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SDF Commander: Last ISIS Hideout In Euphrates Valley Will Be Captured Soon

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SDF Commander: Last ISIS Hideout In Euphrates Valley Will Be Captured Soon

Click to see full-size image, source: Hawar News Agency (ANHA)

Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) attack in the middle Euphrates River Valley said on February 16 that ISIS’ last enclave in the region will be captured very soon.

“In the coming few days, very shortly, we will broadcast the good news to the world, to all the people of the region, the Kurds, the Arabs, the Assyrians, all the people of the region, of the military end of the ISIS terrorist group,” SDF commander Jiya Furat told reporters.

According to Furat, the remaining ISIS fighters are currently besieged within a 600m2 pocket. The commander said that SDF forces are “moving cautiously because there are thousands of civilians being held as human shields.”

“We freed thousands of civilians through the safe crossings, which we opened, and we provided them Humanitarian aid,” Furat added.

The SDF commander noted that the US-backed group’s efforts against terrorism will not end with the removal of ISIS’ last stronghold in the Euphrates Valley. In the next stage, the SDF will begin operations against ISIS sleeper cells and the terrorist group’s remnants in order to fully secure the region.

While Furat claimed that the battle against ISIS has not ended yet, a new report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that the remaining terrorists have surrendered to the Kurdish group under a secret agreement with the US-led coalition.

“An undeclared deal led to the surrender of 440 ISIS members in two groups, the first included 240 and the second 200 … Now the American director is preparing to announce the complete liberation of the eastern bank of the Euphrates River,” the UK-based monitoring group said.

Observers believe that the SDF is trying to delay the announcement of the ISIS defeat because the group’s leadership knows that this could speed up the withdrawal of U.S. troops from northeastern Syria.

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Tom-Einar Nikolaisen

Just read this morning in the MSM that the americans just kicked ISIS out of Syria, so this must be wrong! ;)


Erase ISIS from The face of the Earth …They are a DISGRACE to HUMANITY .Those who SUPPORT & FUND THEM should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE


Wow, so many claiming to have defeated IS. But the Germans say it isn’t so, that IS lives? Ah, but now the saviour Kurds have saved Syria. Good thing the US has evacuated most of their high value agents to Afghanistan and made a deal with those remaining or someone might have been killed.

Pave Way IV

“…The commander said that SDF forces are “moving cautiously because there are thousands of civilians being held as human shields…

All the concern for head-choppers NOW?? How fucking touching. Where were you humanitarian bastards when the Yazidis were being slaughtered and the woman kidnapped an raped? Barzani and the U.S. let that happen on purpose because the Yazidis were in the way of Greater Barzanistan.

Were was all your concern for the civilians in Raqqa? They’ll be pulling their skulls out from under the rubble for the next decade.

There are NO civilians being held as human shields besides the western hostages. Any ‘civilans’ left are terrorists – wives of ISIS who are perfectly willing to die as martyrs in a last stand. Those ISIS death-cult breeders intend on taking their children with them to their graves. There are no ‘innocent’ ISIS wives any more. They choose to support ISIS and will continue to do so when freed, but that’s the U.S. plan, isn’t it?

One of those three English schoolgirls that joined ISIS just surfaced after leaving Baghuz for the SDF’s al Hawl refugee death camp. She’s going to give birth any day now and wants to return to Britain to raise her little head-chopper child. Awww… that’s cute. They’ll probably let her, because the UK is nice like that.

Mustafa Mehmet

Well said


SDF Commander colonel Chuck Chunder said, after I kill some folks I’m going back to Nebraska.


Syrian Civil War Map is showing the area as being cleared, with the qualification that there are mopping up operations of remaining Isis hold outs in some areas.



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