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SDF Commander Says US-backed Forces Will Never Handover Any Area To Syrian Government. Russia and Syria Discuss Repairing Euphrates Dam

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SDF Commander Says US-backed Forces Will Never Handover Any Area To Syrian Government. Russia and Syria Discuss Repairing Euphrates Dam

Omid Kabar

On October 1, Omid Kabar a commander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said at a funeral for SDF fighters who were killed in Raqqa city that the SDF will not handover al-Tabqah town or any other area to the Syrian government.

The regime says we will hand over our regions or al-Tabqah town to the regime’s army … Our people must realize that within five years of our revolution as the People Protection Units and after our alliance with other factions in the name of Syrian Democratic Forces, we have not handed over any inch of our land… We will never hand it over. Our law is clear. The land that is watered with the blood of the martyrs belongs to the people and we will not hand them over to any force,” Kabar said.

Moreover, Kabar claimed that over 300 Syrian Army (SAA) soldiers defected to the SDF during the “last period”. However, Kabar did reveal no details or proofs.

Kabar’s  statement is a reflection of the SDF policy that publicly refuses working with the Syrian government in any way. However, in reality the SDF is not only working with the Syrian government to run the areas under its control, but also cooperating with key figures of the so called “Syrian Regime”.

While Kabar was attacking the Syrian government, Syria Water Resources Minister Nabil al-Hassan discused with Kirill Molodtsov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, in Damascus plans to repair the Euphrates, Tishrin and Baath dams on the Euphrates river, according to the Syrian state TV.

As the three dams are under the SDF control, it will be impossible to repair any of them without an agreement between the SDF and the Syrian government. Such an agreement might be much more possible than some want to believe.

Kurdish sources confirmed on September 14 that Syrian mobile network provider Syriatel services are again available in Raqqa countryside, al-Tabqah town and some parts of Raqqa city itself. The services were back after Syriatel repaired its towers in the SDF-held areas.

What’s interesting in this is that Syriatel is owned by Rami Makhlouf, the cousin of Syria president Bashar al-Assad. The SDF closely worked with Makhluf to restore communication in its areas.

Furthermore, the Kurdish-Iraqi news agency Rudaw confirmed in a report on June 7, that the SDF handed over the management of the Rmelan oil fields in al-Hasakah governorate to Syria Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ministry. Later, it was confirmed that the Syrian government started shipping oil to its areas from Rmelan fields through the Khanasir road.

The SDF “success” in running and managing the large areas it has captured in Syria is a result of cloose cooperation with the Syrian government. The Euphrates dam or the recently captured oil and gas fields by the SDF in the Deir Ezzor governorate will not likely be an exception.

Right now the SDF is not able to fully consumption, export or even refining the oil of these fields on its own. With the US and EU sanctions it will also impossible to the SDF to allow foreign companies to invest in these fields.

If the SDF is planning to make any sort of profit out of these oil and gas fields, the only way will be by working with the Syrian government. Rmelan oil fields are for sure a live example of this.

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Yep keep pushing dickheads – the world wont have any sympathy for whats about to happen to you!

Zainab Ali

zio arrogance only can be answered with appropriate actions … dream on kurds/sdf/israhell

MD Ranix

kudos to the russian led coalition for their advancement to inevitable victory


Had a nice laugh when I read that , but really kurds should at most be granted a bit of autonomy rarher than be seperated and they should remember their history especially with the US and their allies executing them or doing nothing and now they want to ‘help’ the kurds ‘gain their independence’


The Kurds are disposable to the US, maybe not to israel but Israel is now being done away with by the Elites. Remember Northern Iraq 1990s. I to once thought the Kurds had their right to a place in the sun, maybe they do in Turkey but after seeing their land grabbing parasite behavior like everyone said they would do and shooting their mouths off arrogantly every 5 minutes I frankly have little sympathy for them..

Jens Holm

You seemes to prefare ISIS has those areas, which mainly has/had kurdish majority.

Tha bacdads had to call in USA as us with all kind of help. If not they want even close to suburbs of Tikrit.

Im very impressed by Your ignorance of facts. Thats hardly Bagdad shias as well as Turkey and Iran. And many Sunnis are ISIS and You have and have have etnic cleanssing as well as the last christians there are leaving to other countries.

