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SDF Commander-In-Chief Says Syria Is “Failed State” Without Northeastern Region


SDF Commander-In-Chief Says Syria Is “Failed State” Without Northeastern Region

Ferhat Abdi Sahin AKA “Mazloum Kobane.” Source: rok-online.com

Ferhat Abdi Sahin, Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said that Syria would be a “failed state” without the northeastern region, which is controlled by the US-backed group. The Kurdish commander’s remarks came during a meeting of the self-administration controlling the region.

Sahin went on to place two strict conditions on any agreement with the Damascus government; the full recognition of the self-administration authority and the legitimization of the SDF’s armed forces.

“Recognize the existing administrations, including the general administration of North and East Syria, and recognize the specialty of the Syrian Democratic Forces and their full responsibility for the military and security file in the areas of self-administration,” Sahin, who is known by his nom de guerre Mazlum Kobane, explained during the meeting.

Furthermore, the Kurdish commander stressed that the SDF is stronger than ever, and that ISIS is not posing a serious threat to the northeastern region.

Damascus, which has not commented on Sahin’s remarks, will not likely accept any of these conditions as they would place the northeastern part of the control under the SDF full control, allowing the Kurdish-dominated group to act freely in all political, economic and military matters in the region.

The SDF’s strict conditions are an indication that the group is not willing to make any concession. On the contrary, the group is apparently expecting all other sides in Syria to hand over the northeastern part of the country to it on a golden platter.

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  • Rob

    Palestine elected to lead largest UN voting bloc, representing 134 countries including China and 80% of world’s population.


    134 states and China voted in favour of Palestine in 2018 to be the next leader of G77 the world largest group of developing countries while America and their allies voted against Palestine.


    For the first time Palestine will be politically empowered to collectively represent 134 UN member states, including China.

    This is a defeat for America, Israel and their allies.

  • Rob

    SDF and ISIS the CIA agents don’t know that a fail state gonna be of what kind.

    Every body is clear with the CIA projects of Israel, SDF and ISIS.

    They are in between Egypt and Turkey. Security and they are in majority Arab land I mean Middle East. What gonna be their future.

  • frankly

    This guy acts like he has the world by the balls instead of being just another expendable goy.

    • Joe Dickson

      He has a French dildo under glass, if anyone tries messing with him he will shove it up their a$$.

      • Luke Hemmming

        I bet he’s uses it up his a$$ daily and then on Baddaddy who is hiding out in his gay brothel giving BJ’s to ISIS and SDF members. Those beards are grown for them to grab as they are ramming their diks in each other’s a$$es.

        • Joe Dickson

          He is clean shaven. They are not radical jihadists, they are commies.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Sadly, this CIA paid arsehole is not wrong, Syria will have to liberate every inch of its land, including Golan and it will. This is a very long game and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • AJ

      How can the SAA liberate Kurdish held areas as long as they have US protection & air cover. They will be pounded. As for the Golan thats lost forever unfortunately.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        The biggest problem is Idlib, right now. If the Turkeys are removed from there, the Americunts will not be able to get involved as they are casualty averse. It is just a matter of time before Lebanon style exploding rocks hit them. This is a long game and like I have posted before, sadly there will be a decade of major conflict in the region.

        • frankly

          Unless the petro dollar evaporates, not unlikely. Israeli autonomy is dollar dependant.

          • Jens Holm

            Thats not correct. Almost all are dependent of dollar. If it evaporated, which is no possibility, we jus would use ECU, Yuan or Yen. No problem for Israel as well.

          • frankly

            All fiat currency wind up the same.

          • Jens Holm

            Yes, but the dollar might be more dominant then it should by prestige.

            None will try to evaporate it but instead lower it slowly an save stabilty an silent change.

          • frankly

            It will become worthless like all the others. How fast is a product of human greed not good planning.

          • Jens Holm

            Lower value dont make a currency worthless.

            You seemes to have forgotten dollars also are supported by the biggest GDP in the world because they produce a lot and for time time has a kind of full imployment.

            Things are not as obvious as You think in the Western Economics having China a affiliated as well.

            As I wrote above the US dollar might be oveerrated by too many loans, but thats not the same as going down to zero and things might be too late.

