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SDF Concludes Security Operation In Al-Hawl Camp


SDF Concludes Security Operation In Al-Hawl Camp

IMAGE: hawarnews.com

On June 12, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) concluded their security operation in the notorious al-Hawl camp in eastern al-Hasakah.

The operation, which was launched on June 10, was led by the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ). A section dedicated for foreign wives of ISIS terrorists was combed and reorganized by security forces during the operation.

In an official statement, the Self-Administration in Northern and Northeastern Syria revealed that all foreign women and children in the camp were registered. The step was taken to inform their home countries of the women of their presence there.

“The self-administration as well as its military and security apparatus committed to respect human rights, international covenants and resolutions, the operation inside the camp was carried out in accordance with the established laws and without resorting to coercion against any of the camp’s residents of different nationalities and ended with the achievement of all goals,” the statement reads.

More than 40,000 family members of ISIS terrorists are being held within the al-Hawl camp. The SDF has been running the camp since 2015.

In the last few months, ISIS wives committed a series of crimes in the camp while its members were trying to reinforce the radical laws of the terrorist group. The SDF’s security operation was apparently meant to address this problem.




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