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SDF Confirms Reports That US Establishes Military Base In Vicinity Of Syria’s Largest Oil Field

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The US is building a large military base in the vicinity of Syria’s largest oil field – the Omar oil field, Mehdi Kobani, a press secretary of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Deir Ezzor confirmed to Sputnik Turkiye.

“The US is building a large military base in the oil-rich Al Omar region of Deir ez-Zor province. Due to security concerns we cannot provide information about the acreage of this new installation. There is currently construction machinery working in the vicinity of the base, and security is being provided by SDF forces,” Kobani said thus confirming earlier reports on the issue.

The Omar oil field was captured by the US-backed SDF during its anti-ISIS campaign in eastern Syria. According to Syrian sources, the military installation in the area is aimed to allow the US to consolidate control of the oil resources in the eastern part of the country setting ground for further occupation of the area. These oil resources will also be used to strengthen the influence of the US proxies – the SDF – in the area.

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sdf =ypg= vermin separatist kurds= usa israel!! kill,m all!!! the pro syrian pro kurds are big idiots or traitors!!

Mario Ceva

How they can export oil if all the countries Irak Syria Turkey block delivery??


the kurds d,afrin export the petrol at the djihadists d,idlieb!!

Mario Ceva

I dont understand. Kurds export oil throught Turkey?’ I dont think is a good idea for turkey to help Kurds purchasing the stolen syrian oil. They do before by for ISIS.


Turkey cannot be trusted..

Rüdiger Preiss

They’ll sell it cheap to Turkey, just as ISIS have done

Mario Ceva

Are you sure?? Turks want to kill Kurds. ISIS is not same as Kurds . In fact ISIS fight Kurds with help of Turkey.

Rüdiger Preiss

That’s why the US is there. So Turkey can claim they got it from the US :D


… and you think the Turks are so foolish to enable to Kurds to get a share of Turkey’s money?


Anyway .. let us see.. My take is that they would not enjoy a single drop of oil before being forced to pack up and leave Syria as their military positions without Turkey is unattainable.

US forces are not supermen … they are just another soldiers depending on air support which Assad and Russians plus Iranians can take care of easily.

Rüdiger Preiss

Just that they are trained and equipped by the US anyway? Apart from that whilst ISIS was harvesting oil, it was on the “open black market” – anyone who paid the price could buy it. The drivers were Turks, Kurds, Syrians – nobody cared. Apparently even the SAA indirectly got to cheap ISIS oil. Those ISIS oil experts are probably the same people the US has airlifted out of Deir Ez Zor only to establish their own oil business

Mario Ceva

I agree with you. Situation for USA and Kurds is not easy in Syria. Are complete surrounders by enemies.


It will be fairly easy to become a member of the SDF right, so there is this chance of infiltration?….and the occupiers aren’t really loved in that Territory right?….they are going to get a tough staying up there….


Money will change hands and smooth the tankers passage through check-points – business is business even between hostile forces in war-zones.

George King

RUF did not allow for stolen oil to transit to Turkey or else where, that has not changed with Turkey in the Syrian alliance even if unofficial.

AM Hants

Nice one, as images of a cauldron come to mind. Cannot happen to a nicer gang.


I support Assad and whatever he decides is best for Syria.


RUSSIA’S MILITARY PRESENCE IN SYRIA IS INCAPABLE OF DETERRING US/NATO OPERATIONS AGAINST THE REGIME FORCES (SAA/IRGC/Hezbollah/Russian mercenaries): U.S. coalition conducts new air attack on Syrian army in Deir ez Zor Tuesday, March 27, 2018 8:00:59 AM The United States-led coalition carried out a new air strike on the Syrian military and its allies. The village of Al-Muhasan, which is located on the right bank of the Euphrates River in the province of Deir ez Zor, was attacked. http://www.uawire.org/u-s-coalition-conducts-new-air-attack-on-syrian-army-in-deir-ez-zor#


Patience. . .


