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SDF Commander-In-Chief Announced Deployment Of Russian Troops In Tell Tamr, Ayn Issa, Amuda… In Russian

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Chances of a possible Russian withdrawal from the Turkish border and the resumption of the Turkish military operation against Kurdish armed groups seem to be working like a charm.

Mazloum Abdi, a member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (designated a terrorist group in Turkey) and the commander-in-chief of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces now speaks Russian.

On December 1, Abdi announced that the SDF and the Russian side had reached a deal under which Russian Military Police units will be deployed in Tell Tamr, Ayn Issa and Amud. The announcement was made via Twitter, in Russian.

It should be noted that just a few weeks ago the SDF strongly ‘rejected’ reports about the upcoming deployment of the Russian Military Police and the Syrian Army in Ayn Issa. Furthermore, SDF-linked radicals were openly attacking Russian-Turkish joint patrols, which were launched in the framework of the ceasefire regime brokered by Moscow.


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Derek Johnson

Chances of a possible Russian withdrawal from the Turkish border and the resumption of the Turkish military operation against Kurdish armed groups seem to be working like a charm.

southfront has a sense of humor after all – LOL


Jens Holm

Its very difficult to comment people, which dont know, what they are doing themselves.

I can aupport You in, this might be a bad temporary solution only making a kind of Hafez zone and a Turkish one for very bad reasons.

Assads removed long time ago would have been much better then this everlaster.

My assumption by this result only can be, that SDFs are the last part, which will get anyhelp for any rebuilding apart from roads and policestations.


“The meeting comes after Syrian army units accompanied by Russian forces entered Al Aaliah grain silos in the northwestern countryside of Hasakah on the Hasakah-Aleppo international highway.” Also reports that Turks will back off NSA force from highway M4. This is good news. Although the writer of this article seems to cast doubt, not sure why. :)

Tudor Miron

For the same reason that they try to keep pushing that “death trap” thingy over and over again :)


There is no reason to mntion why Sdf should not attack Turks in Syrië. And SAA need SDF because they fght while SAA flee.s.

Tudor Miron

Johan, that’s a gross misunderstanding to say the list. SDF wasn’t actually fighting – they were dealing with daesh which was subordinated to the same higher command (CIA/Pentagon) as they were. When confronted by Turks they were running much faster than SAA.

Chris Gr

SDF is not one thing but many components. Just like SAA and SNA. We have hybrid warfare.

Jens Holm

The Tudor minus old taperocorder is not even allowed to see that.

Most SDF legs must be shorter running as much as he descriebe they do.


Give Sdf an airforce or air defence and equal weaponry and you will see a very fast Turkish army retreating.

Jens Holm

The Turdor Minus warfare is shoulderby shoulder and being killed as heroes.

If he needs a job, I will recoemmend him to my worst enemies.

Jens Holm

Npne of that is correct Tudor Minus.


Wait wait, so, if the Russians made a deal with the Kurds and the Russians made a deal with the Turks and the Russians have made a deal with Iran… and they are in Syria in the 1st place cause Assad invited them … then WTHell is the US army doing being in Syria stealing Syrian oil…?

Jens Holm

USA never has stolen any oil used as private property owned by the Baathists.

True local has used it dor iwn fuel and some sale by smugling and normal trade, but thats it. Its their fuel as well.

USA is blocking Assads for taking any oil (and gas)from there. Thats the same as from the coastline.

How can it possible You still remain in that completly wrong context. 1) Syria has only a little oil important for own use and because of being delieberally poor some few tankers a year is important. 2) Where does USA expoirt it and makes it or send it making it into fuel. No links for that. If any, You should addres Turks as buyers – locals or Govermenthal.

You only write that crap to maintain SDFs and the poor land as in old days, where people as scaåegoats are used as excuse for anything else.

Fx its much more important that 50% of the MEN in Syria was unimployed before the fightings began. Assads not even tryed to change, because they by their thinking and tools hasd and has no know how.

Any income fx as soldiers is welcome and people could agree, Assads (and themselves) for good reasons were the guilty one. The only other effective structure was Jihadisme – and later on as secons choise Kurds by SDF.

Iran is completly irrelevant in tose matters. Only Hesbollah and the mummified priests in Qam would mention them.

Iran as well as Iraq is same thing. Even a lot of improvements are possible by many hands and heads for almost free, nothing is made possible, because there are not made structures for it. Help from ourside is incomming, but not much, because most of it drown in corruption and ineffectivity.

They only are able to think i fuelprices, because the rest systematicly is made and kept low. No cleaning apart from shooting and jailing demonstaters.

The “Wait, wait” should be forbidden to use on Your Region. Its the main reason for things are, as they are. So much has to be done, but even Iranian and Iraqian shoots are waiting. What are You waiting for? Your God wil come and do human made jobs?? Very optimistic.

This is not about deals and selling Your females for one more goat or not. Its about getting jobs and increase the income to wellfare.


WTF are you ranting on about !

Trump him self admitted that the USA is there ’cause they like the oil’ ! Didn’t you get that memo? You got some catching up to do it seems.

And jobs what ? Who the FK is talking about jobs ? Who fkn cares. Not me.

What I want to know is what is the USA doing in Syria ?

And / or why there is Turkish army in Syria ?

(the latter is rhetorical, we all know they’re there to commit yet another genocide, this time against the Kurds)

Especially when the only country thats been invited in Syria is Russia and especially when Russia has apparently made deals with everyone around.

…Or maybe Russia also made one more deal… a deal with the USA to allow them to take Syrian oil whether Assad likes it or not!


The man will have his hands full when the northern front stabilizes and Idlib gets settled, both of which will take an overall one year by most estimates. He will have a big hurdle in deciding which power to grant incentives to, specially when it comes to the oil. Russia has many more levers at its disposal now that a whole part of the now-defunct Rojava project de-facto falls under its control and its fate depend entirely on the Kremlin’s (read Putin’s) good-will. That in turn implies that the central Syrian government has a massive pressure point when it finally acquires the necessary leeway to turn its attention east and southeast. Trump for its part will gradually loose interest in a an ever-increasing complexity in “keeping his oil that he likes” since most US land-routes in and out of relevant areas will end-up being blocked or obstructed one way or another by a mixture of Russian and Syrian forces, and it’s only a matter of time before airlifting becomes a mandatory transportation method for supplies, and will render any oil traffic completely impossible, and make the overall cost of maintaining their residual forces a ludicrous nightmare that most US generals are already predicting and decrying, and so with reason. Once again, the Russians are playing long-term, they’re patient chess players and don’t base their geopolitical game on headlines or punchlines. They know the current trend will end up favoring them over basically everybody else in that theater, including the Syrians themselves. Iran will be forced to relinquish a significant chunk of its interest there too, so will ErDOG. Russia is the kingmaker once more. They will get their return on investment on the long run.

Jens Holm

Tempting to stop reading, when 4s line tell, this is about oil. Much more like Assads cant make war against its own population and Turkey with no income and insist.

Most of the uprise has been form areas with no oil at all. Assads left those areas with oil as less important too.

Constructed facts again and again …


then don’t read,spare me your petty uninformed lecture,and continue to live in denial with your own view of events colored by what you would like to see unfold in your mind. I will stick to actual reality,the one that happens on the ground.

Mehmet Aslanak

Author is right to cast doubt on those news, bcoz peace corridor will nullify without M4 highway. I would expect to see official Russian news or Turkish news about handing M4 out of peace corridor. Otherwise doesn’t matter Kurdish communists tweets in russian, latin, zulu or aborigine translations.

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