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JUNE 2023

SDF-Damascus Deal: First Details Revealed

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SDF-Damascus Deal: First Details Revealed

Syrian soldiers in Tel Rifaat city, Illustrative image

On October 15, several sources released an alleged copy of the recent breakthrough agreement between the Damascus government and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The agreement, which covers the country’s northeastern region, was reached on October 13 during a meeting between representatives of Damascus and the SDF. The meeting was reportedly held in the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Lattakia.

Under the agreement, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces will be moving into SDF territory using three directions:

  • From Tabqa in northern direction towards Ayn Issa and its countryside. Also in northern direction towards Syrian Turkish border at Tell Abyad and towards the west;
  • Second axis from Manbij into the direction of Ayn al Arab on Syrian Turkish border until Tell Abyad and towards the west;
  • Third axis from Hasakah/Tall Tamr, arriving in Ras al Ayn and towards the east arriving in Qamishli and then Al Malikiyah and towards the south;
  • The SAA forces will spread in the Manbij region, starting from Arima and along the Sajur river, sticking to previous deals regarding the distribution of forces in Arima.

In the end of the alleged agreement, the SDF confirmed that it’s prepared to preserve the territorial unity of the Syrian Arab Republic under the republic’s official flag and that they will stand by the SAA in confronting Turkish threats under leadership of Mr. president Bashar al-Assad.

Damascus and the SDF are yet to confirm the released terms. However, the SAA’s ongoing deployment in northeastern Syria, which began on October 13, is in line with the terms mentioned in the agreement.

The SDF agreed to the SAA’s deployment in northeast Syria following the beginning of the Turkish-led Operation Peace Spring and President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from the region.

Russia is facilitating and supporting the deployment of the SAA in the northeastern region. However, Turkey appears to be determined to go on with its offensives.

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Transition from Biji APO to Allah, Suriya, Bashar took only 5 days. F16 s and 155 mm howitzers can sometimes create miracles.


yes!! lol!! ;)

Paul Christo

For a moment there I thought you was going to burst into tears,don’t cry little mongol Isis brain.


No more terrorists in our borders , no USA around , no more masturbators like you fed by US guns each and everyday. Today is a nice day.

Dont waste your time here dear , you have an ass to kiss. Dont keep Assad waiting.

Concrete Mike

Dont you realise turkey was used by russia to get the kurds to the negotiating table?

Turkey is a tool in this syria war, it was a tool from the start.

We see the support you give to al nusrah, so in a way your no better than the idiotic sdf or pkk or whatevet the fuck you call em.

I suggest you better check yourself before your wreck yourself!


Of course , and if you think we were not aware of that you are mistaken.

The jewish supported, US designed and supplied, Saudi financed YPG statelet is no more. Blood borders map of LT colonel Ralp Peters is gone. Condellezza Rice and her likes can not change borders of 22 states in Middle and near East now.

Al Nusrah is nothing compared to YPG


The Zionist jews and their US lackeys are indeed responsible for much of world terrorism and all of the manufactured terrorism in the Middle East. I also include, Britain, France, Useful idiot NATO nations and saudi Arabia+ Gulf States in that melange of hate.

The problems that Turkey has today are because Erdogan wanted to be on the side who he judged would be the winners in Syria. Erdogan was WRONG in thinking that the US Coalition of Terror would prevail, yet he still seeks to loot, cheat and steal Syrian assets and lands.

It may well be that Erdogan was given a ‘bone’ to remove the most corrupted Kurdish leaders East of the Euphrates. However, if Erdogan had any common sense he would have used the Turkish Army to do so and not gangs of UN proscribed terrorists who now wear a SNA uniform.

Erdogan still has a chance to redeem himself, but that would involve the Turkish army killing or arresting the terror gangs he also sponsored :)


[“Erdogan was WRONG in thinking that the US Coalition of Terror would prevail, yet he still seeks to loot, cheat and steal Syrian assets and lands.”] Can you please prove the theft in this statement?


Erdogan and his son personally profited from the continuous stream of Syrian oil that had been stolen by ISIS. Remember the many millions of USD in cash that were intercepted on a flight that landed in Italy, and was in the hands of Erdogans son and his bodyguards on the plane about three years ago.

Erdogan is in total control of Turkey, ergo all the factory and other equipment looted from Aleppo must have also had Erdogans approval, as it all ended up in Turkey and many thousands of tonnes of looted equipment cannot cross a militarised border without the knowledge and consent of those in power.

As for the Syrian land, Erdogan will attempt to emulate the Squatter state of Israel and to ‘ park Turkish caravans’ on Syrian soil. Again. Hatay province for example.


