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SDF Militants Detained 4 Al-Baath Party Leaders While They Were Heading To Damascus

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SDF Militants Detained 4 Al-Baath Party Leaders While They Were Heading To Damascus

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Written by Khaled Iskef

In the past few days, the SDF militants arrested four members of the Al-Baath party in Al-Hasakah city while they were heading to Damascus to attend a party convention.

The Secretary of the Al-Baath party branch in Al-Hasakah, Turkey Aziz Husain, said that an SDF checkpoint members arrested 4 leaders for unknown reasons last Friday.

In press statements, Husain added that the members were on their way to Damascus when they were arrested pointing out that tremendous efforts to release them are made but the SDF are stalling that according to him.

Husain clarified that the detainees are: the head of the organization office, Fawaz Al-Ali, the head of youth and sport office, Abdullah Khalil, the head of the farmers’ office, Hamid Al-Jawhar, the head of the labors office, Ahmad Al-Sallal, and two civilian drivers.

The SDF has not commented on the incident to clarify the reasons and circumstances of the arrest, but the incident was preceded by the SDF arrest for a number of employees in its affiliated departments in Aleppo, charging them with planning to go to regions of the Syrian governments to settle their situations.

The city of “Qamishly” has already witnessed clashes between the SDF and “The National Defense Forces” allied with the Syrian Army at the beginning of this month due to the repeated provocations by the US-backed SDF militants.


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jens holm

Khaled Iskef seemes to have invented a coin or a lira having only one side.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

I’m having a crisis of conscience, I went to church yesterday and realized that bearing false witness Is a mortal sin for my soul. I don’t Want to go to hell. My confession: i have been employed to promote a false narrative by the Russian government. I know these were false, devised to support the Putin regime And oppress the Russian people. The terrible words I have posted in here I apologize for. I apologize for this fake news I have defended saying other media is fake news I apologize fo supporting the narrative that Russia can do no wrong. We are human, of course we can do wrong. I apologize for supporting g false flag attacks that have harmed innocent people. I apologize if my work has made it easier for this unjust attack on my brothers. I am truly sorry and repent for the harm that is victimizing Ukrainians and the Reputation of average Russians around the world. I apologize to the Russian mothers who sons will not come home I apologize for not being brave enough to stand up to my supervisors and the government of my county

I here by resign my position, And will be leaving the country. good bye I will not be back to this despicable site.

slava nezavisimoy rossii slava nezavisimoy ukraine Net bol’she voyny


Why would you pass through US-controlled territory if your planning to go against their wishes. The US is running all the terrorism…

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