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SDF Denies Responsibility For Crops Fires, Accuses Turkish-Backed Militants


SDF Denies Responsibility For Crops Fires, Accuses Turkish-Backed Militants

Illustrative image. Source: kurdistantv.net

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) denied their responsibility for the recent crops fires in northeastern Syria following the release of a video showing alleged fighters of the US-backed group setting a farm on fire in the region.

“Local people are not buying this childish propaganda attempt by Turkish trolls since the fighters of SDF are fighting fires alongside them. It’s not hard to predict who benefits from both these lies and the fires themselves,” Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the group, wrote on Twitter commenting on the video.

Bali went on to accuse the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) of staging the footage, claiming that the video was filmed near the town of Jarabulus in the Euphrates Shield (ES) area in northern Aleppo.

The video, which was released by opposition activists on June 11, shows two gunmen with a pick-up truck, carrying the SDF’s banner, starting a fire in a farm of wheat in an unspecified location.

While Bali didn’t provide any evidence to back its claims, opposition and even pro-government sources are still insisting that the SDF is using fires as a punishment for the farmers, who have refused to sell their crops to the SDF’s “self-administration” in northeastern Syria.

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  • gustavo

    Not way, evidences are evidences my friend, like the DNA.

    • Richard

      Not that hard to put a flag on a pickup truck and claim it was the ypg ! Not saying it wasn’t but as i said before it’s not that hard to do it .. Plus i find it hard to believe that anygroup would be that stupid to put their flag on a car and go around and burning crops

    • Feudalism Victory

      Or like finding passports on dead terrorists

  • Joe Dickson

    We are long past propaganda, just finish the job.

  • Rob

    Syrian state run by four important entities. President, chief of army, Chief Justice and intelligence Chief.

    The most important is the Syrian nation and the Syrian state. If the state and their nation exist then there will be government. The enemy of state is actually the enemy of nation. The enemies of state for always wants to remove national government and bring a proxy corrupt leadership to listen to them and to run state by World bank and IMF loans and keep the public taxes for offshore companies and properties.

    Note it, the enemy of state will always attack a state and its nation in pretext of accusing its leadership.

    Basher Al Assad is ready to leave the government but this is not a good time for Syrian election. It can be done when foreign forces withdraw from Syria and there is complete peace in whole country but Syrian state and Syrian nation. At the moment foreign enemies have made terrorist nests in every corner of Syria and trying to support different groups in Syria for dividing Syrian national land.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Farmers in SDF control areas will be suppress because their are forced to feed Sdf=isis. Besides all desert rats remained desert rats their are not used to crops.Their like desert to dig tunnels.