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SDF Moves More Military Equipment To Deir Ezzor Frontlines (Photo)

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are moving additional military equipment to frotnlines north of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.

Fresh photos have appeared online showing a military column moving through the city of Qamishli towards Deir Ezzor confirming the initial reports.

According to local sources, the United States have further expanded its supples to the SDF since the start of the group’s advance aganist ISIS in Deir Ezzor province earlier in September.

The US-led coalition and the SDF are seeking to contentrate a force that would be enough to seize a large part of eastern Syria before the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies will be able to do it.

Photos from open sources:

SDF Moves More Military Equipment To Deir Ezzor Frontlines (Photo)

Click to see the full-size image

SDF Moves More Military Equipment To Deir Ezzor Frontlines (Photo)

Click to see the full-size image

SDF Moves More Military Equipment To Deir Ezzor Frontlines (Photo)

Click to see the full-size image

SDF Moves More Military Equipment To Deir Ezzor Frontlines (Photo)

Click to see the full-size image

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  1. wwinsti says:

    That’s not a good sign. The cargo containers are of particular concern.

    1. Graeme Rymill says:

      Share your fears with us wwinsti! I am thinking death-rays or perhaps DVDs of Trump’s speeches….

      Or maybe it is just food ammo and spare boots.

      1. testera says:

        He is probably thinking of ATGMs.

        1. Graeme Rymill says:

          ATGMs are nothing new to SDF. Milan’s certainly and TOWs probably.

          1. testera says:

            Nothing in convoy is new.

    2. Alex says:

      portable toilets

  2. RamboDave says:

    This is the same lightweight stuff they already have. Why do they need to transport a Humvee on a truck? Why not just drive it down there?

    1. Dinko Zorić says:

      it might get broken on the way – google mttf

      1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

        Look up M-ATV part of the MRAP program.

    2. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      Those are Techion MTTF vehicles manufactured in Canada and mostly used for police armored vehicles they aren’t built for taking an IED attack.

      1. Lone Wolf says:

        LoL ….Aren’t they the one getting cooked by the Houthis in Saudi border or in Yemen … ??!!!

        1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

          Yep the same ones, the US gave the contract over the RG-31 which most are using now, better bang for the cost made by GDLS Can project design by BAE Systems.

  3. Pave Way IV says:

    Somewhere in the bowels of US CENTCOM….

    Lieutenant: General, the SDF is getting their ass kicked in Deir EzZor. They say they won’t be able to get to the oil fields ahead of the SAA.
    General: Getting their ass kicked by exactly WHO? We already evacuated our ISIS lackeys.
    Lieutenant: Not sure, sir. The place is crawling with head-choppers, mercs and tribal fighters. And only some of them are on our payroll, sir. It’s kind of confusing.
    General: Damn worthless Arabs… I’m perfectly willing to sacrifice and many young American soldiers’ lives as necessary to protect Israel from the Shia crescent threat. Why won’t the local tribes do the same?
    Lieutenant: Uh… because we’re not paying them enough?
    General: Not enough?? We’re giving them the Omar oilfield – what more could they want?
    Lieutenant: We already promised Omar to the Kurds, General. I don’t think they want to share it with the Arabs.
    General: Well the Arabs don’t know that yet. Send some damn APCs down to Deir EzZor and make sure they’re suffed with ammo and ATGMs. See if the Arabs will at least drive down to Omar. Tell them we’ll ‘secure’ the route.
    Lieutenant: What about the SAA and the Russians, sir? The plan to open the Tabqa Dam floodgates to slow them down was kind of a failure. Seems they were already expecting the Euphrates to have water in it. They’ve crossed the river into the American zone.
    General: Sneaky Russian bastards! Look, get on the horn to Saudi Intel and tell them to round up a few dozen drums of hydrogen peroxide. We’ll deliver it by chopper to Mayadin when we pull our ISIS ‘assets’ out.
    Lieutenant: But wouldn’t that be a war crime, sir?
    General: WTF?? Are you SERIOUS??
    Lieutenant: Of course not, sir. Just trying to lighten the mood here a little. I’ll contact Riyadh immediately.

    1. Cyriak Papasissis says:

      good try , I enjoyed it

    2. PZIVJ says:

      Great material, keep up the good reporting. :D

    3. RamboDave says:

      General: We promised the Omar field to the Kurds ??? Tell the the Arabs we’ll arrange a sword dance with the Saudi Royals, just like President Trump got. What more could they want? They can put their hands on that light globe thing too. That’ll do it. It worked for Trump.

    4. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      Lieutenants are fetch and carries it’s more like Major.

    5. Justin says:

      hahaha nice read! I enjoyed that a lot! Cheers!

