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SDF General Commander: Decision To Liberate Afrin By Force Has Been Made

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SDF General Commander: Decision To Liberate Afrin By Force Has Been Made

Ferhat Abdi Sahin AKA “Mazloum Kobane.” Source: rok-online.com

General Commander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on March 28 that the group had taken the decision to liberate the area of Afrin from the Turkish military and its proxies by force.

“We are preparing and making arrangements in order to liberate Afrin … Because this is a military matter, everyone should know that when the time is suitable, the liberation phase will begin,” Ferhat Abdi Sahin, who is known by his nom de guerre “Mazloum Kobane” said in an interview with the Kurdish Sterk TV.

Mazloum Kobane added that all SDF groups, including the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Woman’s Protection Units (YPJ), have affirmed their readiness to participate in the liberation of Afrin once the battle begin.

“Afrin is not only a Kurdish area, but a Syrian area … It’s within the SDF’s mission to protect all Syria terrirotry,” Mazloum Kobane said.

The Turkish military and its Syrian proxies took over Afrin in the beginning of 2018 following a short battle with Kurdish forces. Despite losing the strategic area, Kurdish fighters managed to hold onto few positions south and southeast of Afrin.

However, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces are now deployed in these positions. All the supply routes to these positions are also under the direct control of the Damascus government.

Due to this situation, the SDF will need an agreement with Damascus in order to carry out any attack in the area. An agreement that appears to be impossible now, as the Kurdish dominated group is not willing to compromise on any matter.

Therefore, most of SDF statements regarding the situation in Afrin should be viewed as a part of the public political gain in an attempt to buy support of the Syrian population. The group, which deeply relies on the foreign support to control northeastern Syria, is currently facing notable problems with the control over the Arab-populated areas seized from ISIS.

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LMAO ……..

The PKK are Communist who parade the Red Star around representing the Zionist-Jew Karl Marx. If they wish to test their metal to the metal of the brave defenders of Afrin, be my guest. I know more about Natures laws then do the Zionist-Kurd’s. https://scontent-ort2-2.cdninstagram.com/vp/50c426378ddc489ee2b4ff8c55891156/5D336BCB/t51.2885-15/e35/33110482_302571020281012_4431178988336971776_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.cdninstagram.com

Mazlum Kobane aka PKK commander the day after :

“As for Turkey, it is not in our interest to go to war with Turkey. We do not wish to fight Turkey. That has been our position from the outset.”

The amerikurds are definitely on drugs


The predominant Kurdish group is not willing to compromise on any issue. This political position serves Turkey’s interests and she will stay permanently in Afrin, Idlib, and Jarablus. The policy of the SDF has to be reform and all in one SAA , Russians,SDF and Hezbollah to clear up the regions from the Turkish influence.

Mustafa Mehmet

So you want saa to join with force with traitors? RE papas

Saddam Hussein

(((Kurds))) are all talk.

alejandro casalegno

Afrin will be liberated……….by SAA!!!………if the kurdish support this, better!!!

Promitheas Apollonious

kurds dont belong to syria, is time they become extinct, or go back to turkey, along with the turks and they can sort it out there.

both of you together cant beat us. weaklings

Mustafa Mehmet

but afrin liberated already ..you want work with kurdi now? no prop

alejandro casalegno

The turkish.jihadists alliance don´t have future……………..will take some time, but ALL Syria will be liberated………..

Mustafa Mehmet

Golan been waiting last 50 years what’s happening?

alejandro casalegno

The zionists are a real power………….Turkey not……………

Mustafa Mehmet

What you gone do with golan ? you know nothing about turkey .


Afrin is Syrian territory, neither jihadists Kurds or Turkey has any right to bear arms there. The Kurds need to show the exit door to the US presence.

Mustafa Mehmet

Kurdi show the exit door to yaanks? who r the kurdi


The Kurdish under the SDF , that is YPG and YPJ under the US. The Turkish cleared Afrin, but the far larger Kurdish held Syrian territory is east in Raqqa and east of the Euphrates.

Instead of clearing those Kurds from Turkey’s southern border they have ‘secured’ Idlib with the jihadists via ‘observation posts’. That does nothing to solve the Kurdish problem, only entrenches Turkish power west of Afrin, the Kurds are east of Afrin.

Julian Clegg

It would be difficult to do without air cover. The SDF in Afrin will not get air support from Russia or the Nato countries, because that would put them in direct conflict with Turkey. The Syrian government is also not yet in a position to challenge Turkey directly. Therefore Turkey at present has a monopoly of air power in the Afrin region.

