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SDF Foiled Turkish Plot To Smuggle Russian ISIS Wives From Al-Hawl Camp


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have foiled a Turkish plot to smuggle five Russian women affiliated with ISIS from the al-Hawl camp in northeast Syria, the Hawar news agency (ANHA) revealed on August 8.

According to the agency, the Russian women attempted to escape from the notorious camp late on August 7 with the help of smugglers. Nevertheless, their plan was uncovered by the SDF’ security unit, Asayish.

The five women were identified as:

  • Victora Nicola, a wife of ISIS fighter with three children;
  • Aisha Ahmed Khan, a wife of ISIS fighter with a child;
  • Marit Murad, a wife of ISIS fighter with two children;
  • Aisha Maulloud, a female fighter of ISIS;
  • Hawa Muslim, a wife of ISIS fighter with a child.
SDF Foiled Turkish Plot To Smuggle Russian ISIS Wives From Al-Hawl Camp

Click to see full-size image. Source: Hawar News Agency (hawarnews.com)

A source in the Asayish told the ANHA that the smugglers who attempted to help the women escape from al-Hawl are directly linked to Turkey.

“Turkey is planning to smuggle ISIS women from the al-Hawl camp to Turkish territory then send them to their countries,” the source said.

Hawa Muslim, 23, confirmed to ANHA that the smugglers were going to take them to Turkey, where Turkish authorities prepared houses for them.

More than 40,000 family members of ISIS terrorists are being held within the al-Hawl camp. The SDF has been running the camp since 2015 with support from the U.S.-led coalition.

Last month, Turkey bragged about “freeing” a Moldavian ISIS wife along with her four children from the al-Hawl camp. This confirms that Ankara is actively working to free ISIS-affiliated women from the camp.




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