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SDF Denies Alleged Agreement With ISIS In Raqqah, Blames Syrian-Iranian-Russian Alliance For Making Agreements With ISIS Near Palmyra

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SDF Denies Alleged Agreement With ISIS In Raqqah, Blames Syrian-Iranian-Russian Alliance For Making Agreements With ISIS Near Palmyra


The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have released an official statement commenting on reports appeared in Russian media that the SDF would allow ISIS to redeploy freely from the city of Raqqah to the area of Palmyra to fight with Syrian government forces.

The SDF officially denied existing of any safe passage agreement and aruged that these reports are aimed at distorting the public image of the SDF.

In turn, the SDF said that the group has information that the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance has agreements of this kind with ISIS in the area of Palmyra.

It’s also interesting to note that the SDF said that the reports about the SDF-ISIS agreement had came from the Russian Foreign Ministry. Meanwhile, it’s untrue. The source of the reports was Ria Novosti that quoted own source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

The US-backed SDF has officially made at least two safe-passage deals with ISIS terrorists. These information are confirmed by the US-led coalition.

  1. The SDF allowed about 70 ISIS fighters to leave freely the Tabqa dam area in 2017; (the coalition’s statement is here);
  2. About 500 vehicles with ISIS fighters and their supporters (as well as an unknown number of civilians taken hostage, according to the SDF) were given safe passage by the SDF in the city of Manbij out of the city of Manbij in 2016. (the coalition’s confirmation is here).

Meanwhile, there are no confirmed reports that the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance has ever made a deal with ISIS so far. Earlier this week, government forces liberated a large area south of the Palmyra-Homs highway from ISIS. Most likely, this development was referred by the SDF in its statement.

Here you can find an example of a ceasefire agreement made of by the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance in the area:

Summing up the facts, it becomes clear why the public has little doubt that the SDF could consider an option to provide a safe passage to ISIS fighters leaving Raqqah. The question is where will these fighters be deployed by the ISIS command?

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Cheryl Brandon

SAA/Iran and Russia and Hezbollahwill never make any agreements with terrorist, that is for sure!

Jacek Wolski

Russia??? Of course!!! Look what happened in Chechnya!!! But Iran did support the ‘Tehran Eight’ against the Soviets in Afganistan! Never forget!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Tehran is Monotheist, they were duty bound to oppose expansionist-Atheist from exploiting more Monotheist lands. Today the Soviets Atheist-Empires-dreams are dead. Russia is a Nationalist state now and also Monotheist. That makes Russia the good guys. In the cold war both sides were Empires and Atheist, at least the leaders of the west were though the people were not. The US and UK were the bad guys in the cold war, and so were the Soviets. Just two world bullies circling each other. It is important to dissolve all Empires, including the UN UK USSA China NATO AU EU and so forth. Nations states must learn to be friendly, and yet not interfere in internal matters ever. http://en.farsnews.com/Default.aspx


Tehran is just as radical as the ones in Riyadh you hypocritical liar. Full fledged Sharia Islamist’s and you side with one. Only difference is one is a shia and the other is sunni. No real difference since both are Islamic at heart and can’t be trusted.


Say an IDF officer


Childish comment. I don’t care for them. I enjoy watching them killing each other no denial about that.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I trust Shia, and I trust Alawite. I trust Christians and I trust Zoroastrians and I trust Druze. -True story. If you do not trust people, do not bother being here. You are acting like a typical Zionist-shrill.


You obviously have not been to ether Saudi or Iran . Iran is fully literate and hospitable , Riyadh has separate quarters for non believers , and only the Sunnis get an education .


Why do you keep lying? You make agreements for the withdraw with the so called terrorists all the time or you forget those? Here https://southfront.org/isis-prepares-withdraw-al-yarmouk-camp-near-damascus/


So why you not join rebel if you hate SAA so much, or join IDF


I HATE all of them. It would be best if the entire middle east was nuked.

Solomon Krupacek



Correct. All parties in this conflict make “deals”.

Bill Wilson

Hell, the three have had a long standing agreements with all the terrorist groups: we’ll leave you alone if you do the same with us.


It make no sense for isis to move to palmyra from raqqa,if they do that they are in open space thats mean easy target.


The US just wants their clandestine House Terrorists in ISIS to slow down the inexorable SAA advance to liberate Deir Ezzor.

M Kow

Exactly. IS failed to do the job of toppling Assad so at least it is still useful as a spoiler to hold the area between Syria and Iraq to prevent a linkup of Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian forces which would be a barrier against the Wahhabi/US schemes. US is doing all it can to encourage its pet to do the right thing and delay SAA and PMU in Iraq long enough for the US to squeeze themselves in their place(under the guise of ‘fighting terror’) and not only partition Syria, but more importantly for them: to prevent Iran from having a contiguous land bridge to the Med.


That’s not true. Imagine this, ISIS moves their stronghold capital to Deir Ezzor by moving to Palmyra and stopping SAA advance.