            Even China will help the dollar from any fast declining, because they sell and buy from there and they produce products and services together.

            Those and we are not in the non advanced Muhammed or USSR economy You seemes to know all about only.

            All Danes know that from birth. Even small we are an open economy highly dependent og vital facts about i.

            We export more to USA then we import. USA has a lack of internal reforms, and we know very much about their needs.

            Those are not as declared by You.

          • frankly

            Sometimes you almost have a coherent argument and then your English collapses. Full employment is a statistical manipulation, the reality is those allowed on the gravy train do well. Only compliant suppliants get on.

            As a Dane I am sure you know more about the actual US economy than someone on the continent in business. Not

            Everything you know seems to come from google, good luck with that.

            It is not the plan that will get us. It is the mistakes. Think Chernobyl, 3 mile island, Fukashimo. Think flight 655, USS Liberty, USS Maine, were they all really mistakes?

          • Jens Holm

            Sorry for my broken English. A year ago I had not written in English for more then 40 years and only used it for local tourists helping them.

            And Yes I and we do a lot more then Google. Being an equal part of the western world, we get a lot of information.

            I have been reading and lstening a lot to our world during many years and before google and explorer was invented.

            Fx 4 of my grandfathers emmigrated to USA because they were very poor. 3 did well and one died. By that I am familiar to being poor and emmigration.

            Its true I use google a lot. But I often use it as a factchecker, when I think comments here is far out.

            Yesterday it was about the seize of the UK forces according to whats going on between Saudis and Iran. I was confirmed in the UK is rather big and advanced.

            I also wrote that UK are not hiding. Its a part of northern european culture not to shout like arabs, Turks and Trump all the time.

            If You dont understand what I write, I will try again, if You think its important.

            Turkish and arabic are not advanced in their languages at all. By that people thinking in those contexts not evenhas a languge for, how and why we think what and wherefore.

            You have a lot of tabus and censirship as well ifg You are from there. Many things are upside down. Fx we only has mixted rooms such as toilets and for changing clothe. Very strange to see a lot of art of ours also being a lot in the danish govermental museums being pornografy in the muslim world.

      • Jerry Wayne Carver

        The US is well on its way to being a failed state itself. With our debt and the criminal elements of our population and massive immigration, we are not eternal. Israel best look to not having the support of the hegemon.

        • dutchnational

          US has become in existence because of immigration and exoanded to its present size thanks to immigration.

          Furthermore, as the national debt is in US$ the Fed can, if necessary, just print notes equivalent to debt and just pay it off. It would destroy the currency but at the end, there would be no debt.

          • Jens Holm

            Its too advanced for fellows like him.

        • Jens Holm

          Thats totally outside the article. It doesnt matter what USA is or not in those matters.

          Hard to see USA as a failed state. Actually they are 52 United ones no matter what.

          Try to compare that with Syria, Iraq and many others. All in USA seemes to be imployed, their GDP is fine. Last Year 156.000 went into USA.

          How many insisted in emmigrasting to Syria and Iraq? 5-6-7 millions Syrians prefare not to be there.

      • dutchnational

        Your assessment on the Golan is correct. There is no chance at all that the SAA can take the Golan when it cannot even take a small mountaintop.

        • US-Navy Revert Shia

          No, he is not right, Syria right now is spread to thin, Once all is clear up north the ISISraHELL FAG ARMY WILL RAN LIKE HELL PAL-!

        • Luke Hemmming

          You must be the one they call blind freddy. Go look at Southfront maps of syria 2016 to present. Looking at them myself the SAA has taken more than a small mountaintop. Hows the weather in Haifa troll? Is Mossad paying you or Unit 8200? I can’t wait for the day when Israel is a glowing pile of rubble.

      • EnabledVet

        Trump get’s re-elected in 2020 and the deep state is reeling to save it’s own ass, they will allow Trump to pull out of Syria. ANYTHING to keep their treasonous asses out of Gitmo.

      • US-Navy Revert Shia

        AJ Syria will be free pal, 1,000% of the nation, ISISraHELL is failing , why because they know in the black hearts the resistance is to strong, so now they want to buy Palestine lol. You can’t fight “GOD”-!!!