Erdogan could have squatted a long time ago if that was his intention. By the way the current areas he is helping to cleanse along the Turkish/Syrian border are being occupied by the SAA according to the Adana Agreement with Russia/Syria/Iran. [“attempt to emulate the Squatter state of Israel and to park Turkish caravans’ on Syrian soil”]…if that were so then why doesn’t SAA bomb them? No proof of that happening but there is proof that SAA is taking back areas being liberated/cleansed.


What about Northern , North of Aleppo and Afrin that have been occupied for a few years now by Turkey?

The Syrian Army can only do what it has the power to do and in the fullness of time the Turkish squatters will be obliged to pack their tents and leave Syria.

I accept that there has been friction with Kurds that make up circa 25% of Turkeys population. There are far to many reasons for that to discuss here.

The result of the ‘friction’ though has cost both parties dearly in lives and ‘gold’.

Diplomacy is essentially dead in the West now, and without give and take the situation will only get worse for Erdogan. The sensible option would be for Turkey to construct a security strip within Turkey and for a reciprocal strip in Syria and from the regular Turkish Army and the SAA to jointly patrol that strip, in order to prevent unauthorised border crossings from both sides. Such an agreement would safe face for Erdogan, save the cost of prolonged conflict, and fund projects within Turkey to encourage a better political environment within Turkey.

There would be a problem with the Wahabi freaks currently under Turkish control who Erdogan has supported, but in reality there would be little opposition world wide to their demise. The West certainly does NOT want their battle hardened Wahabi’s back!

Concrete Mike

That mixerntruck you showed me the other day is pretty neat, a little too cute if you ask me.

I wonder how it will perform in freezing temperatures.

Getting the wiringnfor marker lights to work is hard enough, keeping those systems going will be a major pain in the ass.

I like the concept, but the wires are very very vulnerable.


I agree.

Mixers have a hard life and experience has shown me that automated wash out systems do not have the accuracy when hosing a blob of concrete that is setting in extreme heat for instance.

Electrical systems and gizmos to not ‘like’ water and the fewer electrics on a mixer the better, especially when cleaning acids are added to the washdowns.

Hymix is a well run and honest company though. I personally know the owner and I had a number of Hymix mixer drums. Their factory is in Telford, UK.

Everything these days is to do with Health and Safety and the all too many zealots now involved have little practical common sense.

Concrete Mike

If al nusra is nothing , why does turkey still support them and protect them?

The war would be over now.

Maybe thats next :D

Edit: yes i was mistaken, thank you for your honesty. ?

Ishyrion Av

Evil turks… Your time is near.


No it is not. 1000 years same story.

Let me guess, you are another greek ? Sorry for generalization but generally such cheap slogans and hollow threats usually came from the other side of aegean.

Ishyrion Av

Don’t think only Greeks are disgusted by turks. All Europe is pissing on you. But you know, is not Greeks or other Europeans who will destroy you, but Russia. Only when you thought you made it through.


I am fed up with cliches of your kind , and your inferiority complex which goes as ” look , look everyone likes us nd but they dont like you ” trivia .

When you man up and learn to stand up for yourself without looking for others approvall or sympathy and stop quoting some BS prophecies from that crook called Elder Paisios, please dont hesitate to address me again.

Till then go and play with that halfwitt compatriot of yours posting some retarded emogies and dreaming about ‘fucking’ others kids in this thread.

Ishyrion Av

Ahh, there is no need for the prophecy to understand Turkey is going down fast. You have no friends, just enemies all around. Europe, US, Russia, Iran. Kurds are eating your from inside. In the Middle East, you are challenging Saudi Arabia and Israel wants you dead. Your feet are made of clay, blind turk!


Here goes classical ‘ you have no friends’ argument again from a bigot, once again.

Emotions are for people , not for countries. States dont love or hate each other , they have interests. Thats the reason why your Russian slavic Orthodox friends are in a covert war with your other slavic orthodox friends , Ukranians. Thats also the reason why you all watched when your Orthodox Serbian friends while they were being bombed to smitherens by NATO, whom you are a member now.

We can be best friends with US , Israel or Saudi Arabia in a single day if we quit stepping on their feet in middle East and make concessions from our interests.

So dont waste my time with your emotional trivia and get lost.

Ishyrion Av

Truly said. Interests. Russia has security interests which Turkey – jumping like a hore from bed to bed cannot accomplish. On the other side, Turkey has no vision, only a dream to a lost empire. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in Syria now. Turkey cannot provide security to any neighbor, in fact it exports terrorism. That’s why you will fall.