Isis would be dead meat if exposes itself out of urban areas, as has been the case for the last few months. Isis is finished, Russia and SAA are systematically eliminating US proxies one by one, whether ISIS or FSA.

Gabriel Hollows

Better than being encircled and slaughtered.

Joe Doe

Looks like SDF are fully control by americans. This kind of statement can only come from americans. Therefore, it would be very interested if SDF will allowed SAA use highway 4 going South. In case, SDF will not allowed then Syria and Russia will have to make plan B going forwards in regards territory occupied by SDF in SYria. SDF will be backstab by the americans sooner or later

Den Tetre

SDF is lying. They have an agreement or US does. And it is SDF not ISIS who flooded Raqqa couple days ago.


Says the liars making agreements with ISIS to withdraw from Yarmouk is no different from this.


how the weather at tel aviv, stinky as usual?


Same boring immature comment anything new?

Bill Wilson

All of these naysayers are ignorant immature losers and probably alcoholics to boot.


They might be lying or not. All parties in this conflict have used this tactic. SAA is going so far they even provide the busses to transport islamists out of the cities they evacuate. Free transport for fighters and family towards Idlib or Azaz region. Turkey even gave IS weapons to leave Al Bab.

So cut the BS and get real. Were there to be a deal, it would have been tactically a good move, but maybe strategically and morally less so.

Flooding the city once the assault starts and there is going to be fighting in the city, that is a good move too as it will destroy the tunnels and prevent infitration in the rear. They just have to take care it can only be up to three or four feet max.

Pave Way IV

The YPG/YPJ only let ISIS leave in a body bag – they would never make any ‘deals’ with head-choppers. The YPG/YPJ are only the majority cannon-fodder for the SDF, they don’t run it – the U.S. does. Plenty of side deals are made by ‘the SDF’ that the YPG/YPJ would scream about if they knew. Guess what though – they’ll never know. The U.S. makes sure of that. CENTCOM handles all intel for ‘SDF partners’ and censors as much outside news as possible from the YPG/YPJ.

Whatever claims you see being made ‘by the SDF’ really means by the SDF media arm – a Soros-funded CIA-run venture, just like the White Helmets. The dozens of ‘official’ SDF social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook are Soros mouthpieces pushing his neocon agenda. CENTCOM approves anything ‘the SDF’ says, so you can be sure they will never admit deals with head-choppers – even though there are probably plenty of them.

If the YPG/YPJ knew half of what SDF has really done, they would probably quit and then turn around an attack it. As it stands for now, they’re not really sure what’s happening. Since the guns and bullets come through the SDF, the Kurds have no choice for now but to hold their noses at the SDF stench and play along.

Sam Culpak

To be honest that sounds a bit foolish. You can’t claim the YPG/YPJ wouldn’t make any deals when the contrary is obvious on the field of battle. Who wouldn’t if there are no disadvantages? If you can choose between taking a site without casualties which otherwise would be very costly why not strike a deal? The US wants results for their support, weapons and money. They get results. No need to lose any soldiers because of it.


And that is the reasonable truth, which applies to all the parties involved.

Bill Wilson

The standard US/SDF procedure is to allow ISIS to leave unmolested along a set route then blow them up with artillery and aerial bombs once they cross into ISIS controlled territory.


So that’s why 5000 ISUS where allowed to relocate from Mosul to Palmyra with US and Saudi blessings? They even stated it so in MSM.


The thing is, this deal is so bad for ISUS I can’t believe they would take it. “You can go free if you promise to run 200km through open desert to Palmyra, and btw the Russians will know the moment you set off”. That’s no kind of a deal even if they were discussing one. I would be slightly worried if they were running towards Deir Ezzor. Even then they would be sitting ducks.

Real Anti-Racist Action

SDF claims that people are trying to distort their public image? What what exactly do they think the international public image of them is exactly? Cause I think they are terrorist conquering Syrian territory. The world knows they are Zionist-surpremisist bent on conquest. Kurds car bomb and suicide vest themselves when it serves their purposes as well. Kurds are the original terrorist of the ME. You cannot tarnish their image, cause it is dirtied with the blood of innocent people already. http://en.farsnews.com/Default.aspx


Keep lying and maybe one day you will believe your own words one day.


Big liar spouting liar to every one, how the weather at tel aviv, stinky as usual?


I don’t know I don’t live there. I don’t care for Zionist life or a Muslim life they keep killing each other for all I care.


According to Sputnik News the RuAF strikes on the ISIS column driving out of Raqqa toward Palmyra shown in video above hit 39 utility vehicles and killed 120 terrorists. Not too bad.


_…____ [_IS_] —————->Deir Ez-zor °°°°°°°

John Brown

ISIS does what ever their master Israel tells them to do the same as with the USSA

Carol Davidek-Waller

Apparently propaganda is part of the US’s SDF training. There is nothing in the tragic history of this senseless conflict to suggest that the Syrian coalition would do anything to benefit ISIS. On the other hand US and their proxy terrorist army have done everything they could to overthrow the elected government of Syria including attacking government forces at critical times.

chris chuba

I have come to the conclusion that Information warfare is the ONLY thing my country does well.