      • US-Navy Revert Shia

        In any case if war breaks out with Iran, the first 3 to go #-1 ISISraHELL #-2 The Saudi ” Gay” Mafia, and sadly our Innocent young boy’s Every [US] Ship and [USG] Base will be hit, trump you moron, GET THE FUCK OUT, STOP FIGHTING THE ANGLOZIONIST WARS MORON-! the bully game does not work Iran know’s about the Schoolyard coward bully-!

        • Jens Holm

          Unfortunatly You guessing is far away from the many possibilities.

      • US-Navy Revert Shia

        You are not right, remember the [USG] Drone was flying Stealth, it was never to be seen, Iran showed the world they are a fucking “Superpower” Naval Ship’s are sitting duck’s in the world today… ISISraHELL Is Gay, yo, the cowards will run right back to the caves they came from

        • US-Navy Revert Shia

          Submarines are the new game, Iran has something for that to, remember you can’t fight “GOD”

      • Carol Davidek-Waller

        Watch and learn.

    • Jens Holm

      No realisme.

  • ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻ ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)╭∩╮

    Syria is a failed state anyway, but this fake kurdo state will also be a failed state

  • Rodger

    Yeah, he has to say that because Israel needs that to strengthen its claim on the Golan. It’s complete BS ofc.

    • Jens Holm

      israel dont need that. You are doing fine Yourself. Even Youm Kippur learned You nothing.

      • Luke Hemmming

        If Israel doesnt need the Golan heights as you say then just give them back to their rightful original owners? But then there’s oil in them thar hills isn’t there!

        • Jens Holm

          Who is ? Syria is a new country only 2 years older the Israel. The border is made by foreigners far away too.

          If You knew anthing about good borders, You should let Aleppo and Raqqa provinces go. They never were Syria.

          You by Assads and Turks insist in military borders supported by force, so why cant You let Israel alone.

          I am so tired of listening to You semittes killing each other for nothing prwfaring to remaining poor in the past.

          Why should small taxpayers like me in a rich hard working well educated country, which has nothing to do with any arabistanis as well as jews by UN. We pay for westbankers and Gazaists waiting for, You will negosiate some agreements.

          That has been going on since long time before I was born. So I am in a “I DONT CARE”.

          It was wrong Israel went to be a country, but facts are, they did. I still see the same hate from Your about it hating and killing much more muslims, then they ever has done.

          So stop You crap about some Golan.

        • Jens Holm

          I dont think they knew about the oil. They knew firing into Israel was perfect. They knew about the water as well now shared with Jordan.

          • Sinbad2

            Of course not, Jews are like fresh flowers, they are always totally innocent of any crime.

        • Sinbad2

          Get real, the Jews would rather die than give up that which they have stolen.
          As an example many German Jews shipped their gold to Switzerland for safety, but they wouldn’t leave their real estate unguarded, so got arrested, and many died.

          • Luke Hemmming

            Too true bruh. We know how much blood they will shed to protect their ‘precious!’ Obviously not their blood of course but us mere goyim’ s blood.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    It’s easy talking sh*t when the world’s largest military aggressor has your back…. or whether when you are the cannon fodder for the aggressor. One thing is for certain though, if the largest supporter of terrorism in the world (US regime) attacks Iran using one of it’s false flags as an excuse, this tin SDF soldier will discover just how wrong he is. If he’s smart, he’ll negotiate with Damascus for fair terms while he still has the opportunity….. later will be too late!

  • John

    Where is his straw hat and corn cob pipe?

  • dutchnational

    The assessment is largely correct. In case of an attack by SAA SDF will have a quick way of acquiring much heavy artillery. The isolated garrison in Hassakah is very vulnarable. I am sure there are both plans and assets in place to overrun the base in one or two days.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      russia will put a stop to the SDF BUTT cold, keep dreaming u derky derky dutch bastard lmao

      • dutchnational

        Namecalling says nothing about me but everything about you. It also shows you either have no rational arguments or no braincapacity to use them or both.

        • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

          actually i do, which i just stated, and i have very large brain capacity, infinity many times more than yours, dutchy boy lol

        • Concrete Mike

          No but your pattern of showing up here right on cue tells us who your masters are.

