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SDF Commander-in-Chief Says Damascus Wants Raqqa, Deir Ezzor In Exchange For Settlement

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The Damascus government wants the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to hand over the SDF-held parts of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in exchange for a political settlement, Commander-in-Chief of the SDF, Ferhat Abdi Şahin, claimed on July 4.

Şahin, whose is known by his nom de guerre Mazlum Abdi, made his remarks while he was attending a rare meeting with Arab tribal leaders from Raqqa in al-Hasakah city.

The Kurdish commander said that the SDF will not accept these demands, stressing that Raqqa and Deir Ezzor will be run by their respective councils. He also noted that the two areas were liberated by their “sons.”

“There are no solutions to the Syrian crisis looming at the moment, despite the fact that many meetings were held in Geneva, Astana and Sochi, but they did not work,” the North Press Agency quoted Şahin as saying.

Last year, Damascus and the SDF reached a breakthrough military agreement. The agreement allowed the Syrian Arab Army to deploy large forces in northeast Syria. This put an end to the Turkish-led attack on the region, which started in October.

Despite serious efforts by Russia, Damascus and the SDF failed to reach a full settlement. The U.S. restrengthened its presence in northeast Syria after the end of the Turkish-led attack. This drew the SDF away from Damascus, again.

Şahin’s new remarks indicate that the SDF is not willing to reach a full political settlement with Damascus as for now. Both Raqqa and Deir Ezzor are Arab majority provinces. This means that if the Kurds accept the deal, they won’t lose any of their areas in the northeast. However, the Kurdish leadership has repeatedly demonstrated that they have much wider demands than an ordnairy autonomy of Kurdish-majority areas. In fact, it wants to turn northeastern Syria into a de-facto semi-independent state ruled by the current SDF leadership.


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Fog of War

Great job Putin !

AM Hants

Remind me, but, who is the President of Syria?

‘You either have a country or you don’t’ President Assad, President of Syria, when discussing the intelligent wisdom of Russian assistance, compared to the immaturity of the US.

Fog of War

Who stopped Syria’s imminent reclamation of Idlib ? Who stopped Turkey from eliminating the Turds ? Who allowed Turkey to establish outposts in Idlib and elsewhere ? Who allowed Jihadis to move to Idlib instead of destroying them ? Who prevents Syria from retaliating against Israhell ? Was it Assad ?


Putin is not going to win a war for you. Because unlike parallel universe US generals he knows that in order to win a war there has to be a winner on the field. Not bombs out from thousands miles away. You are not going to win anything like that, just destroy stuff. Like in Iraq or Afghanistan. Who won there? who controls what there now? Putin is a strategist, not a maniac.

Brother Ma

Why not? The US and the UK won the war for France and Europe didn’t it??? Fair is fair mate. Russia is the player and the only one who could win it for Syria.

AM Hants

What was it President Assad said about you either have a nation or you don’t? No complaints from him, with regards the help given by his friends over in Russia.

Jens Holm

Syria is no Nation. Its just like Communisme by Kreml a private property owned by The Baathists.

AM Hants

Really, so there is no secular nation known as Syria? No doubt, it has no history either, in your opinion?


Better let the UN know dickhead,Syria has a seat there.

Brother Ma

Not the point though. Russia’s help has been half-hearted and his friendship with Turkey appears mercenary and unseemly.

I thank him for helping Assad but his later moves were suspect or appear to be conciliatory to the Nato/Turks.

AM Hants

Half hearted? Tell that to the Russians whose loved ones will not be coming home.

Remind me, but, prior to September 2015, when Russia sent her Forces to Syria, how did it look for Syria?

How much territory has returned to the Syrians since then? How much is left? Why were all the terrorists sent to one section? Was it so that the Syrian Forces could focus on cleaning others areas and save the worst of the fighting till last?

It is a long war, but, so much has been achieved, which people forget.

Brother Ma

Like I have said before , all that is appreciated and noted by me. However , i still feel more could’ve been done . I don’t like this Turk -Russo Alliance and i think it has made Putin fight with one arm tied behind his back. Erdogan though doesn’t act the same way. He acts with many more options. It is a worry.

I feel Russia could easily have reigned in Turkey in Libya . Simply on the basis of all Russia has done for Turkey already . Now Russia has made another rod for her back in future and certainly for her coreligiinusts in Europe for the moment. No doubt tgexstuoid Nato Europeans deserve all they get from the Turks but that is no t my point.

Russia is cutting off her nose to spite her face by allowing Turkey into Libya.