Yes , interests not love as you claimed. . Glad I to see we are reaching somehwere with you finally.

On the other side , rest of yr comment is not an analyses it is more likely yr personal thoughts shaped by your local priest. TR has already told many times that it is in Syria due to its security concerns, will not allow a heavly armed Kurdish statelet in her borders. Are you deaf or simply not listening ..

Ishyrion Av

Turkey is in Syria because of oil, water and land. Like it was from the beginning of its existence. Land grabbing. If you think anyone believes what comes out of erdo’s mouth, you are not very smart. Dumb like a turk we use to say.


There is no oil in regions occupied by Turkey. The land mostly desert , and Afrin is mountainous The source of all water in the area even in ME is already in Turkey , where Tigris and Euphrates rivers born. There is no water source in Syria at all.

I dont claim to be clever, I also really dont give a damn what you losers say to each other. But I am definitely sure about one thing; you are an uninformed clown lacking basic political and geographical knowledge.

Ishyrion Av

As for the “inferiority complex”, maybe you have those. Turkey/Otoman empire didn’t contribute with anything good to the humanity. Just murdering, stealing, cheating. All you have now is stolen from others. You are a nation of thieves. If you can call that a nation… Disgusting.


Man that was very sad. I almost cried. But it is missing. This kind of sad and revengefull Orythodox stupidity usually goes hand and hand with letter of Komnenos to Pope Urban II and finishes with how Vladimir I was baptised.

Boring, cheap and outdated like you all are.

But..If we are simple mongolian invaders who came and took control of all the region for 1000 years, may be you were not developed as much as you claimed. I mean, look how fast it fell apart. If we are not Mongolian but remnants of Anatolians , then everything here belongs to us.

Thats your dilemma..

May be you must overcome the inferiority complex and humiliation of paying museum entrance fees when you visit Hagia Sophia everytime

May be you should learn to turn the other cheek and accept everything as it is just like your pansy circumsized carpenter adviced you to do.

I dont know man, But I can feel your pain. I am alwayshere to help.

Ishyrion Av

Ah, sweet. So the world developed because your mongolian invasion. Classic turkish thinking. Why limit yourself to Anatolians? Why not rightfully claiming you came from Adam and Eve directly? Or Turks were civilizing the Earth even before Adam and Eve.


I dont remember telling such a thing dear. You may have some perception problems.

Just try replying above properly without littering the place with religious dogmas like Adam , Eve or dinosaurs walking face of the earth together with manking 6000 years ago.


“Russia is facilitating and supporting the deployment of the SAA in the northeastern region. However, Turkey appears to be determined to go on with its offensives.” And Russia says go ahead, as long as is it proportionate with the national security goals. This whole thing is pre-planned

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Everything in politics is pre-planned.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

PKK and SAA will fail soon.

Paul Christo

Is this before or after the terrorist armies of mongol Turks and Isis are exterminated?


And NSA will conquer all of Syria…yeah right :)))

Concrete Mike

Fat chance LeDouche, dont you have goats to go fornicate??


If I were to be the one to deal with the Kurds, the first thing I would tell them is that they have to don SAA uniforms, pledge their loyalty to Syria and refute the creation of Rojava. Personally, I don’t trust them and am not sure whether I would support them or deport them (to the US).

Sasan Jamshidi

Also renaming and remove that only arab word

Paul Christo

Isis caliph Erdogan has given the Kurds until tonight to lay down their weapons,otherwise he will cry.


YPG/PKK is history , my sub saharan day dreaming greek friend. Go cry elsewhere.

Paul Christo

Your’e crying ya Daesh Baboon, goodbye Turkey??????


A brilliant comeback from another retarded greek boy. Why dont you go and do something for Turkish navy sieging Cyprus instead of pounding yr chest here for some Kurds ?

Ah I forgot . You are doing something actually. You are constantly crying to EU .

Paul Christo

Fuck your children, I hope they die from your diseases?


Hmm . Ok.

Icarus Tanović

Easey boy, why those rude words, no need for that.

Paul Christo

Fuck off Isis

Icarus Tanović

No, fuck you Al Nusra caveman.

Paul Christo

Hahahhaahaaa,fuck you, fuck Al Nusra, fuck the Turks, and fuck ALL MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Oh and fuck your mamas big fat smelly Isis arse.????

Icarus Tanović

Have you forgot to yake up your medecine this morning?

Paul Christo

Fuck you Bosnian Daesh dog

Paul Christo

Fucking Daesh pedo cunt.



Ishyrion Av

Why you were not aborted first place? Moloch worshiper you are…

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