          And your prepared talking points are quite obvious as well.

          You lost any credibility in 2017 just before the barzani referendum.

          Kurdish airforce!!! LOL!!

  • dutchnational

    SDF greatest lack is heavy artillery, Manpads. Given that they now started training cycles for heavy arms, they seem to be sure they will get them within months.

    • Sinbad2

      Colonial powers never give their mercenaries heavy weapons, they might just start killing those who pay them to kill others.

      • dutchnational

        That is correct. Assad never gave kurds heavy arms, so your assessment here is correct. However, as US hardly has any military in Syria, they can takemthe risk.

        Btw, the KNIL, dutch colonial army had heavy weapons, a navy and an airforce. Not that many, but then the Netherlands hardly had any weapons before WWII.

    • Concrete Mike

      Yup just like in september 2017 when you said they were training pilots and had secured.some F16!!

      Projectionnism at its best.

      Keep talking though, the fascist is coming out of you.

  • Jim Bim

    And the Kurdish traitors are a failed people.

    • Jens Holm

      Very strange Allah made so many of them – isn it :)

      • Xoli Xoli

        Allah copy from Jesus the God.May you allah rape you and made so.many rapefugees.

  • R PLobo

    The SDF is completely contained in north eastern Syria. The same goes for the zionazis in the Golan. The reality is that the axis of resistance has put these vassals on the run.
    With the ultimate collapse of the moderate head choppers in Idlib both the eastern and Golan front will be completely exposed and will return the contact line with the zionazis back to pre 2011.
    The SAA does not need to storm, still occupied, Syria or for that matter the Golan. The Syrian state just needs to incrementally push back the mercs. Much like the war on the Eastern Front from 1941 to 1944 – the Russians slowly ground down the zionazis until the tipping point came.
    The Idlib rats will collapse and Turkey will not be able to fill the void without committing its own troops into a direct fight. That is not going to happen. Western vassals including Turkey are entirely dependent on merc proxies – using national army conscripts is untenable because it exposes the state to direct losses.
    As for the Golan – the zionazis have already lost. The SAA and allies are back at the border – but stronger and more organized then pre-2011. The zionazis are no longer free to expand or for that matter take resources away from just maintaining the status quo of occupation

    • dutchnational

      SAA is a bunch of armed semi retards that cannot even take a rather low mountain. They hardly have an airforce, needing Russians to do their bombing.

      So, how are they going to defeat Israel? With an SAA not even a shadow of what it was before 2011?

      Russians claim SAA, excl NDF, is now less than 100k, while it was 300k before 2010. At the moment SDF has more men and women under arms than SAA proper.

      • Concrete Mike

        Funny did you ignore the fact that SAA released about 20k soldiers from duty this winter.

        How convenient that you missed that.


  • Andrei

    No you are wrong Syria is not a failed State America is, and idiot like you making such statements should not have place in any political matters.
    Americans will dump your Kurdish “”state “” like it didn’t exist before. Americans if they see that they have nothing to gain anymore they will categorize your Kurdish minority as a terrorist organisation. Not now but in few years you will se
    They wont risk any confrontation whit Iran,Syria for anything in the world, they will fail drastically
    Like they failed in Iraq,Afghanistan, And now Syria and so on …

  • Andrei

    Americans are in Syria only for mineral resources and only that..
    If no mineral resources will be available in Syria they will actually oppose the War..
    They are not there for helping their are there for absolutely robbing the Country Syria from natural resources.. only that.. and there’s no misconception of that ..
    All world knows that…

  • igybundy

    fat kurds makes good sex slaves says ISIS commander..

    • Jens Holm

      You are a fat Kurd.

      • Xoli Xoli

        Idiot what to you care his not eating your mothers food.

  • Brother Ma

    He has a smug face that needs to be slapped after which he is to be grabbed by the collar and kicked into Turkey by Assad personally. You watch the smug prkk beg abjectly to become a Syrian again.

  • Jean de Peyrelongue

    Ferhat Abdi Sahin speaks like a quisling, he is no more a Syrian, he is just a kurd on the US and Israel’s payroll. His future will be similar to all traitors.

    • Jens Holm

      Hard to see the succes of Yours apart from gravediggers, coffinmakers and buildingcontructers.

