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SDF Is Close To Full Liberation Of Tabqa From ISIS

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is close to capturing the whole area of the town of Tabqah from ISIS.

SDF fighters, backed up by the US-led coalition’s warplanes, attack helicopters, artillery units and special forces, have captured the town center and now are advancing against ISIS militants in the government builldings complex, the water treatment and the Hurriyah area in the northeastern part of the town.

Nonetheless, ISIS terrorists are still in control of two heavily urbanized areas – Hurriyah and Wahadah – as well as the indastrial area near Wahadah.


When Tabqah is secured, US-backed forces will focus on securing the Tabqa dam and will continue attempts to further isolate Raqqah.

SDF Is Close To Full Liberation Of Tabqa From ISIS

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The city proper has been liberated.

Two outlying quarters to be liberated and the dam of course.

Reports say that IS is retreating towards the dam and taking hostages from the civilians.

Meanwhile, a total of 4 tanks and 2 BMP’s have been seized. SDF will have a proper armoured battallion if Raqqah will be like this.

Meanwhile, refugees are pouring into SDF held territory, showing that arabs rather go to SDF held areas than to Assadistan or Turkey or Idlib.


Not like Tabqa residents have the opportunity to flee through ISIS2 controlled desert to Government controlled Syria

chris chuba

I have mixed feelings about it. This is SAR territory that has now been annexed by the U.S. and an air base to boot. One month ago I would have cheered. Now I just see it as more oil and water being robbed from the 70% of Syrians being governed by Assad.

Dustil schmit

The oil fields are below Tabqah SAA can easily grab them if they wished. (They lost them to ISIS twice though so..)

chris chuba

I know that Tabqah doesn’t have oil, I was speaking in general. Tabqah does have an airfield and it gives them more control of the Euphrates.

In general, the Kurds have no incentive to push into the Arab areas unless the U.S. tries to bribe them by convincing them that they can poach some of the oil fields. I don’t think the Kurds want to siege Raqqa, they are light infantry. They took Manbij but that was a small garrison and they let the ISIS fighters relocate after about a month.

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