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SDF Halts Anti-ISIS Operations In Northeast Syria Amid Turkish Attack – Report

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SDF Halts Anti-ISIS Operations In Northeast Syria Amid Turkish Attack – Report

Illustrative image, source: sdf-press.com

The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have halted its security operations against ISIS in northeastern Syria as result of the ongoing Turkish attack on the region, Reuters reported on October 9, citing two U.S. officials and a Kurdish military source.

“The SDF stopped the anti-ISIS operations because it’s impossible to carry out any operation while you are being threatened by a large army right on the northern border,” Reuters quoted the Kurdish military source as saying

One of the U.S. officials revealed that the suspension also impacted U.S. training of “stabilization forces” in Syria.

The SDF had warned that it would halt anti-terror operations in northeast Syria in case of any Turkish attack on the region. The Kurdish-dominated group also warned that its troops may not be able to guard some 11,000 ISIS-linked captives in case of such attack.

A third U.S. offical told Reuters that the SDF was still guarding prisons holding the captured ISIS fighters. However, he noted that a small number of SDF forces had been relocated ahead of the Turkish offensive.

The Turkish military and the so-called National Syrian Army (NSA) launched Operation Peace Spring in northeast Syria a few hours earlier. So far, at least two civilians have been killed as a result of Turkish airstrikes on the region.

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The SDF ended anti-ISIS campaign… The way ISIS knew this was when they asked the neighboring Kurd forces camp if they could borrow a cup of salt they were told no… harsh


And apparently there has now been a huge break out at the Al-Hol camp after rioting and burning tents!


Of course SDF will concentrate on the incursion in the north. Best they ship off all IS to Iraq, which will hang them all.


That sounds a bit like whining about their actual situation. They have played the role of invaders and land-robbers in Syria somehow, besides of siding with the oil- and influence-greedy yanks… And now they pose as something like “heroic fighters against the headchoppers”. Question: Why have the Kurds not been successful on extincting them during the past 5 ys – like the SAA with Russian help was in the Southeastern parts of Syria?

Free man

SDF declares an ISIS detention center was bombed by Turkish military in an attempt to breach the prison to release ISIS detained militants by SDF.
I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be true.
Putin was right about ISIS’s ties with Turkey in general and Erdogan’s son in particular.

Joe Dickson

Turkey is a state sponsor of terrorism, it is time they are treated as such.


israel is a terror state and should be decommissioned first of all and then you can talk turkey.


Ahh the immortal isis. Amazing what a balaclava can do. Ready to spring forth and do Israel’s bidding wherever there is a power vacuum

The Farney Fontenoy

What anti-ISIS operation?!



Xoli Xoli

Turkey on it’s way to boost its terrorists in its ranks.Erdogan betray Trump and SDF let the beat goes on.


ahah sdf allied of daesh against SAA i look at automn 2017 operation for impeachement for SAA franchir l,euprathe

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