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SDF Is Ready To Withdraw From Key Towns In Northern Syria Under New Russian Offer To Turkey

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SDF Is Ready To Withdraw From Key Towns In Northern Syria Under New Russian Offer To Turkey

Click to see full-size image. Source: sdf-press.com

Russia has offered Turkey a new deal that would see the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) withdrawing from two key towns in northern Syria, Al Jazeera reported on December 8.

Turkey launched an operation against Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq, codenamed Claw-Sword, on November 20 in response to the November 13 bombing in Istanbul. Ankara says that the core faction of the SDF, the People’s Protection Units, was involved in the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of six people and wounded 80 others. However, the group has repeatedly denied these accusations.

So far, Operation Claw-Sword has been limited to air and artillery strikes. Nevertheless, senior Turkish officials, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, warned on multiple occasions recently of a near ground offensive against the SDF.

Under the new Russian offer, which meant to prevent a Turkish invasion of northern Syria, the SDF would withdraw from the towns of Manbij and Kobane in the northern and northeastern Aleppo countryside. The two key towns will be handed over to Syrian government forces.

The personnel of the Asayish, the security wing of the SDF, will stay in the two towns. However, they will be integrated into Syrian security forces.

A Russian delegation informed Turkish officials that the SDF is ready to go forward with the deal on the condition that Turkey cancel its plans for a new ground operation in northern Syria.

“Ankara is studying the offer made by the Russian delegation,” Al Jazeera quoted its Turkish sources as saying.

Syrian government forces are already amassing near Manbij and Kobane, possibly in anticipation of a Turkish approval of the Russian offer.

Manbij and Kobane were two of three towns which were recently named by President Erdogan as main targets of any new Turkish ground operation in northern Syria, with the third town being Tell Rifaat.

Russia has been making immense effort to prevent a new Turkish invasion of northern Syria. However, the SDF has so far refused to make any concessions that would address all of Ankara’s security concerns. The new offer may be the last attempt to find a peaceful way out of this crisis.


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I’m wondering is it possible the Istanbul attack was a false flag? By or against Tayyip Erdogan.




IT 💨 again


I think it’s very obvious that Erdogan’s secret service did the bombing in Istanbul to justify escalating their aggression in both Syria and Iraq, but also to arrest people without charged or evidence and strengthen the Erdoganist dictatorship in Turkey. It’s a massive political tool to make it seem like Erdogan is right and to help him in the coming elections.

jens holm

So far we can only hope Erdogans loose the next elections.

Chris Gr

Probably yes, just like 9/11 the big false flag attack.

jens holm

More sober details are needed.


Why SAA? Instead SAA Syrian Free Army SFA have to be deployed

Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

No. The SFA must be killed along with the criminal Kurds who are loyal to the US.

And You too. There should be antivirus programmes for that.

Most of the Syrian belligerents like NDF, parts of SDF, parts of SNA and HTS are warlords.

Zionist Slaves of America

Yeah baby Assad wins again and without firing a single shot. Hopefully Erdougan and Assad can work more closely in the future to finally rid Syria of the PKK-YPG-SDF Kurdish terrorists and their Zionist masters.


The most important thing is to stop the flow of barrels of Syrian oil stolen every day by the Ameriscums. An Assad-Erdogan agreement is welcome

jens holm

Before that the Assads stole and ISIS stole it from Assad.

Chris Gr

Assad actually supported PKK.


Assad wins again

The Objective

A major win against the U.S, but the problem isn’t solved yet. Turkey will likely make a counter offer that provides more concessions.

I think there’s enough Syrian landmass in Turkish control to relocate refugees. These places should be developed and connected to the Turkish elecriticity grid and economy.

Assad must also know that the SDF in his military is a great risk. For one thing, he might one day find himself at war with Turkey. For another, the U.S can exploit SDF presence to undermine the SAA.


They should be happy they can keep hatay that was stolen earlier.

jens holm

There we go again. And Noah drink too much wine or not enough or what?

Hatay makes no sense. It did.

Very much as Danish Vikings will take over GB again and join it to EU, when Sunak/Johson finally has collapsed it :)

Hatay for many years has been a well integrated part of Turkey even it was taken almost as a theft or coup.

Last edited 1 month ago by jens holm
Chris Gr

Hatay is Syrian land though and Ahwaz is Iraqi, however this cannot happen with these conditions because Turkey and Iran didn’t collapse but Iraq and Syria did.

jens holm

SDF/YPG/PKK never attacked Assads.

They took land left by Assads from ISIS assisted mainly by USA, GB and France. .

An done thing is missing from You as always. You never try to make any proposals for uniting the country or dividng it into to sober auronomes or something.