Only way this world out is if Turkey was duped into going into Libya ,whilst Russia knew tahtut was certain that France ,Greece and Egypt etc would destroy Erdo there. Looking back on nato history though ,I think all Three will cave in the end ,so why would Russia think that ?

AM Hants

I disagree with you. Do believe that Russia is allowing Turkey to expose themselves, but, they come in handy in a very complex war, which suits all at the moment. Even if the armchair gossips cannot see it.

At the end of the day, is Syria in a better position than she was back in early September 2015?

Brother Ma

I certainly hope so and I agree with your last paragraph.

AM Hants

Take care and do wish peace peace comes to Syria, ASAP.

Jens Holm

You still dont recognise that Russians are not friends but has their own agenda.

Secondly Nato is not in Syria at all. 4 members of Nato is there having 2 different agendas – 22 Nato countries has denied tosupport any of that apart from civile help(


Once you said to me that you call Putin as President Putin because he’s the only true leader that deserves that title, now I see you’re in bed with President Assad too.

Brother Ma

It seems you are right if we take off our rose-coloured Glasses.

Mustafa Mehmet


AM Hants

Oh dear, best in three.

Jens Holm

Many cant see Assad is President of Syria at all. They certainly dont want to be ruled and represented by hinm and his regime.

Thats the reason to the uprises, where Kurds did not uprise. The Jihadists did. The old FSA did.

If You are told there are a Nobel price for bad excuses, thats not corrrect.

AM Hants

Many, especially those Q ho do not live in Syria and panicked at the thought of an Iraq Iran, Syria Pipeline, that was planned to go down.

Jens Holm

Thats far out. Syria is a new and fatal wrong made state having borders made for French Neocolonialisme – And You insist a state like that is for people living there – as well as those people can and should live in the same state with a promítive non devellopment structure of the worst ineffective and corrupt kind.

I really dont get any can support that. Well I do. You all are indoctrinated to the Jihadists is the only alternative even the rest of the world are not full of that kind of people.

And all hate Kurds. But they are or were Osmans just as You and – just as You – did not decide to be with You – or not.

AM Hants

Kurds, another branch of Nomadic Turkic Tribes, who appear to de. And everything, whilst giving nought. Just like their Khazararian and AshkeNazis relatives.

Brother Ma

Yep. Turkified Persians who are insecure in themselves for being the sons of cutthroats and brigands.

Jens Holm

Actully You can divide them into 3, if You insist. They adaps single words and senteces from their neighbors as anybosy else.

Here its Turkish, Arabic, Armenian.Turks hate the “Atemenian Turks” becuase they still hear armenian phrases.

Jens Holm

You all were Osmans and had no country.

Nice people gave You and we all see why You had no own country for centuries.

Jens Holm

Kurds are not nomads.

AM Hants

They originate from Nomadic Tribes, found around Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Out of curiosity, why do you assume they are not nomads?

Jens Holm

I dont assume. They all has villages and houses intge dry or the desert land.

By that some of them take thei animals far around to find food for them and go home agaon. They also grow different kinds of corn such as barley an wheat as well as they have trees and bushes for food and everything else usefull.

Nomads dont do that.

People having as summer AND a winter home are not nomades as well.

Your fantasies about they should be nomadic tribes aroubnd Turkey is far out too. They are the most western part of the group named Indoeuropeans, where most of them live in Iran of today.

Only a small group close to the Ankara group might not be related to that. None knows and I am sure You dont. But they are disputed. Some way they might be Europeans and not Indoeuropeans. Others say they are completly their own and was there before Indoeuropeans and Europeans arrrives – and Finally Turks.

AM Hants

So which sovereign state is 100% run by Kurds? By your reasoning, they must be aligned to a state, must they not? Not habitating in a sovereign nation, belonging to another.

Tommy Jensen

The Kurdish State is another stupid Western divide and conquer scheme.
The Kurds used to be nomades, crossing the borders of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria as they wished without troubles, selling carpets, goats, cheese, clothes, m.m.

In comes the Anglo-saxs with papermoney, weapons, and stupid lines on a map to the Kurdish nomades, stirring up conflicts between tribes.

Jens Holm

A Kurdish state is no western idea. If so Kurds had had their own state after WW1, where it was proposed. It was decided, that they were no able to as well as it made no sense.

So You lie about it. Its only descriebed, that its strange things so many millions has no state and why.

Kurds never used to be nomads. They all has had villages but in the poor areas, so they have had to find food for their animals far away and after that goes back to home.

Beduins dont do that. Seminomades dont do that as well. Shammars of Syria and Iraq were nomads of Saudia Arabia comming in 1820 to 1850 being noimads with the local arabic beduins.

You are not nomads if You has karavans selling and buying things. You are trader and transporter.