They will deny it as much as they can. I am not pro or anti Kurd, but from what I have seen in over 6 years of this conflict, Kurds only save their skins, they will change alliance quicker than you read this comment. Manbij, Tabqa are case studies for you to look at, in regards to ISIS.

Jacek Wolski

They have every right to only save their skin. Survival of the fittest.


That is fine, when all is done and dusted, the Syrian population would remember who stood for everyone and who were selfish.

Brad Isherwood


The military source added that Russian intelligence drones have set up a perimeter around the city to monitor possible terrorist escape routes, with combat aircraft and special forces units engaged in preventing militants’ escape. 

“Any attempts by Daesh militants to move toward Palmyra and to build up their forces there will be squashed,” the source said.

Excellent…..Now Trump and Jews can kick chairs across the room,…..excellent .

Bio_ Hazard

They done it with tabqa before, but to accuse the Russian coalition of making agreements with isis is just bullsh*t. Do they not know that SAA is trying to push east towards Deir Ezzor? more than 100 isis fighter are dead from an RUAF air raid.


“Here you can find an example of a ceasefire agreement made of by the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance in the area:” Great stuff SF ! :DDD This video is much better than the initial release from yesterday.

chris chuba

Safe passage agreements when ISIS militants are surrounded in urban or populated areas is defensible if it is done to minimize civilian deaths or destruction of vital infrastructure. Manbij and Tabaqa met those requirements. It is silly for the SDF to make this accusation against the SAA, they made no such agreements in or around Palmyra.

It would be inappropriate to allow forces to relocated, unmolested, without an agreement just to give your rival a hard time.

Solomon Krupacek

the saa plans such agreement with isis in damscus. simalar made with other, worse jihadists. and sent inidlib and aleppo, where attacked also kurds.in thios psecial case there is no reason to point on each other.

Bill Wilson

Fuck Russia and the cowardly SAA. ISIS has steadily been removing fighters from Raqqa for deployment elsewhere for nearly a year. Their flow could’ve been slowed if the chicken shit SAA had the balls to retake control of the highways south of the city. The only reason why their loser militias are now having success is due to ISIS abandoning territory to them. The SDF/US have a standard procedure for allowing ISIS withdraws. They’re allow safe passage along a set route to a certain destination just inside ISIS controlled territory. Once the ISIS convoy reaches that location then they become fair targets for air and artillery strikes. The group of ISIS fighters that left Tabqa barely made it past the front line before getting wiped out by the USAF.

Solomon Krupacek

your last sentence is surely false


“Their flow could’ve been slowed if the chicken shit SAA had the balls to retake control of the highways south of the city.” To this day SDF has not made an attempt to block the ISUS roads south of the river and downstream to Deir Ezzor. This is per US instructions and planning.


How come you are the only one who knows this? Where is your info from?

Volker Burkert

” Their flow could’ve been slowed if the chicken shit SAA had the balls to retake control of the highways south of the city. The only reason why their loser militias are now having success is due to ISIS abandoning territory to them. ”

And why exactly is ISIS abandoning territory if they are so successful in chasing SAA and associated forces? Perhaps that makes sense to you but not to normal thinking folks.


1. One might note that both the report about the allowed withdrawal and the subsequent drone lead aerial attack on the retreating column in broad daylight came from Russian sources. The Russians would need to have a story about an ISIS column to have an ISIS column to destroy. 2.If this withdrawal was allowed it did have one purpose that just might have escaped notice of the Armchair Generals posting. It saved CIVILIAN LIVES which would undoubtedly been lost in Urban warfare in Raqqa. And perhaps because of US rules, or perhaps just their own culture, Civilian Lives does seem to have mattered to the Kurds throughout their involvement in this war. If Civilian Lives does matter to any of the commentators here they might want to compare the behavior of the US/Kurdish behavior and the Russian/ SAA

John Mason

Nice agreement then bomb them. SDF id controlled by the US so anything coming from them is BS.


Whatever the allegations different sides are throwing at each other there are some facts on the ground. Firstly SDF has NOT encircled Raqqah, which it is clearly capable of doing. There are still open routes from the city leading to the south. Secondly, a few days ago Russian AF (not the phoney anti-ISIS coalition planes) splashed a convoy of 39 pick-up trucks with mounted machine guns heading in the southerly direction, ostensibly towards Palmyra. 32 trucks were destroyed by RuAF along with 120 insurgents, according to Iranian sources. We don’t know if there was an agreement with the SDF, but if there was the Russians are having none of it. There is a 24 hr drone presence to prevent any kind of build up in the Palmyra direction. I would not have any objection to the terrorists being splashed in the open desert but it seems the calculus is that Raqqah won’t be handed over on a platter to the coalition and let SAA/Russians do all the fighting. Fair enough. ISUS always was a US tool.

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