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MAY 2022

SDF Fighters Storm Another Key Town In Euphrates Valley (Map)

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On December 30, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) stormed the town of al-Shafah in the middle Euphrates River Valley and captured a large part of it after heavy clashes with ISIS fighters, according to local sources. The clashes reportedly resulted in casualties on both sides.

The sources said that warplanes and helicopters of the US-led coalition conducted more than 100 airstrikes on ISIS’ positions, vehicles and gatherings inside the town in the last 24 hours.

SDF Fighters Storm Another Key Town In Euphrates Valley (Map)

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Two days ago, Kurdish sources claimed that the SDF liberated al-Shafah, which hosts several key headquarters of the terrorist group. However, the SDF did not confirm this.

Activists, close to the SDF, said that the remaining ISIS fighters in al-Shafah are not resisting the SDF attack. The activists suggested that the terrorists are either planning to withdraw or to flee to the SDF-held areas, where they can operate as cells.

The last few days witnessed significant advance by the SDF in the Euphrates Valley. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), more than 1,050 terrorists were killed in the ongoing attack and hundreds others fled from the region.

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LOL how many key towns are there

Jon Gruntha

All towns are key as they are last remnants. But Shafah is the biggest of the towns left under ISIS.

You can call me Al

What day is it today ?……

Just more Yanker shyte, ISIS will re-emerge with a million troops in this town alone.


This was probably on arrangement with the US commander in Syria, who wants to get as much as he can done before he has to go (in the event that Trump doesn’t reverse his decision).

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