Nomads are the ones plundering them.

Tommy Jensen

The name doesnt matter. The factuality is the travelling and trading over imaginary borders.
Iraqi negotiaters are telling this story because US Deep State silly lawyers dont understand they cant draw separation lines on a map like they use do in West.

Jens Holm

Nomads as word is used in a hostile way just as most htere look down at Beduins and Turks in Turkey cane from Mongolia.Its the same for Jews.

So I do comment their lying parts.

By definition 20 million Kurds are not Nomads. 20 million could not live in that are unless they each year unless the æanduse was poor farming added finding food for their animals.

Turkmen and arabs in Turking are crostravelling acros exact the same border. Thats goes for Iran and Iranians as well.

Shammars do it between Syria and Iraq. The border between Lebanon is exact same thing and not only for Hesbollah – everybody. Fx there are many druse at both sides.

Most of Your deep state dont exist at all. The hidden things in Our states are hidden by Yourself, Ypu can find it in publications, newspapers and libraries all over fx my country.

But there is a lot, You see as deep whatever You are muslim or russian and try to put Our things and system into Your self-limited world by primitive giverness systems, where people dont decide much and Your long list of tabu Harams or whatever the Russian dark culture is made of.

The dep state is very visoble when refugees and emmigrants has arrived here. Almost all of them are TOLD and decided by Old men, whats written in Islam.

So we learn them that the deep deep deep state driven by Islam is not driven by Islam, but its driven by the ones, which keep You away from Islam for own power and benefit.

You fx cant even debate womens rights, because its haram – but using motherfucker, rape and like that is fine, because thats from mens world, where the vomen and children are the ones being punished and ot even is named as “dishonor” and lack of respect.

Thats vital deep state created by Yourself. Ypu even support that darkness by purring walls around where You live and keep bad things inside and that includes isolating women, so You easy can do Your selkfcreated bad dreams for free.

Not all are like that. Too many are. You are cheated by Your own Governess. Tjhey tell Your lies much worse then we tell or dont tell You.

Tommy Jensen

You see yourself above other cultures which is a false mental illusion. The reality is the opposite of your perception.

Nomads is NOT a hostile word in my and other peoples world. Its a normal very informative word about how a historical cultural way some people live and earn.

Many of the words you are using are Orwell newspeak.
“Woman’s rights” dont exist in trad gramma but is a Western political invented newword to divide the family and saw fight and conflicts between “right” groups.

In your country you have “skoletræthed”. Nobody knows this word when you arrive in third nations.
There is only “all children love to go to school and if they dont, THE SCHOOL is bad”.
They have rational thinking that the school off course must be responsible and not your sick culture of giving children the responsibility for adult weirdos experiments and doing.

The cases of pedofiles in Denmark are legio to the extent Denmark was called “the leading country for pedofiles rights” in a sarcastic comment in a UN meeting in Geneve.

By your constant criminalising finger of morality toward foreign people’s way of living, you mirror yourself.
Blaming others for the massive failures and wrong doing you and your society have yourselves.
You and the Danes are not better than them, you are worse much worse, because you are complete without ability to see what is rational and absurd, and on top of it with no courage to name reality it correctly!

Jens Holm

Why cant You understand how more advanced countries work.

We all have a local deciding by local parlaments by local people paying our own tax for local things.

Nothing is about any new sovereign state. Its an extra structure for local things and elected by locals fx every 4`the year.

Do You even understand how most of the rest of the world works, where the GDP and living standards are much better then in Syria.

I dont think so.

Its the same for parlamentarisme. You are so limited about it and by that only can descriebe it as a human being with no arms legs and head. No wonder You dont like that solution.

BUT THINGS ARE NOT LIKE THAT. If so we were collapsed many years ago instaead of the opposite and dollars were replaced by liras. rial and maybee rubels.

Jens Holm

Not many Kurds asks for that. You say they do. You say they do. You say they do. You say they do. You say they do.

They dont. They do ask for equal rights and they are well descriebed. Those are well descriebed by the UN charter about it.

And Kurds has had no state, because they has been isolated from each other in narrow valleys and dry land, where they has been many small tribes being their own as states.

No one bothered until someone from the outside divided them into 4 new countries and prgress was roads, bridges, trains, radio, TV, tax and like that.


lol… what an ignorant

Jens Holm

No facys allowed here. Internet is crap too.

Things change during time dont they. Now we also can buy rials fpor toiletpaper.

Jens Holm

Iddiotic cammment again.

AM Hants

According to you.

Jens Holm

According definitions of nomads and semi nomads, they are not.

Iddjotic camment aegain.

