isherwood

Kurd Ezzor : )

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA poisionist snake SDF like to sabotage SAA operations.From Raqqa,Eufrate river,Deir Ezzor, Albu Kamal,Omar oilfields, Hasaka and Al Tanaf.
SAA,Iran,Hizbollah and Russia doesn’t need their support. Maybe their colleague Putin for promised Turkey=USA oil and gas stream pipeline. Syria needs it’s own national pipelines.

John Mason

Interesting extract in regards to the Kurds and there treachery:-
” Historically, the Kurds are a nomadic people. They are like the Gypsies in Europe, only a warlike version. They roam about in the valley of the Euphrates and can eventually cross the North of what currently is Syria. At the end of the Ottoman Empire, some groups of Kurds were recruited to participate in exterminating the Christians in general and the Armenians specifically. The reward for carrying out these crimes: they receive the lands of the Armenians that they had massacred and they settled themselves there. During the French colonization, the Kurds belonging to the tribe of the Millis had been recruited to wipe out Arab nationalism in Raqqa and Aleppo, and then they left Syria when it became independent.

The “Rojava” had been created on Arab territory where the Kurds have only established a continuous presence since the repression where they were collectively victims during the Turkish civil war in the 1980s. The Christian and Muslim Arab populations had lived there and had been expelled from there during the war against Syria. Now the Kurds were preventing them from returning there as citizens.”



Such garbled pseudo-history doesn’t help anybody. The Kurds aren’t like Gypsies at all. It is clear they’ve been around there for a very long time… mostly much longer than Arab tribes. All that doesn’t really matter much. The question is whether there will be one Syria for all or not. Such distortions don’t help anybody.

John Mason

Distortion to whom? You? Truth does hurt, doesn’t it. That article is rather precise and the Kurds are trash and have even proven that themselves. Like the Jews, they never had nor ever will have a country of their own without having to steal some land. Kurds another piece of garbage taking up valuable space.

Brad Isherwood

Syria’s just like the USA now. ..
Illegals are everywhere ……making money……paying no Taxes!

Kurds celebrating http://bianet.org/system/uploads/1/articles/spot_image/000/145/327/original/mr.jpg

Enjoy the Mexico. ….Enjoy the Syria : )

Harry Smith

Excellent! If they start kill turkomans that will put Erdogan in a very interesting situation. Double screw from NATO and Kurds.

Deo Cass

This news outlet is totally disillusioned like Putin. Turkey is part of the Zionist project and is completely supportive of the so called SDF though in public it tries to deceptively try to show that there is some sort of animosity between its American NATO ally and itself about the Kurds. Erdogan is more than happy to see the Kurds invade Syria because these foreign mercenaries have almost all come from Turkey in a plan which Erdogan himself signed with Angela Merkel on behalf of the EU back in 2015 to transfer most of the Kurdish population from Eastern Anatolia in Turkey to Syria while the indigenous Syrian inhabitants to the North and East Euphrates river would be forced out of their homes and lands and taken on as rfugees in the EU countries. This way, Turkey got rid of the Kurds while at the same time the US and the Zionist tyranny of Israel got what they wanted: A new Israel on Syrian sovereign soil.

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