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SDF Criticizes Russia’s Silence Over Recent Turkish Attack In Northern Raqqa


SDF Criticizes Russia's Silence Over Recent Turkish Attack In Northern Raqqa

Official flag of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have criticized Russia’s silence over the Turkish-led attack on the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa on November 23.

In an official statement released on November 24, the Kurdish-led group questioned Russia’s role as a guarantor of the ceasefire in northeast Syria.

“The disregard of these attacks by Russian forces and their failure to play their role as a guarantor raises many doubts among our forces … This doesn’t commensurate with the role Russia aspires to play as the guarantor of a political solution throughout Syria,” the statement reads.

Militants of the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) launched the attack on Ain Issa in the morning of November 23 with direct support from the Turkish military. Within a few hours, the militants managed to occupy several positons north of the town.

However, the SDF repelled the attack with direct support from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), that deployed several units in the area last month.

Ankara had accepted a deal to stop its attacks in northeast Syria in agreements with Russia and the U.S. The SDF’s failure to mention Washington in its statement rises serious questions about the real motives behind these accusations against Russia.

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