AM Hants

De. And = demand. Auto correct.

Pave Way IV

The US proxy army, the SDF, will return nothing to Syria unless forced to. The U.S. considers all the territory the SDF occupied after ‘fighting’ ISIS as war booty – even though fake ISIS mysteriously just walked away from a lot of it.

And just like the Iraqi Kurds in Barzanistan, the SDF will make NO deals as long as they have the oil. Once the nation’s army shows up to reclaim the stolen oilfields and pipelines, the Kurds get all diplomatic and want to make deals with the government. The U.S. may be there ‘guarding’ the oilfields from ISIS today, but – just like in Iraq – we’ll do nothing if the government makes a serious effort to reclaim the fields.

Dead Syrian soldiers reclaiming Syrian territory, just like dead Iraqi soldiers reclaiming Iraqi territory, is a public relations nightmare the US would rather not deal with.

Jens Holm

The Baathists in Syria are the only oilgrbbers in the whole Syria.


the Baathists built the sht you live on and dole on… you built nothing and learnt nothing other than stealling.

Jens Holm

Shit is the correct term. Somany are kept poor and ignorant even they have had the progres by Assdads for decades.

There is no progress. Its more like world record in no devellopment. Even the military forces – against Israel – are pure shit.

The country is totally infected.

No sober facts say things are as You are learned by Syrian State TV.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Baathist are the only true loyal Syrians in Syria, they don’t want to be Arabs, Turkmen, or Persians, they don’t want to be Sunni, Shia, or Christian, and they don’t want to be loyal to the Western coalition, Russia, Iran, or Turkey, they just want to be loyal to Syria.

Brother Ma

Could not have said it better myself.

Lone Ranger

I don’t see much of a difference between türkroaches and kurdroaches.
Both land stealing cockroaches.
They will be dealt with in due time…

Jens Holm

It seemes You are born with that braindamage.

Lone Ranger

Dont be so hard on yourself Jens.
Its not worth it…

Brother Ma

Well they were Brothers in Islam from Day One. Eternal troublemakers.

Assad must stay

rip turkroach hahahaha


This is an untenable position for the enemies of Damascus. They want to blame Damascus when they rapresent no one and they are a living contradiction. This guy looks turkish, has a turkish name, turks hate kurds but Washigton tries everything it can to deflect the tension towards Russia and Iran..but this is short lived. Kurds are iranic themselves. And now people expect them to fight iranians along with turks..complete madness. Turks fear a kurdish state that would gobble up south east Anatolia..kurds want autonomy and want to live in Anatolia, but somehow its Assad’s fault. lmao. What a charade.

Jens Holm

Much like contra<dictions from Your behind. Very good internet cant bring small yet.

Jens Holm

Much like contradictions from your behind. very good internet cant bring smallyet…

Brother Ma

The sooner these Kurds are lit-up the better. I only supported them whilst they were killing ISIS ,even if many of the ISIS were Kurds!

Eternal jihadi troublemakers even if this fraction pretends to be Leftist and humanist. Syria gave them refuge from Turks in 1920-1930 s and look how they pay her back. By backstabbing her and acting like prostitute-beating pimps!

If I could I would advise Assad to push all these turds back into Turkey once the War is over. The only Kurds allowed to stay in Syria should be those loyal to her.

What is this nonsense about self-autonomy!! Should the Turks in Germany have self- autonomy because maybe their grandfather immigrated there!! What for ? Ridiculous. Bastinado their feet and march them over the border into Turkey.


Kurds are originated from Zagros Mountains not from Anatolia.

Brother Ma

Exactly ,which is why I said they were Turkified Persians (a branch of ancestral Iranian Tribes) in another post here.


I was referring to this sentence “If I could I would advise Assad to push all these turds back into Turkey once the War is over.”
Thousands of them already get refuge in Turkey during Saddam era. and they didn’t go back at all… (sigh)

Brother Ma

Most Kurds in Syria are refugees from Turks from their wars. They were given refuge in Syria. Most of these n these areas have joined the Sdf and betrayed Syria. So Assad should throw them out. Logical wouldn’t you say?


Are you talking about the ones who immigrated in 1920s? If so, well… they ran away because their rebellion in Turkey had failed and now their movement in Syria is about to fail. They are in very weird position right now.
(sorry for the late reply)

Brother Ma

Exactly . Well they are in trouble again. They should have been loyal to Syria. Too bad ,too sad…

Brother Ma

You mean the Iraqi Kurds stayed in Turkey?
Well those Kurds are now friends with Turkey since they’ve become autonomous in Iraq and Barzani? became pals with Erdogan because of oil. Isn’t he still illegally the leader there?


