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SDF Halts Its Operation In Euphrates Valley Because Of Turkish Attacks On Kurdish Armed Groups In Northern Syria

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SDF Halts Its Operation In Euphrates Valley Because Of Turkish Attacks On Kurdish Armed Groups In Northern Syria

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On October 31, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that it had halted its military operation against ISIS terrorists in the middle Euphrates River Valley due to the recent Turkish attacks on positions of Kurdish armed groups [they are the core of the SDF] in northern Syria.

“We inform the world, that the Turkish attacks in the north and ISIS attacks in the south against our troops had forced us to stop our current operation temporarily against ISIS in the last pocket of it, the ongoing Turkish attacks on our area will stop our battles against ISIS for long time and that what Turkey is calling for it,” the SDF said in an official statement.

The group also vowed to respond to any new attack by the Turkish military and called on the international community to condemn “the Turkish provocations in the safe areas.”

“We demand our partners in the International [US-led] Coalition to show a clear attitude and stop Turkey from launching attacks on the region and giving more chances to maintain ISIS and providing support for it,” the SDF added.

The Turkish military resumed its artillery strikes on the SDF positions on the Syrian-Turkish border on Ocotober 28. Four fighters of the US-backed group were reportedly killed in the most recent artillery strike on positions around the city of Ayn Arab.

While the SDF claims that these attacks forced it to halt its military operation in the Euphrates Valley, local observers believe that this is only an excuse. Since the beginning of the operation in late September, the US-backed group has faced a series of setbacks. In the last two weeks, a wave of ISIS attacks killed more than 100 fighters of the group and forced it to withdraw from all the newly-capture areas.

SDF Halts Its Operation In Euphrates Valley Because Of Turkish Attacks On Kurdish Armed Groups In Northern Syria

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Earlier this year, the SDF made a similar excuse and when the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies launched their attack on the Kurdish area of Afrin in northern Aleppo. As a result, the operations against ISIS in the Euphrates Valley were halted for several months.

The SDF decision to halt its operations once again will likely give ISIS more time to reorganize its fighters. This raises the question about the real intentions of the US-led coalition in its “war” on ISIS in Syria.

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Is that the SDF excuse? LOL
Looks like ISIS did make it to the Iraqi border.
This is why the PMU where called up.

You can call me Al

I know, it is laughable. Now the question in MY mind at the moment, is whether the Turks and the Yankers are in cahoots; in order to all allow the ISIS vermin to regroup, reinforce, man-up or is it to coerce the SAA to cross the river and get what awaits. Something smells like a rabid kebab here!!.


Well, with the S300 and all the rest, it’s more easy to cross the river, but now it’s Idlib (and Afrin and all the rest in the north till Mambij). By the way, it’s good to know that there are ten russian an seven iranian observation posts, besides the twelve turquish, in Idlib. When the situation will be stabilized in the north, then the river will be crossed. Curious that the Turks can’t use now their air power in east Euphrates (and in Idlib they can’t also use it).


Yes, this is definitely a momentum for the SAA to take back what is due to them. But knowing that IS (ISraHell), SDF, Yankees or Tommies and maybe even the Turks are playing under one roof, it does not seem appropriate to just cross the river. It can and is certainly a trick to downsize the SAA just as they are currently being put to the test in Idlib and the resistance in al-Safa turns out to be harder than expected. That they calmly finish their own priorities first, hasty decisions and actions usually work counterproductive! Heads Up, Syrians !!! Who laughs last laughs best!

You can call me Al

Good point. What about a few special force’s groups, dropped behind enemy lines to take out a few head honchos on daily basis ?.

Also, what about the PMU crossing the border subtlety ?.

As you say though, “Who laughs last laughs best!”. Now a total inane comment here; did you know that there are many varieties of that saying;

For me it was – “He who laughs last, laughs the strongest (or hardest).”

But you can also have – “He who laughs, lasts.”

Right I am off, but there is something still niggling me, could it be that a deal has already been done between the SAA and the SDF ? (yes I know, the total reverse of what I previously said).


Indeed, Al. I share the same thoughts and hopes, although I do not want to underestimate the evil with which Syria, Iraq, the Palestinians, Yemen and Afghanistan have been confronted for already so many years. They, those cowardly Anglo-Zionists, always screen with norms and values but do not adhere themselves to any rule, law or agreement. It is therefore guessing at the true facts with which the Kurds and Turks act.

Somewhere I have the idea that things are going well and that far-reaching agreements have already been made to get rid of the yoke of the Americanos & Co., but a positive outcome can only occur when they have lifted their last heels in the Middle East and Central Asia. Nevertheless, hope makes life and I am glad that I am not the only one here, who continues to think and act positively! Thx.

You can call me Al

Same here; God wiling.


Or is it possible that the US will arm ISIS in order for ISIS to try to capture the Western bank if the border areas.

The US then would deploy on the West bank to ‘recover’ the ISIS held areas and then squat on the territory.

The US is desperate to close the Iraq/Syrian borders.


SAA has probably reinforced against this scenario.
The only remaining bridge is to the SE in Iraq unless they like boats?
Oh shit, ISIS is now on the Iraqi border. But the PMU has now been called in. :)


I wonder how many tons of US supplies were left in the areas lost by the SDF for ISIS to find :)

You can call me Al

Good point.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

that last pocket is just a mouse being dangled between two large cats, everybody knows SDF will be the last target of syrian forces.


