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JULY 2020

SDF Commander-In-Chief Claims Russia, Damascus Asked For Military Support In Idlib


SDF Commander-In-Chief Claims Russia, Damascus Asked For Military Support In Idlib

Ferhat Abdi Sahin AKA “Mazloum Kobane.” Source: rok-online.com

Russia and Damascus asked the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to support military operations in Greater Idlib, but the Kurdish group refused, Ferhat Abdi Sahin, Commander-in-Chief of the SDF, claimed in a new interview.

“Russia and the regime asked us for help but we refused, we have conditions … the SDF has no job or work in Idlib, its problem is the city of Afrin and it is doing its best there,” Sahin told Yeni Ozgur Politika during the interview that was released on July 20.

The Kurdish commander, who is known by his nom de guerre Mazlum Kobane, also said that the recent Russian and Syrian operations in Greater Idlib had failed, citing the absence of Iranian-backed forces as a reason.

“Without the participation of Iranian forces they will not succeed,” Sahin claimed.

There was no immediate comment from Moscow or Damascus on Sahin’s statements, which are highly questionably considering the deteriorating relations between the SDF and the government.

SDF Commander-In-Chief Claims Russia, Damascus Asked For Military Support In Idlib

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Last year, the SDF resumed its talks with Damascus following the U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northeastern Syria. However, the Kurdish group changed its positive stand following Trump’s U-turn on the decision.

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  • AJ

    I smell BS from him.

  • klove and light

    one Zionist slave (sdf) asking another Zionist slave (Putin) for help…..lololololololol

    Putin u treacherous son of a Zionist whore

    • Spectator

      What a spirit! You are so deep as a turkic throat

  • verner

    fake fake fake – sdf is and will always be the party beaten to pulp by the other guys, such as russia, syria and turkey..

  • Rhodium 10

    They will ask for support to Russia and Syria when Turkish begin to attack Manjib..

  • Turkophobia – For-Kurdistan!

    Russia has selled afrin to turkish terrorists and then asks kurds to help them remove HTS terrorists in Idlib, in which time we live lol

  • Icarus Tanović

    Yeah, bet they did.

  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    lol that’s like saying RuAF/SAA asked Spongebob Squarepants for military support XD

  • Lazy Gamer

    Stupid ass is content to hold the east. An attack on idlib rolls to afrin. Hell they could even do pincers. What they want is more US investment by baiting it with Iranian targets. They have no intention to be part of Syria.

  • Tudor Miron

    Arrogance…in the long run it will bite. Always.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    LOL, that’s only half the truth, what he should be saying is this,
    Yes Putin and Assad have both approached us with a proposition to help them clean up Idlib and Aleppo, and they also told us that most of the rank and file Kurdish troops we command are already agreeable to the proposition, and then they told us many Kurds have already joined the SAA and other independent Kurdish resistance groups contrary to our own demands not to do so, and they also told us we’d be wise not to rely on the totally unreliable US for any real help if the Turks decided to actually invade, and pointed out we’d potentially lose everything we’ve legally gained from the Syrian government, full citizenship rights from Assad last year, not the US fantasy called the autonomous region that could disappear in an instant. But we told them to stick it up their butts, we told them that we the Kurdish leadership council will still continue trusting the NEOCON warhawks that really run the US government, despite what most of our rank and file members really say and want, and also totally ignore what Trump’s steadily been saying since he was first elected, “eventual complete US withdrawal from Syria”, and we’re going to continue on the same fantasy inspired path we have been, and continue to listen to and trust the pro transgender NEOCON warhawks we have been, so thank you very much, now f–k off.
    That’s what he should have said in the article.

    The Russians and the SAA have been escalating offensive actions against the rebels in the west and the independent Kurdish resistance groups in the east have been doing the same thing to the Turkish supported Euphrates shield rebels to the east, that’s not just a coincidence, it’s a tactical strategy at play, and though the media isn’t reporting on it yet Erdogan’s finally starting to realize something’s going on.
    It also seems strange the media isn’t making a big deal about the huge numbers of Turkish troops that are suddenly being rushed to the Syrian Turkish border [all along the whole border], or the fact the US has increased aerial surveillance of the northern areas they control, and also shipped in heaps more equipment for the SDF. The US isn’t doing that because the SAA are threatening to invade from the south, it’s the Turks doing all the threatening from the north, and Erdogan still has a large lightning fast mobile armoured force stationed just the other side of Al Hasakah that’s been there since late last year.
    That’s what the Kurds should be really worried about, but they’re not, at least their leadership isn’t, they’re too busy capitulating to Erdogan’s demands in a fruitless endeavor to keep him happy [which will never work]. So isn’t lucky not all the Kurds are so mindless and just ignore their leaders demands, they know exactly what that invasion force stationed at Ceylanpinar on the Turkish side of the Al Hasakah border is capable of doing, especially due to its strategic location.
    The kurds would be cut off and surrounded in their enclave if the Turks invaded from there, the Turkmen would then quickly kick the Kurds out of western Aleppo, northern Ar Raqqah, and the north west of Al Hasakah controlling all the east, and then the Arabs would take over all of northern Deir ez Zor above the Euphrates and most of the south of Al Hasakah, with the Kurds left trapped in the north and only continuing to control small areas along the Turkish border, that’s what would probably happen if the Turks decided to invade from Ceylanpinar with that invasion force , but only if the US did nothing decisive to stop them.
    Something’s happening, all the Turkish troops being sent to protect the Turkish/Syrian border aren’t being sent there for fun, or I think even in preparation for a possible imminent Turkish invasion of Syria, they’re being sent there to protect Turkish security interests, so something else must have Erdogan worried. Maybe it’s about to be revealed that he’s the one who’s actually been cooperating with Isis lately, and he’s worried about the possible repercussions this exposure would bring him, or maybe he’s just become insanely paranoid recently and thinks everyone’s out to get him, and since all the parties his proxies have been fighting lately have been escalating their offensive actions against his proxy armies, who could blame him for thinking they were possibly covertly coordinating their actions against him. Who knows what the real reason is, but something must have him worried, why else would he be sending so many troops to the whole length of the southern Turkish border region, and why isn’t the media making a big deal about it, they should be.

  • Stinky Man

    Kurds the new Armenians.

  • Donald Moore

    I see the Kurds picked up the US way of doing business, always lying. First of all the Syrians and Russia don’t need the Kurds. Second and the most important they don’t have a border with Idlib, so how could they help. They would have to attack the Turks and their lackey’s, beat them back first to secure a border, more fake news to sound important which the traitorous Kurds are not!