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Fake news. A) Everyone already knew there was a tiny force securing an oil field/refinery since the Deir ez-Zor militia shelled them. B) This surprises exactly no one given the level of piracy in lawless Syria. C) I think some Kurds and someone at South Front has a secret beef with US foreign policy, and given a friend of mine warned me that SF’s server was based in Moscow this is not surprising.


And the tirade begins…….


As it should when someone posts fake news…..Ha! Is that you John Bolton.


Not fake news. Also yanks confirmed.

You are surprized that SF is russian? :DDD

Nigel Maund

It’s obvious that the US Deep State operations will continue in Syria Illegally for the foreseeable future. This form s a key part of the Anglo – American – Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal’s (AAZBCC) overall objectve of destablisation and chaos to ensure sustained US military presence in the region (sells lots of expensive arms) and moves in the right direction of “Regime Change” in countries that do not accept AAZBCC hegemony with its attendant rape and pillage of the country’s resources. How the Syrians, Iranians and Russians approach dislodging the US Military presence is a major issue as they need to be dislodged sooner rather than later and the vital oil fields returned to Syrian control thus denying the CIA – US Military the source of funds to underwrite its totally illegal presence in the region.


It is not time yet .

Assad need to get rid of the main terrorists in Idlib first . Let the fools build their bases which surely are no match for SAA forces alone not to say Iranian , Russians, Hezbollah …all so far are winning .

I believe the fight in Idlib would be like in Mosul .. bomb bomb and bomb …… as there is no other places to go except to US supported areas.


The problem for the SAA is that its useless trying to remove the US unless they can neutralise their superior air cover – how is this achieved if Russia chooses not to use its S400s, The SAA/Iranian militia will be sitting ducks against waves of US fighters as was the case with all those contractors killed. I doubt S200s & manpads will do the trick.


No I do not think SAA is any match for US if they are fighting US the same ways they fight the terrorists as those SAA/Russian militias were sitting ducks against waves of US planes (not fighters as US soldiers hardly engaged).

Once Syria is free from the terrorists and it is really very easy to get rid of the US forces by fighting Hezbollah, Houthis or Taliban style but now equipped with Manpads and SAM (supported by Russian air defences)

US forces have no fighting chance at all. Sure US forces can bomb , bomb and bomb but must be from afar and high up which are useless against foot soldiers without hot armoured vehicles or tanks. Keep the tanks in hiding and move forward with RPGs and ATGMs…

Tell me anyone how the heck can US planes hit foot soldiers far away from the battle field or if ahead (somehow SAM does not work ) able to target foot soldiers? Impossible.That was why Hezbollah vs Israel , Hez won.

Now if it is to drive out US from your country , do you think you are scared of your infrastructure destroyed as that’s about all US can do .

That is why the stupid Terrorists who loved tanks and armoured were destroyed by just a few Russian planes. If SAA / Iranian/Hez are to fight the stupid ways they are fighting terrorists and without air cover… then might as well surrender just because US said with their mouth they want to take over Syria. Stupid really.

See the picture?


Whats the big deal. The US invaded Iraq, then stole Iraqi oil for years to pay for the invasion and to bank roll the continued aggression. They moved onto Libya – France, Italy and the other NATO scum getting cheap Libyan oil and taking advantage of Chaos – The West does not want stability in the region – stability may mean a patriotic , anti Western state who doesnt allow the West to F@ck its citizens and steal its wealth.


Wait until Assad has wiped out all the terrorists first and then all the world will see how the heck can US legally stay in Syria and be forced out with shame … by … ehhh Iran mainly.


Thanks putin, that you invited your western friends!!!


The US was already there prior to Russia commencing bombings in 2015


one more thing: russia was always present, had 2 bases. ;)


Yes but it ws not until 2015 that Assad requested help by this time the US was already interfering


Waging diplomatic war against all those nations that have thrown out Russian diplomats would be counter-productive. Throwing the US military out of Syria would be a massive blow against the Deep State, and fully legal under international law.

