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JUNE 2021

SDF Fights ISIS in Suburbs of Manbij

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are clashing with ISIS militants in the suburbs of Syria’s Manbij. Recently, SDF units have captured the ISIS Sharia school and its traffic circle and a traffic circle near the silo compex near the gralin silo complex, controlled by ISIS in the south of the city. Separately, the SDF has secured the village of Al Katf.

Despite heavy clashes in different areas near Manbij, the US-backed forces have not been able to use their advantage in air power, equipment and number of troops (additionally supported by US special forces) and break the ISIS defenses in the city, yet.

SDF Fights ISIS in Suburbs of Manbij

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its like america and turkey are fighting a proxy war, sacrificing lives on both sides for show. sad.


Turkey hates the SDF, because behind SDF is Really YPG, which are Kurdish forces. if they capture Manbij is a blow to Turkey. And turkey is not happy with the SDF advancing along its border.


i believe you. what i meant was that america supports the sdf and kurds. turkey supports isis. in the end so called allies- turkey and america- are supporting opposing sides. it is a friendly fire /proxy war. crazy and unnecessary.

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