Yeah, I mean that. Well.. this had impact on demographics, that was my concern.
“Isn’t he still illegally the leader there?” Who, Erdoğan?

Jens Holm

Kurds didnt emmigrate to there at all.

You were all Osmans until the Osmans collapsed. The Aleppo and Raqqa procinces hardly was Syria, because Syria as country never exusted until 1946.

Furthermore ´Syria is a landscape nor including the coastline, which they have now. Lebanon also was no country.

Facts are, what You name as Syria by the French Neocolonialisme included the northern areas, where Kurds and Turkmen are and were large minority groups.

So if You are like that BUZZ OF to Syria.

You are kept in dark by Assads by creative rewriting of the Middle east History boooks. So are Iraqians, Turks and Israeliens.

Things are normally described by internet for free, but You might go to jail if You check how things are.and were.

But You represent dirty nationalisme of the worst kind.

The newest incommers are the Shammars from Saudi Arabia now living from Raqqa at Eufrat up at Khabour and most of the Tirgris as well. They came in from 1820 to 1850.

So if You want to emmnigrate any, it should be them.

Mustafa Mehmet


Robert Guttierez

I would say to make an agreement with Turkey. Turkey can clean out the area and let Damascus reclaim it after it has been cleared. That might be the quickest way to get it back, but NO ONE trusts Turkey enough to think they would return an inch to Damascus. Syria is playing the long game. They are waiting for the USA to leave which will give Turkey the green light to invade. That will make the Kurds beg Damascus to rescue them and they will gladly give all SDF held aeas to Syria.

Jens Holm

Another stupid version. SDF Kurds did not even uprise against Assadsand was second choise by USA because ISIS came out of hands of Assads and next of the USA as well.

Kurds didnt make 5 external refugees as well as maybee 50 to 75 of the 5 million internal refugees in Syria.

The main problems are Assads, which for decades has shown they only can keep the rest down and steal oil form the non Baathists. .

Robert Guttierez

Taking land and not returning it to Syria IS AN UPRISING. The SDF fired on the Syrian government when there was a rush to take the oil fields. They could get away with it because the USA was backing them. You are blind if you don’t see they are guilty of land grabbing. They should go to the north where they are from instead of invading Muslim land that was never theirs.


The point is when the Kurds did that there were only a few hundred Americans in Syria,thats when the Russians and the SAA should have stopped the bastards.

Jens Holm

Thats against facts. Assads did not or could not defend the area. By that 2 million left to Turkey.

Who stayed and took it back. Kurds and brave SDFs of today helped by the Americans having their own agenda.

If that had not happend, the Assads was not even in Syria today unless theywere dead.

Besides that Kurds and the SDFs actually has papers on their parts of the land. They are owners too, buit they dont see much of it, because all oil and gas money has been used as private corruption by the Baathists, which see themselves as owners.

Kurds and SDF did not get away with it at all. Even Assad could accept that Americans was there unless they had feet on the ground and did fight ISIS.

You seemes to have forgotten that part of it, where ISIS had almost all the SDF of today and by that none attacking their back just as SDFs and USA has done. 14.000 Kurds has dies and several 1000 others. None of those were and are soldiers in the Assda forces but did it for own purpose as well as for the country and the world.

And dont speak about rights. UN, amnesty, Red Cross and many others for decades has tryed to give all Syrians normal human right back.

Maybee its in Your culture that thieves can keep what they have stolen and that rights as well as oil- and gas money is normal.

My culture is not like that.

You really dont get anything, do You. Millions of Syrians no matter religion and etnicity for very good reasons hate Assads.

The Jihadists in Idlib, Afrin and azas are arabs. ISIS locals are arabs. Thew majority of the SDF at the Raqqa taking was arabs too.

How many arabs are in Turkey not supporting Assads.

So forget Your lying clumpsy version of arap-music of the worst kind.

How many arabs has supported the uprising Jihadist ?????

Nut thats ignored, because You by birth has learned to define people as You wish to protect Your Great Leader. Thats how it is.

Brother Ma

Noone can trust the Turks.They are not a trustworthy nation and never have been . The Sultans always killed their own brothers ….


How is being trustworthy is related to this “Sultans always killed their own brothers ….” ??

Brother Ma

It is a traditional example of Turkish untrustworthiness . What is your point?


I am not going to try to justify brother killing, but I am sure you know the reasons and historcial context.

Brother Ma

Yes. I do . Ensuring a single succession with no wars etc.


Thank you! Now can you tell me how this is related with trustworthiness?


syria and the turks need to join forces and settle the kurdish issue once and for all – the kurds as tenants in the borderland. iraq and iran will join in as well.