Hell will freeze over before Putin expells the Americans- ask yourselves why?


Maybe bcause he knows the US/NATO have overwhelming force on their side & numbers against Russian token forces – its not as if there are 5 divisions of spetnaz camped & waiting.

AM Hants

What would the US do if Syria just walked into their nation and started building a military base? Seriously hope it can be contained within a cauldron, with nothing getting in and nothing getting out, if it cannot be razored. Now what would the UN say, considering the US is illegally in Syria?

Mario Ceva

The main matter that Russia Turkey and Iran in Turkey the April4 will discuss is how to avoid Kurd ( USA sponsored) state in Syria territory.


For all their High and Mighty BS moralizing as to why they’re in Syria when it comes down to why Washington is truly in Syria (apart from serving their Zionist masters of course) it’s because they are thieves.

Floyd Hazzard

Again, fault Russia. With their airforce, no armies should have been able to march upon those oilfields.


Unfortunately, Russia does not have nearly enough resources to openly challenge the US when it comes to air power. Russia has something in the range of 30-40 planes in Syria while the US could muster up hundreds from its Turkish base and offshore platforms. Russia has done wonders with its tiny contingencies but, it definitely has limits and Russia wisely knows those limits.


So, i am right, when i write, russia is weak and not superpower.


Russia is not a superpower in either economic or conventional military aspects. It is, however, a superpower in nuclear terms where it actually has superior strengths and hardware compared to the Americans.


correct…they have the forces to repel a superpower attack on the Motherland…but do not have the assets(yet) to deploy on multiple foreign fronts…I think the west is going to use this advantage shortly….escalating in syria, ukraine and starting shit in iran….the South china sea is a WHOLE other matter…



Brad Isherwood

Candidly. …the study into Putin’s rise to power with Jewish Oligarchs and Chabad Lubavitch is truly disturbing ** Rothschilds Central Bank system grip on Russia is slipping… I’m willing to give Putin some time lease to watch the old system fall.

Yes…..Russia is not gaming to secure All Syria. Empire gets to dance and rub it in Empire are Vultures. ….Vultures eat Carrion.

US/CIA /Saudi ran 2 Chechnya wars on Russia. Israhell and CIA did South Ossetia/Georgia war. Empire menaces against Russia who has oil- nat gas rsserves+Arctic and Deep well /Abiotic oil access. Russia does not even need to several nat gas or oil to Europa, They do so on Nation to nation Westfallia level. .. Europe is Be’atch of US who kick NATO in the @ss to contend with Russia. NATO lasts less than a week before France/Germany surrender. Perfide Albion (England )…with its mad Bankers demand forward March. Europe goes into the Fire Maelstrom vs Russia.

Bush crime family, NATO, and kuckold UN would not pull back from the doom Provocation



Runway being built forIsraeli aircraft to attack Iran.

Rodney Loder

The Skripal affair is the latest in the series of World strategic planning agendas by the Globalist Plutocracy following the failures of the Mediterranean stand off August 2013, Ukraine’s Maidan showdown a same time event, and the downing of MH 17 a year later, at first glance it seems a bit whimsical but the lunacy of Trump gives it legs to run that Ovomit never had.

Also the Global banking cartel led by the IMF is much more desperate and with a mad man in power their chance to consolidate and divide off their segment of authority from creeping Chinesa influence may never come again.

The best thing to do is to threaten the inadequacy itself, after all there can be no red flags without massive incitement and no red flags means that the Global agenda is not certain about action, the Kurds are very vulnerable and Turkey is above, repeat, yes Turkey is above reproach so give Brother Erdogan a free run, if you don’t do so your not my play-pals.


An example of imperial armed robbery.


I am thinking that 3 x Cruise missiles with Thermobaric warheads will put this base out of operations.

Then there is Al Tanf. . .


It’s very generous of the US to build a military base for the Syrian army. If they let Mr Assad know when it is completed, he can get the pest exterminators in, before the Syrian army takes up residence.

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