      • Jean de Peyrelongue

        I did not understood your comments. Yet I will add that Kurds in Syria have for many years contributed to the wellfare and succes of Syria. They were behaving as good Syrian citizens. Today the Kurds from the YPG and the SDF are trying to build with the US’s help a state allied to Israel in order to squeze Syria. Their racist stance similar to the one of the Israelis is abject. These Kurds are no more behaving like good Syrian citizens, the are probably coming from Turkey and are the children of those having been use to commit the Armenian genocide. I hope that Turkey will prevent the Kurds to establish a country in the northen part of Syria.

        • Jens Holm

          Looking from above most of Yours are insinuations and l,ies only.

          Many many states in the world are organized as Kurds and by that has very good tools for progress. The Syrian 1 string dont have that.

          Syria has not insisted as a country since 1258, where its name was the Khalifat of Bagdad(and before Damaskus).

          Kurds has not invaded Syria at all. Syria as a neocoloniatic fact has moved north and could retreat from the Aleppo anmd Raqqa provinces, which always has had Kurds and by Ottomans Turk imports from Kasakstan of today.

          Its true changes crossing those artificial borders are made, but You have to include the ones, which has been the main reasons for it. You dont.

          You also forget how many people are added by birth. Istanbull of today has 15 mio. inhabitant, but in 1923 all Turkey had estimatly 13 mio. Today Turkey has about 80 millions. Its exact the same for the rest of the Syrians.

          You seemes not to have written the PYD programmes for Turkey as well as Syria. Those are quite different.

          Facts are PYD by SDF(YPG+Y) has denied joining Barzanis and they have killed each other.

          You write a dream, which many arabs also wish having a united arab country. Most kurds has realisme and prefare local influence in their respective countries.In Syria they work for Counsils, which by sekular manegement can devellop the poorest in that country.

          You deny them that, which is normal here by local counsil parlaments solving local devellopments finaces by own taxes.

          Assads has an old structure for dictators and Emirs. Such a primitive organisation cant even see the corners of its own country and devellop it, as it should be done.

          When You elect locals from local by elections, You can control them better. If they are no good, Ypoucan replaace them at next election. Local smaller groups at least has a voice there too and has right to speak and propose. All mainly has the same rights by police and court, whatever religion, etnicity, language and gold they have.

          So far Turks hardly has solved anything in their own country. We have seen it for moderate Kurds getting 7 million votes and a higly infected re-election gave them 5 million votes. Next gave their PM and Town Majors jail. Thats solving solutions for even moderate Kurds. I dont think so.

          We have seen AKP has re-elected because they lost by Ilderim ion the important Istanbull region. How comes ???

          And whats next for United Turkey. They are not even democrates. People knowing Turkey well here even say AKP might split up by that.

          The main lack for Turkey even doing very will compared to the primitivisme in Syria is no trust for local influence. Majority rules has big problems making needed regional changes also keeping the poor parts down by no respect for, what they are, can and can be oyal citicens working for it.

        • dutchnational

          You are claiming that kurds did the armenian genocide and not the turks?

          Talk about revisionism.History shows that it was turks tgat did that deed, even though there were, here and there, some kurds involved as wel as some arabs.

        • Concrete Mike

          Yes the kurdish/sdf leadership are acting like whores.

          With dirty saudi money backing them, the same money that was backing ISIS 2 years ago.

          The same kurds that were flooding the euphrates in august 2017 as the SAA was liberating Deir EZ Zor city to support ISIS.

          SDF is boots.on the ground phase 2.0

      • Concrete Mike

        You mean like Lafarge to sold 6000000 (thats six million) metric tonnes of cement to ISIS and friends in 3 years, out of the ayn Issa plant??

        Please jens, stay in economics a topic you know.

    • Vitex

      Quisling wasn’t a traitor. Just another bit of revisionist history that we’ve had rammed down our throats. He was anti-communist after seeing first-hand the atrocities that the communist party perpetrated in Russia in the 20s. Tried by a kangaroo court in the freemason headquarters in Oslo on trumped-up charges. Just like the allied “war crimes” tribunal after WWII. Any dissenting biographies about him are banned, and the jewish media using “quisling” like they own the word. Much like “nazi”

      • Jean de Peyrelongue

        obviously, you are right but my dictionary, “the Advanced learner’s dictionary of current English” from Oxford University Press gave me the Following definition:
        person who co-operate with the authorities of an enemy country who are occupying his country. – In this case, the enemy is the US, the occupied country is Syria and Ferhat Abdi Sahin is co-operating with the enemy.