The only way Americans leave is feet first.

Robert Guttierez

I don’t think so. They are making deals with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan. It took for ever but they are making deals with the people responsible for the twin towers. America is getting tired of these endless wars.

John Wallace

The Taliban had nothing to do with the Twin Towers. They were giving protection too Bin Laden who was accused of doing the TT. The Taliban were fighting the Lion of the North Ahmad Shah Massoud for the last remaining part of Afghanistan they didn’t control. Remember him , he was the one that was assassinated by a gun hidden in a camera by a film crew supposedly filming a documentary about his life. That happened days before the TT event. The American Special Forces invaded Afghanistan by joining forces with Massouds group and leading the charge to Kabul . Because the Taliban had offered hospitality to Bin Laden they would not hand him over without proof that he was involved. That is their culture. Had the US been able to show proof positive it is most likely the Taliban would have expelled Bin Laden out of Afghanistan.

Jens Holm

Another memory lack. USA from the start has told Kurds and the rest of the world, there would be no real dividing of Syria.

True Trump hasnt kept that.

Robert Guttierez

They feel they can turn down the deal because the US is backing them. When the US finally leaves they will be begging to come to an agreement. Those agreements they turned down will no longer be there and they will be replaced with less favorable propositions. How quickly they forget they were begging Damascus to save them from the evil Turcks!

Jens Holm

There are no agreement. Normal people are allowed to see Turks has the areas Assads give them. What a joke.

Robert Guttierez

Who did the Kurds beg for help? Who came in and defended them against Turkey when the USA abandoned them? How quickly they forget the betrayal and return like lap dogs to their master, the USA.

Jens Holm

I will not even comment underinformed people, which understand nothing.

Who left the SDF area and by that made 2 million refugees in Turkey from there.

With no SDF-Kurds and USA The Assads would not be in Syria unless they were dead or only Emirs of Latakia.

I do remember from Stalin as well as Churchill didnt like Nazis.Even USA crossed 2 oceans to defeat Adolf.

Jens Holm

Who ever writing this is a filthy liar of the worst kind.

The agreements for Raqqa, Tabqa as well as DEZ(north) is, that those people has to decided themselves.

In Danish: They – the locals decide – not someone in Damaskus.

By that those 3 areas can cjoose joining Assads, they can be themselves with local parlaments deciding everything themselves and they can decide themselves protected by SDFs.

There has NEVER been such a kind of agreement as well. Not even close to that. Just as for AFRIN has decided to give the local ANY Local decidings and for Afrin the old Assad offices should be opend right away as well as the YPG ones should be closed(even the YPG ones was doing very well). Only handguns for YPG officers was allowed.

It very visible people just below this comment from whats written here. Its manioulation of the worst kind bringing that kind of biased propaganda.

I can add, that Assads cant give northern and western Syria back to Kurds. They are not his anymore.

Kurds and others should wait until Assads came back. In Turkey or what. “only half of the inhabitants from that area are there now. They escaped tp Syria bacaise the loosers in Bagdad could not defend them and next not even cared for them – apart the oil for supercorruption of the worst kind and also oil for weapins and food from Russia and maybe Iran.

If Jeus wrote this, he should be crusified with the head down.


the only good kurd is the fat sex slave in an al queda harem…

Tommy Jensen

All right Jens. The locals in Aarhus and Roskilde decide, not someone in Copenhagen yes?

Remember Syd-Slesvig wanted to be part of Germany, but had to fight 2 wars against the Danish Government in CPH before Bismarck helped them to get away from Denmark.
The people in Skåne had to beg the Swedish King to buy them out from Danish tax slavery.

So who are you a Dane running around like a fool in Syria with a raised finger telling Damascus what to do??

Jens Holm

Aarhus and Roskilde as Kommuner decide most local things themselves because they get 50% of the tax. People from there also vote for the whole country and make the Country parlament.

So its both. Fx Our Goverment decide and make the motorways but the locals decide the big and small roads connecting it. About bigger bridges it a matter of users. If locals use fx 60% of the capasity, they also pay 60% of it.

According Skåne its very difficult because the laws are very different to combine. Its very much about politics too. It would make sense Skåne in most things had same laws as in Denmark – Or the opposit.

People from Skåne mever has asked the Swedish King to buy them our from Danish Tax slavery. Denmark for many years taxed all vessels passing between Helsingore and Helsingborg. But the taxes ones was Brittish, Dutch, Swedes, Russians, Spaniols and Polaks.

People from Greenland are never denied independency from Denmark. The demanders of this in Southern Denmark as well as in Greenland are minorities. The same goes for Faroe Island.