Lone Wolf

@disqus_4i0qg70fp2:disqus You will find most of the Kurds have since move onto Germany .. lol .. !!! SAA is still made up a lot with the Sunnis Muslim… and also Christians and Druze and Alawite and Kurds too … And there are a lot of Sunnis in the Iraq Army too ..

Jens Holm

Just because Germans are nice people and has taken meany in doesnt say they will take all 30 millionsI assume You have made up with the 400.000 dead and the 8-10 mio refugees as well.

Sunnias are in all camps exept Hesbollah and som turkish kurds in Qabasin.

You forget a vital credential. If You say You are a country, it true if You take well care of all people, so they work for it.

Being an obeying sheep or being killed is not.

Florian We

Germans are also very tired of criminal kurds, the entire Heroin business is in their hands, very nice people really.

Lone Wolf

Me .. ? 400 000 dead .. where … ? what is 8-10 mio refugess …? … are you making things up as you go along …? how convenient for you … You must be like a 12 yr old ..


Reports are over 400.000 dead in Syria as a result of the civil war.

Reports too state over 8-10 million internal displaced persons, IDP’s, a nice word for refugees.

If you only count as refugees those that are abroad, my guess is app 1 mln Europe, 3-4 million Turkey, 200k Iraq, 1.5 mln Jordan, close to a million in Lebanon and some in other countries, so alltogether some 6 million external refugees.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Those 1.2 million are now Germans and no longer Syrians they fear the PKK/YPG even Kurds know who are the terrorists are . The numbers you keep spouting are old and most of the IDP are in Govt controlled areas.

The Syrian govt is doing it’s best to resettle people in the region and if they could finally get the funding for those 325,000 that eat up 2/3 of the worlds budget for relief would be great. The US is just not willing to let go of these purse strings of the money set aside for Syrian relief.

Now stop your trying to think these Kurds are capable of running themselves as they are only good at running their mouths. Time for you to start to realize heart can’t rule the head in logic.

Igor Dano

The Germans have to do, what Jewess, Frau Merkel (maternal side is jewish from Poland), will tell them to do. And Merkel gets her script from Soros, hence I see another 10million in Germany.


The ethnic Germans are indeed a dignified race BUT they do not want their heritage to be erased by Zionist greed and intrigue. The zionist goal is to eradicate the German race and replace it with a mongrel society. This Zionist ambition even went as far as to demand the sterilisation of all German males after WW2.



“Estimates indicate that Sunnis account for between 60 and 65 percent of the regular army ( of Syria ).” – United States Military Academy, West Point. https://ctc.usma.edu/posts/syrias-sunnis-and-the-regimes-resilience

“The Syrian Arab Army is also the only Arab army with multiple Christians serving as generals.” http://nationalinterest.org/feature/why-assads-army-has-not-defected-15190

Ice Icegold

Kell I agree with you 100%.

Moussa Saab

Me too


Israel would have to attack either Syria directly or attack Iraq through Jordan, to save the Kurds. Doubt they are going to do that.

Brother Ma

What do you mean.syro kurds already had autonomy before the war started in around 2011 anyway.


There is no formal autonomy for anybody within Syria, it is an unitary state with all controls in Damascus.

In practice, at this moment, northern Syria is autonomous as is Idlib as in out of central government control.

Brother Ma

Thanks nederlander .we know that.all im saying is that prewar kurds had autonony of sorts.you know like quebec in canada.

John Winter

US will leave shortly with yet another lose Russia and Syria are winning


There are total 2% Kurds in all Kurds occupied regions and 2% Israeli refugees in Israeli occupied regions. Israeli refugees have full nationality of America, UK and NATO. They have sent them to the Middle East for instability of whole regions in the Middle East.

Israeli refugee state and Kurdistan is like an air filled inflated balloons which are air filled inflated by American, UK and NATO political institutions. If someone remove air from these balloons then how much mass left that is the actual total mass or population of these Israel and kurds but on the other side Palestine, Iraq and Syria are rock solid populated nations which nobody can deny.