        • Vitex

          I take your point – it’s about controlling the narrative, isn’t it? Just like Holocaust can only refer to Hitler’s actions against the jews, not Stalin’s actions against everyone else. Same as words like rainbow and gay and fascist. Oh, I left out white supremacist

  • EnabledVet

    Big talk for as Ass clown who is backed by the U.S. military! Let’s wait and see what he says when President Trump is re-elected and can pull or forces out without worrying about re-election. Talk is cheap, if your standing behind your big brother.

  • seawolf

    A lot of people are missing in here, are they fed up with the situation in Syria? Or did they have higher expectation from Putin?

    • Jens Holm

      I could propose, they can find new cheep jokes about Kurds and SDFs having taking their part of the job.

      They are proposed none realistic solutions from Assads apart of going back in time.

      No winners in Ildlib as well on ly killing of civilians, which are all are fakes.

      I came here som year ago bein blamed for, I didnt know how things are and were in ME. I am confirmed. Things are even worse and most people living there as well as the danish diaspoara know even less then me.

  • gustavo

    Kurds (USA-Israel puppets ) can say whatever they want and enjoy and playin in Syria land as far as USA-Israel support them. The most importn point is …what is the opinion of Syria people ? and if they really want to recover that land to Syria people. We have seen so far how badly SAA has behaving in Idlib area where terrorists and Turkish are there. I have the impression that SAA and Syria people are just acceptimg Syria land partition because I do not see the great courage and willing to die for their land. Iran-Hezbolah-Russia are much more far away better fighters than Syria fighters, maybe I am wrong, but that is my impression.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    the Kurds choose allies without thinking—neither the Iranians, Arabs nor the Turks will tolerate Kurdish ethnic cleansing in their soon to be extinguished rojava

  • Marko

    This guy’s asshole is gonna pucker in Nov. 2020 if we elect a President who refuses to suck Israel’s balls like Trump does. Without US backing , the SDF would be dead men walking , and they wouldn’t be walking for very long.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Sez’ the leader of the failed U.S. backed army, drunk on his own propaganda.

  • ColinNZ

    When the US abandons the SDF, and as night follows day they most certainly will, the SDF will lose it’s protection. With ALL of it’s neighbours hostile to a Kurdish state this SDF commander (aka ‘prostitute’) will be one of the first to see how it is his Kurdistan that is the failed state, a non-starter quickly disassembled in effect.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Internationally no legitimate country works with armed terrorists groups.SDF will never ever rule Syria.Their will only work for USA as headchopers.

  • RichardD

    This guy is talking out of both sides of his mouth. The Kurds were up to their eyeballs, just like the Turks, in the Syria war from the git go. They’ve been conspiring with the Jews to partition Syria as part of the Yinon plan for decades.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    I wonder if he’s going to ask if he can also sleep with Assad’s wife too.
    It’s like the Arab population don’t have a say in what happens in US controlled Syria, or the Turkmen either, but they do have a say, and they very rarely agree with each other on anything at all, so let’s just wait and see how long this harmonious alliance lasts, I don’t think it’ll be too long before the cracks start to show.
    And one important factor the Kurdish leadership is totally ignoring is the lost western Kurdish enclave, Turkey controls a large chunk of that area and the US won’t help them kick the Turks out, but Assad would with their help.
    The Kurdish leadership seems quite prepared to lose that region for good if it allows them keep the autonomous region, but the kurdish men and women on the ground aren’t as obliging as their leaders are, they want to kick the Turks out and reclaim their homelands, so Assad’s still got something the Kurds want and the US can’t possibly give them, that means he still has some bargaining power with the average Kurd on the ground.

  • Ooga Booga

    Neither the americans or the Sdf have any legal basis in Syria. The americans will be driven out and the Sdf will lay down their arms once the support is gone.