They do have as much independensy as they wish, which we all understand. The main reason for they dont want to be their own is, we every year pay them 300 million dollar cash for social wellfare and devellopment.

We also pay for education here for free and take their criminels as well as we do have small military units there for protection.

So the gab is that if they want to be 100% their own, they pay for themselves too.

Your version of what has been going on in Slesvig Holstein has fatal errors. Rhe danish Kings come/came from there and Our Kings for centuries spokeand was raised in German language more then danish.

You in exact same way ignore, there was NO GERMANY. The German unity was by more then 100 smaller and bigger states, where Bismarxh was leader of the new created expanding Preussen.

1848 was a dansih german demand for reforms and had nothing to do with joining Preussen. Unfortunatly we had a very stupid king which instead of giving reforms for them an orther reforms for the rest of demanded we should have the same laws after his demands.

The German majority for good reasons denied that. Much of the Danes there as well as in Denmark itself disagreed. The Danish traditions fx by rule and also religion are inspired very much by England(Knud den Store had it) to keep us independent as own state against any German dominans.

I will remind You Presussen by Bismarck not only took that part of Denmark but also knocked the Austria-HUngary Empire out of the German zone as well as the defeated France and took Elsass Lorraine.

But it was a stupoid danish King, whioch made that possible. The Danish Germans never should be treated as Danes. From 1864 to 1918 it became the opposite. Danes died in WW1 because they were forced recruits. Many danes from there emmigrated to mainly USA.

We also see the contrast weel in WW2. The main part of the socalled dansih nazis was semi Germans living in Denmark, which did not accept the voting back by the majoriety.

AND WE HAVE LEARNED BY THAT: We step by step in a mainly peacefull way took away almost all power from Our King and gradually gave ot to and upper and a lower parlament(upper was the one paying tax!).

At the same time we gave more and more men right to vote and make political parties. That included criminals. In 1915 it also included all women.

So Our peacefull proces took from 1864 to 1920. In that period the country also was able to innovate and devellop itself building a complete new administration as well as infrastructure for incresed production and ex and import.

An omportant rhing about that was we hardly had any extremists. The big middle were totally dominant. We never gor many communists. We never got many Nazis. We made new jobs to many so they did not emmigrate or uprise.

I thing my know not only for my own country but amny others can learn fx Syria and Iraq a lot. Its about treating each other better and more equal. Its about de-escalating instead of naming each other as Mongols, Zionists and even worse.

The main problem for Syria is the Goverment dont represent it as a country and certainly not the majority of people living there(5 of 20 mio not even live there).

So here I present the reasons and the tools for solutions and they are many.

I dont see I am a fool elling how some succes and progress is possible ifso many only know about killing by silly flags having no programs for the future like “The good old days of Grandpa Assad” or even more back by the using only that bad pages in Choran, Sharia and Haddits by Jihadisme.

Finally I have every right to tell You, what You deny and dont know because Your systems keep Ypou insisting living in the darks in a well known kind of non devellopment zone.

Finally I not only raise hands against Damaskus. I have raised hands against mots people having dirty fingers in the soup. That includes the few Kurds, which think they somehow can get their own country.

But the upperproblem is that Assads after decades has shown they cant handle, what a Governess can. So the solution is they get replaced or/and a lot of the Governess is given to local parlaments making all responsible but also able to make nthe well known needed changes.

Alejandro Bonifacio

so sdf is upset because syrian goverment wants the land that is part of the country, ok when the usa leaves the kurds will go away too

Jens Holm

No, they are not.

Whats descriebed above is filthy propaganda of the worst kind.

SDFs want the Syrian one string system replaced in their areas for local devellopments, which are impossible without a structure for it.

So they dont want a part.

They want or wish for a structure, which is very very very normal for many many many other parts of the world.

Locals decides for local things and also pay for it by a local parlament. They know better what they need and make better and often cheeper solutions instead of none.

In my Denmark its like that. 50% of the tax never reach the parlament like that and it works, By that we also are number one in low corruption.

People work harder and better and by that provide more tax and welfare for local matters as well as the Goverment.

The Goverment has a uch easier job and therefore also do the upper things much better.

The best is, that we at least every forth year can relect or replace all politicians which do a bad job. For the public employed its the same thing. We know what the no good ones do or dont do – and can fire them.

So stop babling about 2 states. Syria today as several other has a structure which is acceptabel for an Emirate or a small Dictatorship, but Syria is too big for that kind of rule. None in a primitive structure like that can see alll the corners even its very needed.

