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SDF Continues To Pretend That Situation Near Hajin Pocket Is Under Full Control (Photos)


On November 24, Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), claimed that the US-backed group had repelled ISIS’ attack on the towns of al-Bahrah and Gharanij in the middle Euphrates River Valley.

“Our forces with the help of coalition jet were able to kill many of ISIS terrorists,” Bali said on his official twitter account.

Furthermore, Kurdish activists close to the SDF published photos of weapons, which were allegedly captured from ISIS during the clashes. The weapons including an armored vehicle and a drone armed with small projectiles.

Several Syrian sources denied Bali’s claims and said that ISIS withdrew from al-Bahrah voluntarily, not because of the resistance from the SDF. The terrorist group news agency, Amaq, released more than 40 photos confirming that its fighters successfully stormed the SDF’s positions around the town and killed or captured most of US-backed fighters there.

These attempts by the SDF to hide its loses show that the group is much weaker than what it is being promoted by its main backer, the US-led coalition.



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  • Ed

    So who is telling the truth?! And why would Daesh ‘voluntarily’ retreat from an area they had just attacked and not re-take completely?

    • gustavo

      Strange, isn’t it ? We must have in mind that ISIS-Kurds has the same master…USA, it does not matter who fight who or why. USA wants now give the image to the world of a terrorists fighter country…, you know “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.” Only a northamerican can believe this.

  • Smaug

    Dear South Front,
    You’re literally taking ISIS’ word for it simply because it fits your anti-US agenda. Who are you accusing of benefiting from the ISIS presence? And in what universe would the city not eventually fall under the continued siege?

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Some people believe Putin has some influence over SF, but it’s always seemed to me to be a very clever covert US operation that runs this alternate media source, and they’re all morons to the last man and woman too boot. AMN is much better but I get viruses from them when I post comments, [US hackers probably].
      1,500 Isis fighters versus 50-60,000 SDF, Iraqi + French artillery, Iraqi + US airpower, Iraqi ground forces, and Isis is still winning. Most of the Kurdish SDF is on strike now, that’s why Isis is winning, They’re blackmailing Trump for something more before they start fighting again, and they’re using Isis to make him squirm. There’ll be a few more towns taken by Isis before the Kurds start fighting again.

      • Jens Holm

        I have had nothing apart from the PUPs the last mpore then 6 months. That includes comments to AMN, which I subscriebe before they can be seen.

        So have You tryed to use some other protection ?

        I use Antivir, but not the whole package of theirs. I also use Malwarebytes in the free version(it has a blue logo as an M).

        In cleaning I use Clean space 7 in the free version as well.

        I know as many how it is. Other programs are probatly good too. If mine of today would be like You write, I would try some free having 4-5 stars and free.

        You always can go back.

        Before I do anything, I copy important stuff to memorystick and remember everything. EVERY THING. Then I update the regaining program and make a big cup of tea to keep me calm :)

        If its a succes, I celebrate with a small glas of black label whiskey, which make me smile and sleep better.

        • Willing Conscience (The Truths

          I use Avast free and windows defender. I do the same thing, copy everything and then refresh windows, sit back and wait, but not with a whiskey, Jack Daniels is only for special occasions, I have something else I wait and relax with.
          I just read AMN now and don’t post there anymore, it’s ok so far, no more problems for now.
          I do miss posting on AMN though, it’s an excellent sight to have lively debates on. I’ve noticed that like me others haven’t been posting there as per usual, which makes me think there’s quite a few of us that got a virus from the sight. F–K US hackers, I wish they would have hacked this site instead. Cheers.

          • Jens Holm

            Avast seemes to be very fine. I run Malwarebytes and it keep things down well too.

            I read a lot by Souttfront and now and then comment a lot too. I think I get a lot of infomation even often biased.

            Cheers from here too.

    • 1eeripsa

      By maintaining an ISIS pocket in the territory it occupies, the U.S. can continue to justify its illegal presence in Syria.

      • Smaug

        We don’t need no ISIS town to justify anything, and we want to leave as much as anyone else does. But you don’t really care about that, so I won’t bother with you reply. Mute.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Isis wants the Christians that are fighting here, this may be what just happened, they found out where they were stationed and made a concerted effort to capture them, I’ve seen the pictures of the captured SDF fighters and they look more like Kurds or Christians than Arabs, and as I keep saying the Kurds aren’t fighting here now, just Arab and Christian SDF, so if they don’t look Arab and aren’t Kurds [because they’re not fighting here], they might be the Christians.
    Isis could also have been just testing the waters too, getting a sense of what the SDF capabilities are now, since the Kurds are on strike and no longer fighting, just sitting back and watching.
    I think the Kurds will let Isis capture a few more towns to make their point to Trump, but I don’t think they’re going to get what they want.