If the SDF had any sense they would have coordinated with the SAA and Iraqi PMU to wipe out the ISIS pocket relatively easily …. but they don’t …. and their anglozionist bosses won’t allow it … so they continue as US cannon-fodder until they have lost everything including relative autonomy within Syrian borders. They seriously have to be some kind of stupid.


Those stupid cunt Kurds are sure to be extorted by their ‘guardians’, who threaten them to pass them on to the Turks as firewood if they do not follow the guidelines of the Anglo-Zionist brood. They have no choice like any befriended ally of that mafia band. Outside the mountains the Kurds have no friends and even that may be questioned, …

northerntruthseeker .

What this does is show the world that these recent ‘attacks’ by the US run proxy SDF forces against US run proxy ‘terrorists” ISIS was nothing but pure theatre…..

Now the US has a real problem with their NATO “ally” Turkey turning the screws in on the SDF in and around Manjib…. I do wonder what the US will do now? Attack Turkey for attacking their illegal proxies? This is such a laugher!


The SDF has always been nothing more than warm bodies with a steady pulse. The Turks, after having their military seriously depleted, wiped the floor with them in Afrin. They could not take Raqqa, without massive, broad range destruction of the city. Now they are getting their butts handed to them by a fraction, of a remnant of IS. Are you kidding me! This is just whipped cream on a live pig and even the US is not happy about it. My take folks, I wish a good evening to all.

Concrete Mike

I agree…some cigar smoking idiot was claiming not too long ago that kurds/sdf were the best against isis.
Where are you now ???

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Kurds were being played like pawns on a chessboard by the TQI controlled deep state of the US, but Trump is now using them more like Knights Rooks or Bishops.
Up until now Erdogan has been playing both Putin and Trump for fools, but that’s changing, I see both Putin and Trump turning the tables on Erdogan this time, because this time I think they’re both about to fool him.
Erdogan’s pissed at Trump for allowing the Kurds to kill his soldiers so now he’s doing something about it, he’s moving both his own Turkish soldiers and his proxy forces to the area to stop it. But why is Trump allowing the Kurds to kill Turkish soldiers with impunity, when he alone could so easily stop it, but doesn’t, what does he get out of letting it happen, when all things considered [NATO ally first and foremost], he should stop them.
I don’t mean the deep state of the US wants it to happen, but I do believe everything I’ve seen in the last 4 to 5 months has been a combined effort by both Putin and Trump to do this;
1 Allow Assad and Russia to take back control of Idlib and the surrounding areas without The Turks intervening. They’ll make him falsely believe he’ll be allowed to take over the revenue rich areas the Kurds are now controlling, which they’re in the process of doing right now, by making a deal whereby he’s firstly allowed to make some inroads into Ar Raqqah [in return for getting out of Idlib], and on the false assertion he’ll be able to take over everything else east and north of the Euphrates eventually, they’ll then pull the rug out from under his feet when he does accept and comply. If Erdogan had a choice between ruling the cash hungry province of idlib, that would bleed his own fast depleting coffers dry faster than he could cope with, or the 3 governate’s that have all the oil and natural gas he needs to prop up his failing economy, I think I know what he’ll do if he has to choose, he can’t afford to stay in Idlib as it is, so doesn’t really have an option.
2 Putin and Trump are pushing the Kurds towards rejoining Assad for the lowest cost to Assad and Syria’s sovereignty, this is driven mainly by Putin. Has Trump done anything at all that’s really relevant to assure to Kurds that they’re not in for a bumpy ride, has he done anything to reassure them that they won’t eventually fall into Erdogan’s evil clutches, NO, there’s no new laws or declarations from Trump and congress on their behalf that would reassure them. It’s actually the opposite going on, Trump seems to being doing everything he can to worry them and make them believe their only hope is Assad.

Trump doesn’t like dealing with Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood, and is probably right now developing a great relationship with the next person that will probably be elected after Erdogan’s gone, the leader of the opposition.
If Erdogan was to fail in his quest to deliver a new Ottoman empire, and the Turkish economy and people paid the price for the failure, Erdogan and his party would be out in the next election and a member of the opposition would be appointed to take his place. Would the scenario I proposed whereby Putin and Trump ended up pulling the rug out from under Erdogan’s feet be enough to cause this to happen, I think it would.
I think this whole Idlib/Ar Raqqah drama has a lot more going on behind the scenes than we’re all being made aware of. I may be totally wrong in my assumptions, but something’s going on that doesn’t seem to make sense, not when you take it at face value, my scenario seems to me at least, to be the most logical explanation for what I see going on. I hope I’m right, I’d love to see Erdogan get the tables turned on him for a change, but maybe my whole scenario is just wishful thinking.
NATO members being killed, ethnic cleansing, genocide – no it’s not the civil war in Yugoslavia where the journo’s screamed baby killers at the Serbs, it’s just Turkish controlled Idlib where Erdogan’s doing the same thing to the Kurds, and also where the journo’s only ever cry out “Assad must go, Assad’s a baby killer, Assad poisons his own people”. The fantasy land the TQI are trying to build.

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