So the rest of Syria should be divided in the same way. You can name it Counsils, Counties, Villayets, Emirates – whatever.

Its the same for Iraq even bigger then Syria. It make no sense some in Bagdad decide that much and dont care about anything in the north(and west) aoart fro oil .

You could share oil and give anybody oilmoney i each hand every year and half for every children for school and education.

You sont understand why west is doing fine according production and wellfare. But that why and You have left 50% unimplyed before the uprice as vacant for armed uprisers.

Number one in any state is giving jobs to all and at least some light for the end of the tunnel.

I again will remind You that Kurds were not the uprisers against Assads. 14.000 of them has died mainly against ISIS, which also are enemies of Assads and thats a great help – even it of course is for own purpose.

But it certainly never was kurds making 10 million Syrians not in their homes as well as estimated 550.000 dead ones.

John Wallace

Like 99.9% it says.

Jens Holm

Its common historic knowledge which I have known for many many years because I have been reading about it for many years.

All now can bee seen at internet for free. When I started, we only had books, but we could read and compare facts as well as it goes.

But of course reflecting like that is tabu-haram for some illiterate ignorant of the rest of the world.

Now go and kill each other and become even more poor and work hard for Your own version of contraseption.

King Cliff

I wonder how long these kurds expect the United states of America to stay in Syria or Iraq. Truth is the Syrian government and the Russian will remain in Syria for longer the United states of America military would which for and it is obvious. I like watching politic but I could say the Syrian kurds hands will be depleted and become weaker to negotiate…Once the United states of America government leave Syria,they will he begging the Syrian government for protection cause the Turks will raining hell on them even if those so call greedy leaders were to flees to iraq.


the best they can do is to ask to be forgiven and return to the tenancy in the borderland they had before the yankee-twats started the regime change operation in syria (which as most things the morons undertake is a failure of great proportions (for the american unwashed rabble)).


You can’t reason with collaborators,that area will have to be taken by force like idlib,then the Kurds will end up with nothing.


The guys a turkish kurd terrorist and he thinks he can rule parts of syria? drone the fuker..


a deal with the sdf is a deal with the criminally corrupt morons in washington dc and thus with the criminal occupiers of palestine, the jews, and that is why it is entirely unacceptable – no deal with sdf and thus the jews. the jews in palestine need to be evicted forcefull asap or buried 6 feet under pushing up daisies and lilies and such like beauties for the betterment of mankind (of which the jews have nothing to add, thieves and liars and murderers as they are).

Jim Bim

The Kurds are traitors.

Jens Holm

As usual You have no responsability for what happens in Your own socalled country.

It would make sense, You let responsible persons take over.

Tommy Jensen

The Kurds can get clima change, womens windmill liberation and green gender energy in exchange for Raqqa.

Jens Holm

Raqqa already are decided to have free choise decided by the people living there. Less then 10% should be Kurds.

Unfortunatly half of the population left the buildings because Assads did.

Assad must stay

its a good deal SDF, the best deal, you aint getting a better deal, you better take it and trust damascus rather than the united snakes

Jens Holm

Enemies always say that.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF] are just the military arm of the Syrian Democratic Council [SDC] they aren’t a political body, and any demands by Damascus were definitely made to the SDC not the SDF, you can’t make deals with the general of the army, you actually have to ask members of the well established autonomous government the SDC.
The SDF has about 100,000 fighters and only about 45,00 of them are Kurdish, so in reality the SDF has more Arabs, Turkmen, and Christian fighters in the SDF than the Kurds do, yet some people who never listen to Assad’s statements keep calling them Kurdish forces, God only knows why.
And the SDC itself has more Arab, Turkmen, Christian, Yazidi, members in the autonomous government than the Kurds do, so even the SDC isn’t Kurdish majority controlled, but the Kurds still get the blame for everything, despite the fact Assad’s released 2 statements on SANA trying to educate the morbidly ignorant people who continue to claim the autonomous government is Kurdish controlled.

Now the other Kurdish Syrian opposition Party the Turkish backed Syrian National Council [SNC], are right atm negotiating a power sharing deal with the SDC, and if successful [it is so far] it will give Turkey another foot in the door in north eastern Syria, because even though the SNC are a completely Kurdish group/party, they’re also pro Turkish.
The US backed SDC is doing deals with the Turkish backed SNC and no one’s talking about it, doesn’t anyone realize what that ultimately means, it means official cooperation between the Turkish backed opposition government in Syria and the US backed autonomous government, and just a few more deals like that and they could merge into one new government, one that both the US and Turkey would control jointly.
A deal between Turkey and the Kurds, sounds far fetched doesn’t it, but keep watching.

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