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SDF Political Wing’s Delegation Visits Damascus For Negotiations With Assad Government


SDF Political Wing's Delegation Visits Damascus For Negotiations With Assad Government

Ilham Ehmed, source: pydrojava.net

On July 27, a delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) headed by Ilham Ehmed, a Co-Leader of the council, arrived Damascus to hold direct talks with the government of President Bashar al-Assad, according to the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA). The SDC is the political wing of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, which control northeastern Syria.

The ANHA didn’t reveal further information about the visit. However, the RT TV quoted Ehmed as saying that the delegation will discuss “military and political issues” with the Damascus government.

The Russian new TV channel also reported that three unnamed senior Kurdish officials are accompanying Ehmed, along with Ibrahim al-Qaftan, the leader of the newly formed Future Syria Party (FSP).

Earlier this month, Ehmed told the Kurdish Rudaw TV that the SDC will open offices in the Syria governorates of Hama, Homs, Lattakia and in the Syrian capital of Damascus. The co-leader of the SDC explained that such a step is a part of the ongoing efforts to reach a “democratic” solution for the crisis in Syria.

Ehmad’s statement was not the only sign that the SDC is seeking better relations with the Damascus government. On July 26, Aldar Khalil, the co-president of the executive body of the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), said that Kurdish forces are ready to participate in any military operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the northern governorate of Idlib if this brings them closer to retaking the Kurdish area of Afrin.

The outcome of the ongoing talks between the SDC and the Damascus government may have a direct impact on the future of northeastern Syria, which is still suffering from the consequences of the ISIS occupation.



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