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SDF Commander-In-Chief Says Syria Is “Failed State” Without Northeastern Region


SDF Commander-In-Chief Says Syria Is “Failed State” Without Northeastern Region

Ferhat Abdi Sahin AKA “Mazloum Kobane.” Source: rok-online.com

Ferhat Abdi Sahin, Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said that Syria would be a “failed state” without the northeastern region, which is controlled by the US-backed group. The Kurdish commander’s remarks came during a meeting of the self-administration controlling the region.

Sahin went on to place two strict conditions on any agreement with the Damascus government; the full recognition of the self-administration authority and the legitimization of the SDF’s armed forces.

“Recognize the existing administrations, including the general administration of North and East Syria, and recognize the specialty of the Syrian Democratic Forces and their full responsibility for the military and security file in the areas of self-administration,” Sahin, who is known by his nom de guerre Mazlum Kobane, explained during the meeting.

Furthermore, the Kurdish commander stressed that the SDF is stronger than ever, and that ISIS is not posing a serious threat to the northeastern region.

Damascus, which has not commented on Sahin’s remarks, will not likely accept any of these conditions as they would place the northeastern part of the control under the SDF full control, allowing the Kurdish-dominated group to act freely in all political, economic and military matters in the region.

The SDF’s strict conditions are an indication that the group is not willing to make any concession. On the contrary, the group is apparently expecting all other sides in Syria to hand over the northeastern part of the country to it on a golden platter.

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