Promitheas Apollonious

not if the kurds have been supplied and they have, manpads from US and allies. In any case should they are ordered from their zioamerican patrons to attack the turks they will not have much choice will they?


once the northwest of syria is free from kurds and jihadists, turkey will withdraw behind the border – very little to gain for turkey from insisting on staying on in syria and the better choice is to remain on a friendly basis with russia and iran and once syria is liberated, the troika of turkey, iran and syria baccked by russia can do something about the real pain in the neck in the middle east and that is israel. and believe me, the squatters must be taken care of and removed to moronistan (aka usa) and once they get their stuff together, the troijka that is,the squatters are toast regardless if they wave their nukes around because that is something the world won’t accept, at all.


blah, blah, blah, blah


These guys are badass


These guys have got their ass handed over to them, they are nothing, just a talking head, useless fighters aswell, been waiting till Russia and Syria will get to Deir Ezor so that they could start their piggyback riding along the Eufrat river.


Lol how, they defeated ISIS with US support while Russia and Syria just talked


Hi liar. Do you get paid for crapping all over the blog?


You silly israfucky, they struggled to take down what was left over of isi after ussi and syrian army hvae raped it.

Concrete Mike

Der Ez Zor was liberated no thanks to you assholes.

Even though you bombed saa many times with missiles and planes, you fed all the sattelite intel needed to isis,flooded river multiple times, bombed all bridges, all the dirty tricks. YET YOU STILL FAILED!!

You failed then. Your failing now. You will fail in the future.

We are not affraid you, havent you noticed? Every time you shoot your little pea shooters at us, hoping we retaliate, we steadfastly stand tall look you in the eye, and fart in your general direction!

Hurry call the WH gas attack!!! Bolton is all like moar missilesssss!!!!

America is the real coward, if it wants assad and iran gone so much, it should do it itself! But it cant! And it wont.


No, you guys are dumb-ass.

Tudor Miron

When I think that their stupidity has reached it’s limits they simply pull out another “jem”

Concrete Mike

Yes this one must have a anglo nazi hand quit deep in his còlon as he was spewing some more outrageous crap the other day. At the same time we have israel giving more overt suport to the kurds Coincidence? I think not!

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The wretched scabrous anarcho-Marxist dung-eating Kurds couldn’t take a shit without the US holding their hand. Asad made a mistake granting them Syrian citizenship. His only recourse now is to revoke that.

Eskandar Black

that’s a new level of ridiculous. Without US air power, Turks will eat them for lunch

Astrid Watanabe

“….The group [Kurds] …… is currently facing considerable problems with the control of the Arab-populated areas seized from ISIS.” I see no direct notice of that problem in their website hawarnews.com, but I have been wondering about the Arab population in that territory. Some do support the Kurds, but I am not surprised at all that there are considerable problems. That the Kurds are not serious fighters is nonsense. They fought hard and persistently over Kobane and liberated it from ISIS. At that time the US did some bombing, sort of haphazardly, which the Kurds understood to be just “cosmetic”. I read in Middle East Eye that YPJ and YPG “always collaborated with Assad” [as if that was a bad thing. That website is of the “Assad must go party”]. I also had the impression that YPJ and YPG were ready to compromise. But when they had their meetings, their priority was to unite all Syrian Kurds, and that included the “Democratic forces” which were absolutely unwilling to cooperate with Assad. So after these meetings I could see their attitude change noticeably, to the point of being unreasonable. They wanted to unite to decide “what is best for the Kurds”, without considering what is best for the country. Instead of being helpful they are another problem. Poor Syria.

Concrete Mike

Your not the first coming here claiming kurds fought against isis harder or whatever.

Bullshit. SAA is the only serious force fighting ISIS. I will cite the heroic SAA Der Ez Zor garrisson. Who against all odd survived YEARS of al nusrah/isis filth. Jihadi filth that had air support from usa , Jihadi filth that had kurd support as well. I remember you dicks flooding the euphrates more than once in 2017.

Kurds are an american intelligence plan “B” tool. No other reason would explain israeli and saudi interest and support.

The quality of your fighters is irrelevant when your bosses control your “ennemy”, ISIS. So whos the controlled opposition ? ISIS ? Kurds? Both?

The quality of fighting showed in Raqqah is nothing to gloat about, but its ok your chums dont care…look at how their treating the refugges down south. Shameful.

I will let you resume being a goodcheerleader for your chums now, you have a job to do, I dont.

Reconciliation with the state is the only way.

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