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SDF Head Spotted Alongside With ISIS-Affiliated Tribe Leader

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SDF Head Spotted Alongside With ISIS-Affiliated Tribe Leader

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The Kuridsh-led Syrian Democratic Fores (SDF), with a direct support from the United States, continue their ‘fight for democracy’ in northeastern Syria. At least, they want others to think this way.

In fact, the SDF leadership, which sabotaged the negotiation process with Damascus by making overextended demands, is openly cooperating with ISIS-affilated persons. Just recently, the SDF head Ferhat Abdi Sahin (nom de guerre: Mazloum Kobani Abdi) was recently photographed alongside with an ISIS-affiliated tribe leader.

The SDF cooperation with tribes and local militias that once declared their allegiance is no secret. Nonetheless, the mainstream Western media narrative prefers to ignore these facts.


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The 2017 US/SDF “anti-ISIS” campaign was about giving ISIS SDF uniforms to change into and claim “victory” in the end of that circus show. The results are plain to see, in SAA-liberated Syria there are constant carbombing, rainds, kidnappings and assassinations of innocent civilians and SAA forces, while in US/SDF-occupied Syria, there are “surgical strikes and spec ops” killing “ISIS commanders” for media consumption every few weeks.

So Putin’s previous claims that Syria’s been liberated doesn’t hold water, reality on the ground is quite different. Terrorists, be they branded as Turkish-backed or US/SDF coalition still control a very sizeable chunk of the country’s land and resources and Syria won’t be able to start reconstruction until those circumstances are dealt with properly. The arrival of the Russians to certain parts of NE Syria hasn’t changed the situation much so far.

Jim Bim

SDF = traitors & terrorists.


For once true words from Trump lol


And why in GODs name you call them SDF, that name came from one general in the field for re-branding the PKK and YPG and YPJ they are all same shit nasty bitches of Kurd’s always running from everyone Trump said the best nothing more.


Shit breeds shit and the US deep state is certainly shit.

Peter Jennings

This is theatre for western MSM coverage. Like a cheap car salesman, western media will punt it on to the victims back home. It’s probably in their contract for the SDF to make appearances and loud noises for western ‘reporters’ to ‘report’. Most of whom are so lazy or bought that they sit around the hotels all day waiting for the latest copy script from the US & nato bolt-neck.

Let’s hope that Bolt-on isn’t a complete liar. Ending the false hope for a Kurdish homeland would go some way to stabalising things in northern Syria. The Kurds could then concentrate on their main enemy who just happen to killing Syrian people too.
With Russian support and more growing internationally, Syria will not be going the same way as Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya. As usual, the Kurds could find themselves out of the running.

Assad must stay

i bet if u show this to US or ask them about it they say “yea so?” lmao

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, Assad knows the Kurdish people better than Trump does and he never calls them traitors, he actually calls them patriots, I linked his last public statement for everyone to read, he’s just as upset with members of the Arab Sunni population and other religious and political groups that make up the SDC/SDF leadership, he doesn’t just generalize, he’s very specific with his criticism.
The Turkish backed Kurdish Syrian SNC are now working out a power sharing deal with the US backed SDC that will possibly result in the Turkish backed groups [not HTS] and the US backed groups creating a new central autonomous government [eventually], maybe that’s why it’s only the Kurdish news reporting on the negotiations, and negotiations are going well which is more bad news for Assad.

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