Half og the population is not even inthe country. They choose NONE.

So You in those matters are NONE.

The dispoute with Turks is not related to any Kurds at all but how Syria and Turkey was made(same problems in Iraq.

You blame the wrong ones. You could go back and blame France, GB and partly USA(and Italy) after WW1. You also could blame Turks and the Surian Kingdom before Assad for not correcting the borders away from the neocolonial ones.

It fx could have made sense Syria got less Turks and more kurds and arabs by few border corrections.

Chris Gr

I don’t understand what you are saying but the Kurdish question exist mostly in Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Turkish Kurds are descendants of Hurrians, Iraqi Kurds descendants of Kassites and Iranian Kurds descendants of Gutians. Syria, Armenia and Azerbaijan have few Kurds.


Northy syria wil be North Syria Turkish Republic same as North Cyprus Turkish Republic.. Erdogan have to take North Syria immediately and rename it to North Syria Turkish Republic.. Kurds and SAA every new day deploying heavy weapons.. later will be too late


Send syrian Turks to the security zone .. dont send arabian refugees to the security zone.. send arabian refugees to the germany

Last edited 1 month ago by NCTT = NSTT

Send the turks back to the altai and leave europe and the cradle of civilisation alone!

Last edited 1 month ago by kotromanic
jens holm

It makes no sense.

Chris Gr

Anatolian Turks are descendants of Hittites, Cappadocians, Trojans and Lydians so those Grey Wolves are imposters.


Iran has crushed your dreams of creating your Guppustan in Syria. Your situation is like that of your shit buddy Al-Baqistan. Bankrupt!

Gece ansizin

Halep city is belongs to fatemiyoon and zeynabiyoon. At least 8500 men in these arsa. Damascus and Dera belong to Irgc qods forces .. more than 3500 elit. Asad army are. in other coastal and high lands. UsA will loose everything in east LESS THAN 1 year. Israel knows that very well.

Chris Gr

Iran has become too close to Turkey these days, especially after 2016. I don’t believe that they will stop Turkey in any invasion. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE can help Syria in a Turkish invasion mostly.

Peter Jennings

Can the SDF be integrated into Syrian security forces? They and the SAA are both fighting for different kinds of Syria. The SDF are very pally with the US and isreal. Break them ties and the Kurds might be trustworthy.


The kurds where the bloodhounds of the ottomans for centurys and now are the bloodhounds of the us. I do not think if they can be anything else anymore.

The ottomans used them in their eastern territories in the same way they used the albanians and bosnian muslims. As punishing troops against rebelling provinces. So that they would get the hate insted of the sultans main forces.

This circle of hatred the ottomans created is still working as intended.

jens holm

You are correct in one thing. The Ottomansused the many minorities, which they could control one by one.

It was done to control the arab majorities.

I dont see Kurds as one as well as blood hounds. They were outside Ottoman control as well as many very isolated tribes.

So the classic disoutes has been when there were no food in the maountains and the Kurds came and took food, women a.s.o.

We see Ottomans handling them too by warfare and deportation as the ones in Afrin.

Chris Gr

In Afrin, it was Turkish islamists, Kurdish islamists, Syrian islamists vs Turkish secularists, Kurdish secularists, Syrian secularists.

jens holm

And one more thing.

The SDFs has repålaced the very infected history books for their area and their hatred.

That includes more sekular rule in stead of too much religion. and by that same rights but also obligations. That includes semilar rights for gender.

Chris Gr

I believe Muslim states will become islamistic and European states will become nationalistic and US and China will be entangled with each other with China as the winner while the Judeo-Christian world (including Israel, which is now nationalistic) will fight against the Islamic world. This is all made up by secret societies. Look at the letter of Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini.

Chris Gr

Very correct. Turkish Kurds and Iraqi Kurds mostly accept Erdogan. Iran also. These people are mostly groups from PKK/YPG/PJAK.

jens holm

Look how Syria was before those figthings began. It has no structures for devllopments by education. Its hoighly corrupt and many thibngs are driven by Oligarcs.

By that it makes sense to split up fx Syria in partly independent units. By that You can controlm what You want.

In Denmark the local goverments takes in and spend 50% of the incomming tax. The locals know whats needed and therefore decide the changes.

By that the state is smaller as decider and therefore easier to run well. So they are the big picture and local are the details.

Simple example. The Goverment make the motorways and big bridges. The locals make the many connections to their local infrastructure.

Denmark is number one in low corruption. When we pay tax it somes back in free schools, good healtcare and hospitals as well as a sober pension.


The city of Raqqa also should be given back to Syria!!


In other words, TURKS GTFO of Syria !


After you . Speedy Gonzales

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