  4. Behold a Pale Horse says:

    The Russians wont share the oil.

    1. Tudor Miron says:

      This is getting old, don’t ypu think?

  5. Jesus says:

    SDF column is a big joke, do not see any tanks, APCs, SPG’s, MLRS, Humvees and light vehicles are no match in desert against armored columns.

    1. Justin says:

      u don’t think ATM TOW’s arnt a threat though?

  6. ελευθεριος βενιζελος says:

    what can they do with this vehicles?? not much i think…

    1. Daniel Castro says:

      Let’s face it, ISIS are great fighters because they are insane brainwashed religious zealots willing to blow themselves for their insane beliefs, SDF aren’t half as dangerous as ISIS, these guys are just low grade mercenaries and will run away as soon as they start to see the heavy artillery falling near them.

      1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

        They take a lot of captagon is ISIS , wouldn’t be surprised the Kurdish Dwarves will be taking them or already do.

        1. TS says:

          First made in the USA

    2. Wahid Algiers says:

      Kurdish idiots got only light weapons by their jew-master the US because they are stupid, not educated. You can`t train those donkey shit eaters not on high tech weapons. Too stupid.

  7. Trustin Judeau says:

    SDF people threatened that if Russia or SAA attacks them , they will respond . Looks they want confrontation so much . Do the SDF morons know that this can open the gates of hell for them . If Russia gives green light Efrin canton will be hit hard .

    1. gustavo says:

      Exactly, but many kurds liders just follow USA orders. So, if USA want attack and stop SAA, USA will use its kurds puppets. I am sure that SDF does not yet what that war is, except perhaps for Raqqa (but very little), Syria-Iran-Hezbolah-Russia ground troops and aerospace russian force will show SDF how the hell looks like.

  8. Russian225 says:

    Couple of strikes on that convoy

  9. gustavo says:

    If you notice, most of these are trucks of fast movement. This means that SDF (USA) will try to reach oil fileds using these trucks first with a fast movement. However, I do not think Russia is sleeping, and aerospace russian force will do what they have to do, it does not mattter whether or not USA gets mad.

  10. Pál Póli says:

    The USA is very careful not go give the Kurds really heavy hardware… no heavy tanks nor air defence systems of any kind (most notably no man pads), just infantry support vehicles. That means they can’t face off with the Russian supported SAA. I like the Kurds, I think they deserve better than the USA that betrays any useful idiots they can find…

    1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      The leadership and their version of history is what destroys them, they won’t accept responsibility for their past actions and continued actions.They tread the same path as ISIS and see others as lower forms already sounds like the Jews of the Talmud.

  11. Kim Jong says:

    Russia&Syria: plz cluster bomb those suckers into pieces!

    1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      Houthis burn them up.

  12. Kim Jong says:

    Bomb that fucking convoy like us did it in 91 gulf war! Highway of death

  13. MeMadMax says:

    Yea, and guess which country all that equipment had to go thru first?

    Either way, a handful of humvees isn’t gonna do crap but become Sukhoi food in the near future…

    The CIA/NATO/UN/ISRAELIS/SAUDIS are kidding themselves if they think they can turn around the SAA tidal wave…

    1. Skagos says:

      All the equipment given to PKK[YPG/SDF/PYD] comes through Iraq. Not Turkey.

  14. Behold a Pale Horse says:

    If you think Putin has spent all this money on bombs to let the US and Israel steal the oil, you are smoking crack.

  15. Wahid Algiers says:

    Kurdish idiots got only light weapons by their zio-us-masters because
    they are not skilled. You can`t train those donkey shit eaters on high tech weapons. Too stupid. Now they are carrying BS to the frontline but having much more shit in their panties than their female “fighters”.

    1. Justin says:

      They will have a lot of TOW’s though!
      Gonna need the Airforce on this one!
      I got a feeling the PMU are gonna cross the border in North Eastern Syria and give the Kurds something else to cry about!
      I think turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria are all on the same page now!
      Kurds are fucked but they will be pushed by the USA and the USA will be pushed by Israel!

  16. DJ Double D says:

    Some people are getting too optimistic here. Indeed you are not alone. I also got optimistic initially. But the report coming from the SDF side is that plan is in place to cut the SAA off to the north of Marat and then quickly block them off to the east. They are very sure of themselves and never displayed any lack of courage or uncertainty to their plan. In fact, they are already making good on their plan as they have already made some inroads eastwards aiming above the current SAA position (SouthFront current position map doesn’t appear to be current as events on the ground are developing quickly). If SAA wants to make it difficult for them and consolidate their gains, they must move up up north and not east to cut them off from the shorter point and have them try their luck from further up north. Things look to get messier within the next several days.

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