So Israeli refugees and Kurds and their creators should not show so much smartness to the world. Everybody knows Israel and Kurds reality.


> There are total 2% Kurds in all Kurds occupied regions

A bit more, but still they are minority in SDF-held territories. Kurds are majority only in Afrin, Kobani and eastern Hesake governate.


I know Kurds areas and their population just pick up seven years old map and wikipedia etc.


I have said it more than once, after ISIS, the next battle is with Kurds.


no it wont come to that. kurds face extinction without US backing them up. but what they have achieved with their arrogance is making all other countries enemies. Russia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, SYria….so when its all over with ISIS they will sit on the negotiation table try to win on paper as much as they can and leave. they are expandable for the US. will back them up as long as it can but wont fight for them.


Assad is a weak ruler. Nobody could have saved him from the revolution except for major powers like Russia and US and now it seems like the ball has turned.

If Russia leaves and the US leaves. I favor the Kurds knocking his head off clean. His to relied on foreign forces and hiding behind them

Lone Wolf

@disqus_vWQIi3T2uz:disqus YPG is a Militia force only .. without US heavy support and constant US Air Support … They are just a another rag tag Militias … even ISIS is more lethal and have more experience then them …

Moussa Saab

This is actually pretty true

John Mason

What revolution. Suggest you stay away from whatever you are taking, seems to addle your thinking and logics.

andy l

Russia has no intention of leaving as its invested too much time, money & political will into Syria. Besides it recently extended its lease agreement for the naval base. Russia is here for the long term

John Whitehot

yeah! we need more Netanhauses!!


Attila the Hun never paid reparations either.

Solomon Krupacek

and died early

Brother Ma

Yes , of sex with a woman.what of it?

Solomon Krupacek

something was with woman


A very insightful article.

Solomon Krupacek

Assad, north korea sells VX

That Guy

He should buy some, it is not that expensive.

Solomon Krupacek

Kim is miltary businessman :))


That Guy

Looks like a hard business to get done.

Solomon Krupacek

The big question is: for what needs Egypt to buy secretely so much ATGMs?

That Guy

Maybe because they are cheaper ? o_O… I’m not sure though.

Solomon Krupacek

i have no idea. your argue is also logical.

Lone Wolf

A lot of Huffing and Puffing from YPG commander Omid Kabar.. a lot of Grandiose statements coming out from them … sounds like they are afraid that SAA will attack them .. !!!


then easy…. WAR IS but SAA need to eradicate ISIS first…you can come to SDF anytime after.

John Mason

Exterminate the vermin Kurds. They are citizens of Syria and hence are traitors.

jhon malakiat

kurd fuckkk..

Lone Wolf

There seems to be a lot of Huffing and Puffing coming from the YPG commander Omid Kabar … a lot of Grandiose statements coming from YPG lately .. sounds more like, they are afraid SAA will attack them ..


As with their previous and failed project of FSA – the US paymaster will bring anyone available into SDF – another proxy force for same US anti-Syrian agenda.

See this, for the recruits:

Rafik Chauhan



As with the previous and failed project of FSA – the US will bring anyone available into SDF – another proxy force being built up for same US anti-Syrian state agenda.

See this, for the recruits: https://twitter.com/SyriaGeneral/status/913118532967239680


So the Kurds will not vacate invaded and occupied Syria and will clearly build US bases across it. This can only be taken as a declaration of war. And I hope it comes to them, Both Syria and Russia have vowed to reclaim the entire country. Lets watch them do it and cheer them on.

Igor Dano

Kill all kurds, zionist bitches.

Wahid Algiers

These kurds will be cock stopped soon. At the table or in the field. Syria has to prevent a second Kosovo.

Kim Jong

I will really enjoy it when those “SDF” douchebags will share same faith with their brothers Nusrats and Daesh.Soon.

Kim Jong

So sad..no friend expect zionists.

Lazy Gamer

It is the kurdish people who will terribly suffer because of the actions of the few. I dont understand how someone can take that bet. Unless of course they run to their sugar daddy.

Kim Jong

So sad..no friend except of zionists.

RTA (Bob or Al)

That’s it for me – invite the Turks in and make sure there is a time limit of 6 months. They have a large force on the border already.

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